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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 10, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Averages mixed As Mart closes 90 new York prices closed mixed in Active trading tuesday in the first of at least four abbreviated the new York and american Stock exchanges agreed to close 90 minutes earlier for the remainder of the week to allow brokerage houses to catch up with the backlog of paper work caused by recent record vol other exchanges cooperate Chicago North Western provided the big news of the halted monday after noon following termination of its proposed merger with Essex wire it did not open until the final Bell tuesday when it plunged 39 Points to 120 on Chicago great Taiwan firm loan okd Washington up the world Bank monday announced the approval of a million loan to the China development cd of Taiwan to in crease its ability to finance future the corporation is a privately owned development finance com established in 1959 to As Sist in expanding and establishing private Indus trial enterprises in the world Bank said the corporation has invested a total equivalent to about million in 348 projects of which 60 were new slated to merge with North tumbled 22 to Essex wire also had a delayed opening but it lost Only Essex dropped 8 North Western had lost 12 and great Western had Given up the loss in Chicago North Western caused the Dow Jones rail average to drop to the Industrial average reflected the improved tone of several Blue gaining to the rest of the Market presented a rather routine of the issues crossing the 625 587 advanced and 259 held there were 111 issues climbing to new 1967 highs and Only 9 falling to new volume for the shortened session totalled shares compared with the shares that changed hands during mondays full 5 Alli Chalmers was most actively traded advancing 1 to 33 on volume of Essex wire was second most Active and Hupp tacking on to 7 on prices on the american Stock Exchange closed mixed in heavy despite the hour and a half Cut in the trading Day volume totalled shares compared with shares during the full hours of the 931 issues 334 385 declined and 212 held the amex Index closed up 2 cents at beings newest the 727200 beings latest entry in the commercial airline feet longer than the old and can carry 178 Pas Market is an enlarged version of its Tri engine a Fol be As popular As Fec Standard 727 which is now being used inter nationally by 35 up 797 ii j Rpu 727 Jet called the the new version is 20 new products kiss of life training mask new York rubber folded in the form of the lower half of the allows realistic training in the kiss of life resuscitation method used by fir staid and Rescue or among new products this week is this Cheshire Wilson Trainer offered by airflow developments Buckingham the mask is connected by tubing to a bag that simulates the the bag is tied to the Chest of the patient and the which has air holes at nose and is placed Over his the demonstrator then follows the regular Tilting the head the air holes in the mask open into a chamber sealed off from the volunteers thus avoiding actual breath eyes1 for boats youre reminded of the eyes painted on chinese but these eyes Are powerful elec tric lights to be installed on your boat at the Bow on each of 72 Pacific t t world airlines 64 Standard and Peers 503 Stock Organ am airways cont 29v4 close Davis 31 inc 76 425 industrials up 20 railroads off hotels c Cen Fox 5414 55 utilities up mining chem ind 500 stocks up 81 Carbide Unilever Ltd Dow Jones Stock Power or 26 m t open High Low close Rand cat 62 30 w2x5 up 20 off steel Phelps Dodge Pacific 43 United air lines 77vz 15 utilities corp Morris aircraft 99 stocks off petrol fruit 52 new York Stock Exchange Harvester flour Gas 7914 Market up 4 Index up Industrial up transportation Down Utility up finance Down Nickel 102 into paper Bowes 4614 Pittsburgh Glass Borax 31 us Gypsum 79 american Stock Exchange Tel Tel Indus 25va High Low close Manville 61 Gamble lines 34a 79 up Laughlin Indus Royal Dow Jones Stock averages open Elgit Low close change Dow Jones spot commodity Price Index closed at off alumni in 59 pc per Light 33 Kennicott Corper 5014 Kern county land 91 Kimberly Clark up 35 Pullman 53v4 Quaker Oats 73 Ria com Ria prof smelt refine 78vt us steel 47 us tobacco 35 5314 Hiram 33vi Owens Ford 13v act int 52 air reduction 41 Fin 33 be Nuci Glass 341 a Crane Myers 74 Lily Tulip Litton Indus 8514 Republic steel so Revlon lumber 4714 Waukesha motors Western i Jinn Alcan Allied chemical 40va Allied Mills 48 Allied stores Allied supermarket Allis Chalmers steel 36 blow Knox Boeing Borden 39 Borg Warner 47 Barman foods Zell Grbcich Dan River Mills 22vi Zayco corp 41 Deere 63a Delaware Hudson 33 a Diamond Alkali arc 67 Lone Star Cement 17 Lorillard 36 Lowenstern Mac 45 i Magna Vox 45 38 Reynolds metals 57 Reynolds tobacco 42v4 Rheem mfg 33 Royal dutch petrol 33 Safeway stores St Regis paper wiiiui1 id Westinghouse Brake 39 Westinghouse elec 64 stores 29 30 Xerox up Zenith radio 48 Alcoa Nat corp Oil Stock airlines broadcast Para Indus Burroughs Sec Dow chemical Field Marine Midland 31 Scott paper can soup inti St Marietta Roebuck Consol mining Cyan amid 32 elec Power brew Canadian Pac Rwy 162a Duquesne Light 31 17 Mcdermott of Sheraton corp Telephone 15 foreign pow corp air air stocks Home prod Kodak Hill mfg of America 59va bid machine Fly trac mfg Kline for asked Metal Climax 57 motors 13 natural Gas photocopy 64vh Cento inst 51 is Chase Manhattan by 67 Chesapeake Ohio storage b 20 Elpaso Natl Gas 56 Emerson electric 88 fal child camera Trust 13 Mem Man mining mfg 84 is Mission corp 26 Southern Natl Gas 39 Southern Pacific 35vi Southern railway Bank 49 bid asked first Nat Boston 59 bid asked smelt ref finance develop Rand Nat City 60 bid 60 South african 1 t financial corp of d 25 sugar 35 Tel Tel service 54 Cluett Peabody paper 36v2 filter of corp Che Nicil Ufa Montgomery word 26 brands 33 stand Oil cat guaranty 96vz bid 97 asked tobacco 35 Ampex 127 Colgate palmolive t r 50 Ford motor Mccormack 21 Motorola of ind 41 stand Oil Anaconda dynamics biscuit Oil Ohio 34 bid 34 asked Aramco 56 Armour 40 top of Gas 26 Columbia 51 combustion eng electric 107 Gen foods Gen instr Cash renter Nat Dairy prod 3814 Nat distillers packaging Sterling drug 53 Sto Elyvan Camp bid 11 asked Honda 17 bid asked Atlantic refining credit Mills Lead Webster electric bid 14 Avo corp de motors starch Packard Bath Iron works 18v4 Beatrice foods 62 beechnut life Saver 48 Bell Howell cd 25 consolidated de Continental can 59 Continental Oil Telephone 47va Gen tire 30va Getty of 79 Gillette steel new York Central Norfolk 107 North am aviation mining 35va Swift 29 Tennessee Gas 26 Texaco 23 asked Kansal Denroku 19 bid 19 asked Bendix products airlines Gulf Sulphur Bussan 9 told Nat Gas 21 instruments Pacific stars stripes August 4914 it 45 great Northern 69 Grumman aircraft Mathieson 77 Otis elevator 4sy8 Owens 57 Pacific Gas elec thl Okol 23 Tirl water of 91 Timken Roll Bear bid 20 asked Tokio Kaljo 21 bid 21 asked they spread their beams in a 60degree port starboard arc for Safe travel in unfamiliar Chan night time boating is safer and More pleasant with these Docking lights which Are a big help in finding your ship at a Marina or in wending ones Way through the congested mooring mounted below the deck they Are Glare free to the skipper but brighter than Auto says the Man fac Morse controls Hud there 1co Watt they also come in 24 and 32 be your own artist you can take your favorite Art print and process it with this kit so that it has a gloss and Tex Ture resembling that of a Genu Ine Oil its the podge kit contains a pint of a Milky White liquid a couple of hardboard mounting panels for the a wooden applicator eight prints and an instruction the liquid is a glue and in claims the magi color versatile cart mothers with Small children May it easier to lug their groceries and kids at the same time in a new combo cart offered by Justus Justus Hay As the name the four wheeled cart is subject to combinations through the use of accessories such As plastic seats for Chil a pegboard combination for hauling Garden tools or Gar Bage a Hose reel motor mount for an outboard motor and a Barbecue Survey shows British exodus London up More Bri tons Are emigrating to new and Canada each according to a the International passenger Survey said an estimated persons left England and Wales last year to Settle while immigrants came to the in 19g5 a net total of persons left Britain and in 1964 the figure was

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