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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 4, 1967, Tokyo, JapanRed bloc mostly Sand study says by . Thaler London up an authoritative diplomatic assessment contends that As the soviet revolution approaches its half Century Mark it is questionable whether any of the existing 14 communist states would retain communism if they had a free Choice. The assessment drawn up on the occasion of the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the october 1917 soviet revolution concludes that All is not Well in East Europe and Asia. Ideas Don t sell the political ideas of communism after 50 years of its Rule in Russia and elsewhere and the movement s determined p u s h for expansion have found lit Lefavor in the highly industrialized countries for which they were chiefly intended. Even in emerging countries neither soviet nor chinese communism has produced acceptable solutions. Of the communist states Nowin existence the assessment said not one has yet been put tothe test of a free election. The assessment said it seem unlikely that the splintering of the communist movement can be arrested. Soviet attempts to restore Unity Are being resisted by the parties of Cuba North Korea North Vietnam Yugoslavia Britain Italy Japan Norway Sweden and to a lesser extent by the polish and French parties. The soviet Union can still re Lyon the mechanical majority of about 50 communist parties the hard Core of which is formed by those of latin America and the Middle East. Rift to grow the assessment c o n clues there is no Short Ter solution for the rift Between Russia and China while the Gulf Between militants and non Mili Tants continues to Widen in the developing countries. The russians have gradually yielded ground in accepting tire growing divergences within the movement. Lacking a firm ideological Lead the pro soviet communist parties Are becoming increasingly susceptible to outside ideas. Russia and her East european allies Are seeking material advancement by methods such As the profit motive which the More orthodox consider a be trayal of True communism. The assessment holds that the problem of reconciling National Aims and the world revolution Isno nearer a solution than it was in 1917. The void left by the lapse of soviet controls after the death of Stalin and the so called de Stalin nation by former Premier Nikita Khrushchev has not Bee filled. Of the 14 communist state Russia can no longer rely on the automatic support of seven Albania China Cuba North Korea North Vietnam Romania and Yugoslavia. Support wanes despite the support Russia has received by most communist parties in the dispute wit China she has been unable to restore Unity because some other allies like Romania have used the conflict to work for Independence. Although Russia remains the dominant Power the East euro Pean countries according to the assessment have reached state where they can make or break soviet initiatives in the communist movement. Further trouble has come from Cuba s Fidel Castro who despite economic Reliance on Russia does not intend to toe the Moscow line. The balance Sheet of communism on the 50th anniversary of the soviet revolution does inthe View of the assessment show that things have not gone Well certainly not As Well a Moscow might have wanted to present them to her allies and friends and to the outside world at Large at this vital juncture. Grin and Alabama strip mining after the plunder restoring the ravaged landscape Montana Ohio Missouri . Each 63 = 10,000 acres to be reclaimed Pennsylvania-370,200 acres 100,000 to 280,000 acres 30,000 to 99,000 acres 10,000 to 29,000 acres less than 10,000 acres a new features plans to Block the land looters9 the office called and said the computer they replaced you with broke Down. And could you come in while it being fixed Iff by Phil Kei Washington a Pic Ture a Bare scar of rocks and dust one mile wide stretching from new York to san fran Cisco. Or the entire state of Connecticut stripped of plants devoid of wildlife criss crossed by polluted streams and speckled with pools of acid Waters. America the Beautiful is Al ready afflicted with this ugly landscape or its equivalent More than 5,000 Square Miles of land ravaged by strip mining. The Federal government has begun to worry about the spreading blight and has pro posed a plan to put the empty land Back into use. In a recent report on surface mining Ardour environment the Interior department recommended spending up to $1.2 billion Over the next two decades to rehabilitate about two thirds of the country s ravished on a Bill to cover the proposal Are be Gin late this year or Early next year. Interior Secretary Stewart a Call has said that the nation natural resources have been taken to fulfil the require ments of the world s most advanced Industrial the process of those withdrawals we have looted and ravished the land we now Fin that our storehouse is not in exhaustible. We can no longer tolerate either prodigal waste of natural resources or cumulative degradation of strip mining or surface min ing is what the name implies stripping the surface off the Earth grass shrubs Flowers Trees and exposing the Coal Iron Copper phosphates or Sand and gravel underneath. Some mining concerns replant depleted areas but the study contends that not enough do so and recommends that conserva Tion practices in strip mining be made study conducted by the Bureau of Minos found that surface mining had stripped 3.2 million acres of american land through 1064, and at a rate of159,000 acres a year since then. Of the 3,2 million acres the study said 2 million need som sort of reclamation work. The Barest minimum of reclamation work the study said would Cost about $340 million while $757million in replanting would put the 2 million acres in reason ably Good shape. The following table show that acreage in each state deemed in need of reclamation with total acreage disturbed in parentheses Alabama 83,000 133,900 Alaska 6,900 11,100 Arizona,4,700 32,400 Arkansas 16,600 22,400 California 107,900 174,-000. Colorado 40,200 55,000 Connecticut 10,100 16,300 Dela Ware 3,500 5,700 Florida,143,500 188,800 Georgia 13, 500 21,700. Hawaii less than 100 a resin both categories Idaho 30,700 41,000 Illinois 88,700 143, 100 Indiana 27,000 125,300 Iowa 35,500 44,400. Kansas 50,000 59,500 Ken Tucky 79,200 127,700 Louisi Ana 17,200 30,800 Maine 21,-600 34,800 Maryland 18,100 25,200. Massachusetts 25,000 40,300 Michigan 2 5,600 36,900 Minnesota 71,500 115,400 missis Sippi 23,700 29,600 Missouri,43,700 59,100. Montana 19,600 26,900 Nebraska 16,800 28,900 Nevada 20.400 32,900 new Hampshire,5,100 8,300 new Jersey 21, 000 33,800. New Mexico 2,000 6,500 new York 50,200 57,700 Nort Carolina 22,800 30,800 North Dakota 22,900 36,900 Ohio 171,600 276,700. Oklahoma 22,200 27,400 Oregon 5,800 9,400 Pennsyl Vania 229,500 370,200 Rhode Island 2,200 3,600 South Caro Lina 19,300 32,700. South Dakota 25,300 34.200 Tennessee 62,500 100,900 Texas 136,400 166,300 Utah,3,400 5,500 Vermont 4,200 6,700. Virginia 37,700 60,800 Washington 5,500 8,800 West Virginia 113,400 195,500 wis Consin 27,400 35,600 Wyo Ming 6,400 10,400. Pacific stars & stripes 9 Friday August 4, 1967

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