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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 12, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Phoenix Bird ipes serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions Dally at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of department of defense this Page is intended to present various views on issues of opinions not necessarily those of this newspaper Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacoma area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be Oaid in Advance per a and apr personnel in Vietnam Are authorize papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter Usa editor chief it col Jesse Deputy editor chief it col Roy Usa Pic capt Darcy Gordon a Skean general manager Ernest Richter managing editor Bruce Biossat brickbats Pelt potential heroes if four Summers of riots reflect in part a major failure of leadership in this it May also be said that americans in the postwar years have developed a Large capacity for chopping potential some have even dared to elevate ant heroes in their the Radical right never has been Content to fight its Battles on issues it has assaulted the men who took stands the right and in the process often has demeaned the Public office they impeach Earl blazoned from is symbolic of the rights Readi Ness to the Strong left seems equally entranced with the sweeping even upon its own old one ugly chapter is the personal personally delivered by certain militant which vice presi Dent Hubert Humphrey has known since he dared to stand against them on the Viet Nam War less Well known is the reliably founded Story of their vicious assault upon the late Adlai Stevenson in a private new York meeting with him Only a Short time before Biossat his death in the chopping up is limited to militants and in the nations present state of dwelling upon the imperfections of Public figures seems increasingly to be accepted As proof of ones the racial brought to flaming Climax in the has severely underscored the tendency of some americans to tear their leaders after Detroit week of fire and mayor Jerome Cav so recently honoured As one of the Ablest of mayors and a Man with a Large political appears today to face a very shaky Atlanta mayor Ivan widely acknowledged As one of the most steadily Forward looking men in racial a Man who just in recent Days again judged correctly the great magnitude of the problem and called for programs of Matching hears himself branded a racist by harsh negro tit mayor John Lindsay of new caught not Only in racial 1 x but in general turmoil in the nations most chaotic finds the heat from racial elements a Little less intense than some finds himself ignored by the Republican party that told him he had to take on the thankless Job if he wanted a tested partisans of the negro cause like Roy Wilkins of a act and Whitney Young of the Urban league Are being shrugged off by including aware White As out of touch with the exploding negro but the truth is that Wilkins and Young talk far More realistically about the truly massive programs needed to wipe out the ghettos than do any of those leaders who Are supposed to know what the ghetto is some of these latter types can Only be labelled genuine anti the of Are Stokely Carmichael and rap professional agitators who Are in fact counsellors of self defeat and self destruction for the negroes they pretend to neither Man Ever talks of the Cost to in human loss of and loss of Homes in of the riots they cruelly Hail As their deep disdain for negro humanity is their greatest nor is their status elevated by jail door vigils and sidewalk cheers for them As they go about preaching fire and it is simply part of the tragedy of the struggle that men of such Low order can be regarded by anyone As being in touch with anything important at the is out of touch with its real newspaper Enterprise Success comes to those who become Success failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves of become failure Napoleon Hill Pacific stars stripes August Ray Indochina Freedom those ant Vietnam War protesters who claim the United states backed Frances colonial Rule in indo China should read unpublicized minutes of world War ii meetings be tween president Franklin Roosevelt and Stalin of Chiang Waishek of China and lord Halifax of great Britain show that As Early As 1943 the United states was fighting Crumley off than for Independence for what is now Cambodia and minutes kept by Charles now ambassador to who was show that Roo in a Pri vate meeting with the soviet Premier on at the Cairo Confer told Stalin that after 100 years of French Rule in indo the inhabitants were worse they had been Roosevelt also told Stalin that he had discussed with Chiang the possibility of an International trusteeship for Indochina which would have the task of preparing the people for Independence within a definite period of perhaps 20 to 30 a week on the minutes Roose velt and Chiang had agreed that China and the United states should Endeavor together to help Indochina achieve Independence after the War world War ii at this same Cairo Confer ence it is known Roosevelt made a circuit of urging that Indochina be taken away from France and prepared for on Roose velt wrote a memorandum to the Secretary of state in which he said i saw Halifax British ambassador to the United states last week and told him quite frankly that it was perfectly True that i for Over a expressed the opinion that indo China should not go Back to France but that it should be administered by an International trusteeship i am wholeheartedly sup ported in this View by Generalissimo Chiang Waishek and by marshal i see no reason to play with the British foreign office in this the Only reason they seem to oppose it is that they fear the effect it would have on their own posses Sions and those of the dutch the British and other allies proceeded to help de Gaulle Send his officials and his troops Back to Indochina in the face of United states once Back in Southeast de Gaulle tried to dig himself the United states made continued attempts to get the French to turn Over Power to the cambodians and Washington repeatedly urged Paris to give Indochina but de Gaulle and his successors were Adamant until France was Defeated at Dien Bien now it is de Gaulle who poses As the protector of vietnamese and cambodian in newspaper Enterprise Oakley Don Oakley inflated Silver inflation actually makes the Money in your pocket More a Silver for sex still buys Only 25 cents Worth of goods or but its Metal con tent As of july was 34 cents and is a dime was Worth 14 cents a 68 and a Silver certificate Dollar Bill redeemable from the Treasury for Silver until june the of is that in the Treasury department Stop Ped Selling Sil ver at the arbitrarily maintained Price of an for months before the mints had been stamping out billions of new Silver less dimes and quarters and partial Silver halves to forestall the total Dis appearance of coins when the inevitable the inevitable was that the Price of this Metal immediately an the intrinsic value of Small change with Coin holders made an instant paper profit of according to the jewelry and silverware industries jewellers americans hold billion in face value in Silver quarters and says the but the billion ounces of Silver they contain is now Worth billion on the open Industrial Jont Rush out to sell your pre1965 no one knows where the Price of Silver will eventually level and dont melt them theres a Fine for the inflation in Silver has put the squeeze on manufacturers who use increasing amounts of the in everything from electronics to photography to while mines produced Only 42 million ounces of Silver last Industrial users Pur chased 187 million but the Treasury will release Only 100 million ounces from its dwindling Supply during the coming leaving Industry at least 45 million ounces Short of what it could thus Silver users get a gleam in their eyes when they think of All that locked up Silver and Hope the Treasury will eventually lift its ban against melting newspaper Enterprise the Burneff Bailey bread of life the Tongue is Given to three weaknesses 1 we talk too much at the wrong someone has suggested that when you Are ready for a it would be Wise to reduce your Luggage by half and double your we would be blessed to reduce our talking in and double our thinking 2 we exaggerate too much when our emotions Are we talk the most when we Are thinking the the Wisdom of the Farmer an empty Wagon makes the most the Urban statement of the idea she put her mind in Neutral and her Tongue into High gear 3 we Are tempted often by the third we speak too from the hip before we we fight Back too quickly by cutting our seeming enemy Down to the person who becomes mature has Learned to master these three weaknesses of the god can help us a wholesome Tongue is a tree of

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