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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 10, 1967, Tokyo, JapanDisney gimmicks brighten West by Kent Nixon Pacific stars and stripes staff writer i Walt Disney s the adventures of Bull a whip Griffin is a robust sometimes funny often ponderous movie that quickly poses two simple questions. The first is can a Butler since the Butler played by Roddy Mcdowall Isth Central character and it just would t be a Disney film unless it had a Happy ending the audience know state answer to that one yes. But the other query is How it takes 125 minutes of meandering from Boston to san Francisco and the Early California Gold Fields to reach the answer. Along the Way a stable of Veteran character actors and Disney gimmicks remember the bouncing substance flub Ber Are used to disguise what in t a plot just Chase. The Story opens with threading of the will of a wealthy bostonian who left his estate to his two grand children Suzanne Pleshet Teand 12-year-old Bryan rus sell and faithful servants of which Mcdowall is the sums Are be stowed upon each $500,000 to Mcdowall. While the recipients congratulate each other on their Good Fortun and Praise their departed Benefactor the lawyer adds a shattering postscript. The deceased died not Rich but deeply in debt. The will was his idea of a Hen the grandchildren reason that although their ancestor left no Money he did leave the example of an eventful life in which he started Penni less and at one time amassed a Russell visions of Gold nuggets dancing in his head steals aboard a Clipper ship bound for the Cit Yby the Bay. Mcdowall hurries to the wharf hoping to bring the youngster Back. The ship sails with the tide and then aboard As Disney tomfoolery is unfurled by the character actors. Karl Maiden is a judge who is really a con Manas itchy for Gold As anyone else on Board. Richard Haydn has a map to a Mother lode somewhere in the Hill beyond Frisco. It does t take Maiden Long to find out about the map. But How to get it he starts a fire when the ship is near san Francisco. In the confusion he steals the map and rows ashore. The Chase is on. Mcdowall and Russell go ashore with Haydn to catch Maiden. They re broke so they set up an outdoor Barber shop. After making enough Money at High prices their Sis the Only Barber shop in town to buy camping and mining equipment they close shop. But along comes the local Toughie Mike Mazurk ithe of who wants haircut. Mcdowall says no but he s not stupid. He realizes that with this Guy he must emphasize his Mazurki in t looking he cold Konks him with his haircut earnings a Gold dust filled Arry guarding of Boss proposes a Money making fight Between the two. Someone scoffs at the idea As Mcdowall is so much smaller. Young rus sell Chimes in that Mcdowall is no Ordinary Man he Bullwhip the fight eventually happens and Mcdowall rus sell and Suzanne become wealthy but along the Way the picture answers still another question what Ever happened to character actor Gonzalez Gonzalez not much. He s still a mexican band Ido. Dear Abby child needs love Abby Roddy Mcdowall dear Abby several months ago relearned that our baby was retarded. We were stunned and heartbroken and All we could do was Pray for the strength to do everything we could for him. Accord ing to our doctor a retarded child has a bet Ter Start in life if he lives at Home so we decided to keep him , you would t be Lieve the remarks made Tous by friends Why Don t you put him in an institution hell be better off with his own kind. And Aren t your other children embarrassed by him a by our other children Are not embarrassed. If anything it has Given them a better understanding of life an problems and How to accept the Nevit Are dark moments of course but what i really want to convey is that retarded child needs love and affection As much if not More than a Normal child. And More people should realize that i Means More to parents of a retarded child to have their friends inquire about is so much Kinder than All the hypocritical evasions and pretences that the childish Normal. Just putting this Down on paper has made me feel so much better. Thank you. A Mother dear Mother thank you for your wonderful letter. Millions of people will see it and you will never know How much kindness you and your retarded child have inspired in otherwise Well meaning but thoughtless people. Dear Abby i am buying a House Imja fiend of mile for $55,000. He asked me if i would do him a favor and state the Price of the House As $35,000 inthe agreement of the Sale and give him the balance in Cash. He said he did t want his wife to know How much he was actually getting for the House because she s the kind who spends a thousand if she thinks they have a Hundred. Would there be anything wrong Withy doing this for him As a favor _ his Friend dear Friend yes. Plenty. Do not falsify the Price of the House on the agree ment unless you want to be a party to a fraud. Tell your Friend hell have to work out the problem of an extravagant wife some other Way. Dear Abby i have a very Nice electric clock. It s a Small one in an at Tractive wooden Case and i keep it on a drum top table in the living room butty wife says that according to Emily Post it is not permissible to put a clock in the living room. I enjoy it for my own pleasure audit s Handy so i Don t have to go elsewhere for the time. I am 78 and my wife is 74.may i have your opinion i thank you. F. A. W. Dear f. A. A a clock belongs wherein affords the most convenience. Leave it in the living room and Tell your wife that Abby says it s All right. Goren on Bridge East West vulnerable. South deals. North kq4 vqj6 k q 8 3 aj6 west4972 j 10 9 5 4kq3 South 6vk3 East j8s3 va98742762 �10987542 the bidding South West North 1 a pass 3 nt4 pass 5 ? a pass pass East pass pass pass if West had led hear against South s six club con tract there would be no Story to Tell for after East cashes the Ace. The defense cannot be denied a club trick subsequently. West however made the somewhat natural opening of the Jack of diamonds from his com plete sequence and South was Given a fighting s Ace of diamonds won the first trick and the Dum my was entered with the Queen of Spades in order to Cash the King and Queen of diamonds so that South might dispose of his two hearts. This leaves him in position to restrict his loss on the Deal to one club trick by returning to his hand to Lea the ten of clubs thru West. West had been doing som thinking and when his opponent began to discard hearts it became obvious that East held the Ace of that suit and what was More to the Point that a vital trick had now gotten away from the defense. West cast about for a Way to get the trick Back and presently he hit upon an ingenious plan. On the King of diamonds he followed suit with the nine and then on the Queen he continued his false card by dropping the ten. Since his sequence of play Shad deliberately established Dummy s eight of diamonds Ashe master card in the suit he hoped to create the impression in Declarer s mind that he had started with Only three Dia monds. South came Back to his Handy ruffing a heart and then led the ten of clubs. West followed with the three since he had no thing to gain by covering. The contract becomes assured at this Point if Declarer lets the ten ride for even if it loses to an Honor in the East hand the remaining Honor must fall under the Ace on the next round. West s Diamond plays had Given South something else to think about however. If he passed the ten of clubs and it lost to a Singleton Honor in the East hand then a Diamond re turn might enable West to score the setting trick on an Over Ruff with the remaining Trump accordingly put up the Ace of clubs in the expectation of finding the Normal two one division in that suit. When East showed out the slam went up in the air and West s Cleve false cards paid off a handsome dividend., Horoscope Estrellita b to n d i e of dear now i m worried that f Shell Tell everybody in town of course it s not my fault i can keep a Sec feet now please Agnes Don t breathe a word of it to anyone it s just that the people i Tell them to Are such Blabbermouth 8-9 for Friday aug. 11 Don t make drastic change Snow especially in the . Since most projects if already launched should run smoothly. Avoid anxiety since nervous tension could cause you to make Foolhardy moves causing Trou ble later. Matters concerned with you Job and future Security will undoubtedly occupy most of you time and Energy during the coming year. This is As it should be however since your Horo scope promises Fine occupation al and financial headway if you Are willing to work hard an profit by All available opportunities even at the expense of some personal desires. You could experience some tension in Early March and or Early june but this can be averted if you do not tax your self to the Point of child born on this Day will be extremely ambitious progressive in his thinking and a Dynamo of Energy. Pacific stars & stripes thursday August 10, 1967

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