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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Iffet Narret of Nam Vietnam u news and sports by candlelight swinging sixties australian news swinging sixties Noel news and jazz concert i chaplains message curfew curfew test notes Herman Griffith country Corner news a morning meditation a 15 Dawn Buster sports 7 Dawn Buster Small world Stewart americas popular music destination noon news and Uso show Arvn report Cook world of country music afternoon break Monitor Avn pm Vietnam u easy listening easy listening enchantment of music news concert Hall news Small world news just music news rolling along our musical heritage Showtime news John Doremus show news Solo the Latt show adv nov Saigon u information feature Batman news sports Perry Mason Tell the truth Channel u theatre 17 Ive got a secret Batman news sports Oclock High Joey Bishop show get smart red Skelton adv nov Danang Channel Danang 14 test pattern party Roy Acuff Oclock High Green acres Dean Martin news squad Daniel Boone a Date with Chris Batman Channel 11 report Dick Van Dyke Addams family Perry Mason three Star final Bell Telephone hour feature film that 30 afro nov qui Nhon Channel 11 u Tea aft news sports gun smoke weather Briet smothers Brothers late news wednesday Nite movie the evening devotional 17 lost in space headline news Batman news ports Perry Mason weather Brief Jackie Gleason late news Hollywood Palace the evening devotional i editorial department i and news bureaus i Tokyo All offices 4024101 City desk and reporters 4024101 South Vietnam Saigon Arvn 31952 a Goldfinch Motely 227 and Puma 161 Nha Goldfinch 788 Cam rank 3307 Washington room 20301 circulation department District offices Hong Kong Swindon Book lock Kowloon 62040 Thailand Bangkok capital hotel 70070 South Vietnam Saigon Lynx 331 due to copyright subscriptions cannot be accepted Lor delivery to addresses in the United v pair Brave shrapnel Bulldozer ends ammo Blaze Chu Vietnam explosion came with a shocking Impact that almost knocked me out of my i dashed to the door of my tent in time to see the huge Wall of smoke and flames billowing for the next 30 minutes Lance David a heavy equipment operator with the 9th Engineer and Lance Andrew would be trying to control the holocaust he bags reds from Bubble with Cothern a army Huey helicopter had crashed into an army 155mm gun emplacement and ammunition dump on the Side of Hill Between Chu Lai and Tarn the chopper had crashed during the plane exploded on spewing burning fuel the explosion set off More than 200 rounds of 155mm shells stored in the ammunition i knew the Bulldozer would be needed As soon As i saw what had said so i cranked it up and headed for about 200 Yards away across Highway the flames were spreading toward and much ammunition Stor age area farther up the the wind was whipping the flames straight toward the am Cothern Lee ran alongside the giving directions by Arm and hand Cothern see from the seat due to the smoke and at first Lee had Cothern at tempt to Cut a firebreak with the dozers Blade Between the advancing flames and the am munition this didst the flames were jumping the he then guided Cothern and the machine into the the dozers Blade pushed Burn ing exploding sandbags and dirt into smothering the after several trips into the flames the fire was finally under neither Marine was our hair was singed Good and we did get mighty but that said he remembers hearing pieces of shrapnel bouncing off the Dozer i dont know How we kept from being Hurt with All that ammunition exploding All around it was just our Lucky Tan Vietnam army unarmed oh23 Bubble helicopters were de signed for observation most of the time they stick to supporting combat but when Richard commander of the 9th 2d 60th goes aloft in his it often becomes a miniature during the past four he has killed five enemy sol Diers from his observation chop per using an m16 Zastrow recently spotted two enemy cutting across a Mekong River Delta Field near the reconnaissance flight turned into a combat Mission As the colonel directed his Pilot to dive at the armed the enemy first fired at the hovering then decided to a burst from the battalion commanders m16 downed one of the the second sprinted across the Field and leaped into a flooded Paddy covered with foot High swamp Zastrow sprayed the area with m16 rounds and scored a with the copters fuel Supply dangerously Zastrow radioed for gunships to take Over As the Bubble returned to the uh1d gunships arrived and confirmed the two a chinese carbine and various combat equipment were re covered from the copier reef menus on Hospital grounds dress rehearsal this int another new style of clothes for this Marie Rohm is just showing her form in a dress rehearsal for the film the eyes of whoever or whatever he needs a million eyes to take All this into Long Vietnam 10 a 62nd Engineer 159th Engineer is working to build revetments for helicopters at the 93rd Hospital Park ing pads the revetments consist of 55 gallon steel filled with gravel around each parking to produce As Many Revet ments As possible in the Short est the tops of the Drums Are blown off by a single Loop of detonating the Drums Are placed empty on Lowboy trailers and scoop loaders fill them with the they Are then hauled to the Hospital Heli the filled Drums Are unloaded with a Crane and placed on two sides of the parking a double Row of Drums is placed followed by a Sec Ond single Row stacked on top of the double the open Drums Are covered with Sand bags and sprayed with a Light coat of soil Binder to keep the Loose laterite from being sucked up by the copter this method of building Revet ments provides Protection from Chain reaction should one chopper receive a direct mortar the laterite filled Drums also Stop mortar frag ments from reaching the air if the height of the revetments can be increased by adding another Row of Drums to each Pacific stars stripes August 1967

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