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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 7, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Jet losses figure in battleship s recall Washington a Ris ing aircraft losses Over North Vietnam figured heavily in de sense Secretary Robert Mcnamara decision to order up the battleship new Jersey for War Pentagon sources officers estimated the a naval Behemoth of another May be Able to do the work of roughly 50 planes a thus cutting Down the number of air Craft exposed to communist at the same Thomas the new chief of naval stressed in an interview he views deployment of the Battle ship As an addition rather than a replacement tactical air strikes against the comm to Date the United states has lost More than 625 planes Over the North in attacks against the same kinds of targets the new Jersey will be Able to bombard with Supply dumps and defensive install the battleship has enough Armor to allow it to Wade into the heaviest enemy gunfire currently in use along North Vietnam these include five Inch equivalent weapons capable of sinking such lesser ships As de the Pentagon estimated it would take 9 or 10 months to get the 887foot ship ready for its Shakedown which Proba Bly will be taken care of in route to Shakedown involves special Crew training and test firing of the battleships nine 16inch and 20 5inch Price of the reactivation was placed at and sources estimated it would take million annually to operate the battleship with an abbreviated Crew of enlisted men and 70 a full comple ment would be Moorer said the Battle ship May prove most useful in battering such targets As con Crete and steel reinforced bunk ers and artillery emplacements near the so called demilitarized no one will quarrel with the fact that a 16inch Shell is those who listen to them whistle Moorer the battleship originally was designed to be Able to Exchange fire with other her deck is 11v4 inches the gun turrets have 18inch Protection and the Hull ranges from 16 to 19 inches thick in Armor plat Navy men say communist rounds of up to 100mm would be like peas hitting the Side of a Wall As far As the battleship is the main advantage of the in addition to its heavier is the Long firing the new Jersey can stand six Miles out and hit ene my targets 15 Miles cruisers operating at that Dis Tance to avoid hostile fire have five Miles less Range with smaller eight Inch Navy ships conducting what the Pentagon Calls operation sea dragon have been hit 16 times and suffered two dead and 22 wounded while patrolling the North vietnamese the patrol was launched last october to Cut Down communist infiltration of supplies and arms Down the sea the navys timetable would put the new Jersey into action As the worlds Only combatant battleship about next the United states still has three other mis Souri and re engineers go alter pc bunkers an Engineer of the 1st air Levels a Village where underground bunkers were discovered by a 1st 7th while on a search and Clear the engineers equipment was airlifted into the Usa photo by 4 David Frank available 39year career quarters Washington Al though the defense department has a need for some More married there Are some presently in excess of cur rent military needs for dependents of men going to Vietnam or other unaccompanied tour the excess is reported due to base closings or other military the following places report available quarters Turner fort Riley and Schilling Glascow Holland Platts Burgh Moses Lake formerly Larson fab and the Ogden defense housing is open to families of both officers and enlisted men of All the military Mcdonald retires proud change in command Tainan Taiwan 01 Alvin Schuering has assumed command of the 6214th support group he succeeds Joseph Parks who has left for an assignment at Kelly Japan Pao David Mcdonald praised members of the Navy last week upon his retirement after 39 years former chief of naval said i de part with great great Pride and great regret i am leaving the ranks of the finest men and women our country can in the past four years of unprecedented Mil itary demands in the Navy has always responded magnificently whenever and wherever it has been called up and Only because it has been my privilege to have held the navys highest but especially because of the Faith and Trust i have known on the part of so Many and seniors throughout every step along the he also i know that my Thomas will continue to be sup ported by the same dedicated professionalism that has crowned the navys efforts with such distinction in the to and to each of i express my great admiration for your past my deep appreciation for your Loyal and my Best wishes for every Success in the the Admiral what Ever our country destiny May she will always need a Navy and faithful men and women such As you to Man Good Luck and building ammo dump Roundt Hemlock Job Camp Vietnam marines serving As Navy Seabee Are working 24hours a Day to construct a 205acre ammunition dump to be ammunition sup ply Point Force logistic More than 35 men of the navys Mobile construction Are Clearing breaking posting Fence and constructing build the dump is expected to be completed by project officer is Marine 2nd Lester originally begun by the project was turned Over to mcb74 on their arrival at a we arrived june 5 and by noon the next we were Al ready at work on Only a half Days production was lost during the transitional chief Don construction thirty five marines of asp1 stand perimeter guard at the site to safeguard the building supplies and in addition to standing were laying concertina wire and building Marine Jesse Goleman when asp2 will store an estimated tons of for Marine tac tical units in the i corps copters keep pc in the dark Bong Vietnam keeping Charlie in the dark is one of the major missions of the army 1st air one Way this is done literally is by sending out first Light and last Light surveillance helicopter teams to insure that the enemy does not use the morning and evening Twilight h o u r s to Man Euver troops in the area of it int often that enemy movements Are Accord ing to William but the flights do Force the enemy to restrict his major movements to hours of darkness Swift regularly flies last Light missions for troop 1st 9th his Copilot is warrant officer k e n n h on a recent swifts us 1b Huey helicopter took off from Landing zone two the Forward command at just As the Sun was beginning to set behind the tall Mountain ranges to the for about an hour and one the ship skimmed Over the Plains and mountains in the nearby crows foot area some nine Miles to the South while the ships Crew chief and door gunner kept a Sharp Lookout Over the ground the pilots watched the Small h13 scout ship skipping just Over the Trees several Hundred meters ready to pour min gun fire on enemy soldiers or in the areas where no civil ians Are supposed to the scouts look for any signs of recent human observing some movement Swift swung his ship around and went Down for a closer we just spotted a flock of 17 he reported Back to Bong son Over his a no migratory i be Lieve seeing no other signs of a except for a partially completed hut and a few neglected Rice Swift asked for and was granted permission to return a typical night for this sort of he but its got to be Pacific stars stripes 7 August 1967

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