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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 5, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Stars in Korea Home movies to professional film making in one easy step is the record of Barbara she started her film career As the subject of Many Home movies produced by her and has advanced at the age of 17 to a starring role in a Korea motion picture a mounted this is the first time an Amer ican has received Star Billing in a korean motion spokesman explained How miss Britton was chosen for this first in the although she is not a professional her along with her intelligence and cheerful made her a natural Choice for this Star ring he in the miss Britton portrays the daughter of a Brit ish Consul stationed in Man Churia in the Early the Story tells How she is kidnapped by a chinese Bandit who later turns her Over to a korean ban while travelling with the korean she Falls in love with after a series of adventures she is returned safely to her i feel the movie has Given me a running Start on a career in the arts that i plan to con miss Britton i found that although there were the Normal communication prob lems while making the everyone sense of humor seemed to overcome any complication that came this is a lesson i feel will help me regardless of what i choose to do in miss Britton came to Korea in 1967 with her her father is assigned to the air Force advisory korean epidemic feared in Cycle of encephalitis Korea Bureau and september May be an epidemic period for encephalitis in Korea if the disease follows its traditional three year according to Louis Hackett 8th army no encephalitis epidemic is occurring in Korea at Hackett but the country is experiencing its anticipated outbreak of the known As japanese Clark a Busy Post for Mac meet the Rubin offs violinist Dave with his and son 2nd Rubin discuss an engraved Bayonet on table presented to him during a Rubinoff was the first civilian to receive the award from the 7th he is holding his Romano Stradivarius Rubinoff Friday completed a three week concert tour in which included a visit with his who is stationed radio and news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate 5 with Chris of Midnight Stewart of Midnight Jamboree weather and sports music and weather music Chapel weather sports music hour hour John and sparkle or weekend music time or weekend music party music weather and sports music time league baseball Griffith hotline weather and sports reel oldies Pewters Ole opry Hope Dollar weather sports Owens bandwagon 6 music and weather music and weather music and weather music weather and sports music Vagabond pm 5 Kaleidoscope of sound and screen weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to to and Channel 2 in Kunsan and Pusan Channel 6 in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are subject to Are approximate 5 in sound Kangaroo Billy report Boone show event of the week talk Mack show highlights Oclock report in space Welk show Nite at the movies Bishop show of the week my line show final 6 in sound Christophers is the life heart hour is the answer special world of Golf Oclock High College bowl Decoy a conversation with Averell Harriman Navy film Oclock report Sullivan show Golden Globe awards theater final Vunic the following music pro Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United a since epidemics of the Peculiar to Northeast especially Korea and have broken out in three year the last in August and september of this year Complete another three year Gilberto preventative medical 8th army surgeons said no epidemic May occur this year because of Light Rains providing fewer Breeding grounds for mos carriers of the encephalitis Hickam Hawaii Mac military Airlift command has established a Southeast Asia area command Post sea act at Clark Phil an epidemic last september since it opened june and a year before the usual also May Lessen chances of an epidemic this Varela last sum almost cases of the disease were causing 900 about 500 cases occur in a no epidemic the disease affects the younger primarily those under 14 years of Hackett this has been attributed to the natural immunization of older age the three year cycles Are thought to be caused by variations in the immunity of the korean population to the Dis when the number of susceptible in the population is increased by births to certain the epidemic since the three year Cycle has failed to occur Only in tons Seoul at 1100 show pop Folk music music Salon music show music Salon music classics pop show classics pop korean Folk music music Salon of music voice of America korean recommended Standard time program contents special English feature and cultural program 6075 you a question today 6075 in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 world press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 9730 to Asia 7235 week in review and opinion Roundup 7155 press Roundup viewpoints alternate weeks 7155 and cultural program 7155 program and opinion Roundup 6195 press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia 7155 7155 in the news to South Asia 7155 7155 and feature special English 6145 Usa 7155 concert and music Usa 7155 concert report to Middle Asia 7155 Only Only 314th air paper cited Fuchu Japan 5th the base newspaper serving personnel assigned to the 314th air in was named one of 21 air Force base newspapers throughout the world cited for outstanding sup port of the defense depart ments Cost reduction program during fiscal the defender is published at Osan Joseph Covolo is the the defender serves Taegu and judging was divided Between commands with four or More base newspapers and those with less than the defender was the Winner for which was judged in the former chaplain of week chaplain William Van 7th 17th 2nd is chaplain of the week for the week of August his scripture quotation for the week is and he a certain Man had two sons and the younger of them said to his give me the por Tion of goods that falleth to and he divided into them his and not Many Days after the younger son gathered All and took his journey into a far and there wasted his substance with riot Ous Luke sea act has full operational command and control Over All Mac and commercial contract flights throughout indo South and parts of East Pakistan and aus in its first month of operation the new command Post had control Over an aver age of 79 per As a Mac aircraft enters the Southeast Asia area its flight is followed and its Progress monitored by the Airlift command then flight plans Are ordered and made out in and Vance to save time for the Pilot and Crews when they sea act monitors any and All information that could affect the Safe flight of a Mac the men in the command Post Are in constant communication with the planes there watch relaying information to the Crews about wind weather and other facts that could affect their Homer sea act claims that communications is the key to the Success of the communications lines spread from the command posts control room and form a Complex web Over All aircraft and ground stations in Southeast area that covers More than 7 million Square the control Hub of the sea act monitors All the aircraft which deliver More than 70 per cent of the entire military Airlift command 20 die in flood Bombay per sons were drowned when the truck in which they were Riding was washed away in the flooded Wai Ganga near Nagpur in Central police reported i Pacific stars stripes i i phones i Korea area supervisor Yon san news night Yon san 2504 7th Camp Casey 458 2d Custer 4524 Bascom Seoul Yon san 3650 i corps up red Cloud 3671 Page 3439 Osan 2014 Pusan 3400 Taegu 2748 Taejon 267 Kunsan Pacific stars stripes 17 August 1967

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