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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 4, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Open sesame ipes serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four Edff Loni Jolly at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of defense this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Art not necessarily those of this newspaper Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacol area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or and must paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr personnel in Vietnam Are author Zed papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter it col Jesse Deputy it col Roy Usa capt Darcy usic Gordon a Skean general manager Ernest Richter managing editor John Chamberlain deep tides peril the old coalition Lyndon according to the has been regaining some of his old popularity in recent presumably because he came off Lucky in the Mideast but popularity at this mean next to some deep tides Are running in this and they do not Bode Well for the old coalition which has served lbs party so Well for Over 30 item one is the attitude of the rank and file of the recent in depth Survey which so appalled Falcio president George who reportedly shoved it in his desk rather than talk about bespoke a vast disillusion among workers in their feeling about labors dependence on government the rank and file showed no enthusiasm for an increase in social Security benefits for the which would have to be paid for by younger workers out of their current in workers indicated that they care less about More fringe Bene fits it is Money in the pay Check that interests they go against their leaders on the Issue of compulsory Union voting to retain Section 14 b of the Chamberlain Taf Hartley act which permit the individual states to have their own rights work item two is the civil rights which has lost its the riots Over Black Power which jump City to hitting one week and new or the Are certain to provoke a Law and order vote in regions that Are Distant from the civil rights firing since the White population is 90 per cent of the this could pro Duce Pond Erable election Day shifts in areas whose View of ghetto which Are real is becoming More and More obscured by ghetto them three is the general ethnic which is conditioned by the Row Over Black Power but also exists apart from the Swift israeli Victory let Johnson off the Hook in the matter of choosing whether or not to use forces to still another world trouble so the Impact of the War never became a political problem in key areas like new the real Mideast May have just to stay on top in Nasser needs Arab the Only Way to produce it is to keep heating up the grievances against peace along the Suez canal would let saudi Arabia and Kuwait return to their commercial preoccupation with the Oil and the Arab cause in the would lose would Moscow drive for naval bases in the Arab it int in the cards that either Nasser or the Kremlin will permit the israelis to capitalize diplomatically or economically on their military item four is the general Issue of competent people who arc willing to do a Good Days work for a Good Days pay get tired of being taxed and inflated to death by a government that cant make a Success of Urban renewal or keep commuter railroads a tax increase next year could really enrage the item five of the vietnamese the Public is behind the administration in fighting but if the casualties grow and there is still no end in sight in and the horse on which the people Are now betting Doest even seem to be Able to maintain himself in people could vote for change to a stronger War president Abe Lincoln won a second term in but after his opponent George had been an ineffectual what would have happened if a weak not a Strong Lincoln had been in the White and a Strong candidate had been chosen to run against the incumbent the adage about not changing horses might never have gained its present King features you May not realize it when if but a kick in the Teeth May be the Best thing in the world for Disney it Pacific stars stripes August 1967 Bob saintly nuns in Ireland Ireland is a a living Saint in this town whose entire Popula Tion Oliver Cromwell once put to the she is Mother Mary like the great actress Mary mar Mother Mary Martin is for she founded the order of the medical missionaries of Mary 30 years ago after 20 years of pleading and argumentation with the she remains in Active presiding Over what has grown into a remarkable group of More than 400 nuns operate i n g hospitals and clinics in Ireland and they Are sur g e o n Phy s i c i a n Den de Matol research Considine at first one might fear to sneeze loudly at her for fear of launching her heaven but i am assured by a younger sister Bernard of the order of notre Dame a who brought me Here for the Good of my that Mother Mary Martin is As Strong As a sister Bernard and i waited for the Busy fou dress in a spare Little room decorated by about Worth of a threadbare Rug of Uncertain Vintage and dubious and autographed photographs of Popes Pius John Xxiii and Paul Richard Cardinal Cush ing of Boston and Princess Grace and Prince would you have Coffee an extraordinarily Beautiful Young nun from sister Eliza asked us As we waited on the stiff we said no she talked easily and happily about the med How she had gotten interested in joining she found a pamphlet someone had discarded in the rain and How interesting things had 1je7hat sister Elizabeth never got around to saying was that she is a lab technician who has spent a number of years working with the More than 000 lepers being cared for by the medical missionaries of when sister Bernard told her that we had been told about the incredible Young woman spoke of leprosy As Ive never heard it the living death Side of the exciting Prospect of a medical break after All these thou Sands of now came the living Saint in the neat Gray habit which she herself designed when she finally convinced the Catholic Church that there was a crying particularly in for medical would you have Coffee she we had turned Down sister Elizabeth but you do what a Saint we Irish Coffee the Saint suggest it was a of a smiling nun from Malta came in eventually with Coffee and in the i didst notice Mother Mary Martin slip but presently she returned with a Silver on the tray was a bottle of 10yearold Irish she mixed us an Irish race relations the following Are editorial excerpts from newspapers the new York times on race relations the really Funda mental responsibility of the entire White majority of this nation emerges it is to deliver on americas promises to All americans regardless of their native language or other irrelevant distinguishing it Means helping to raise Black americans and other disadvantaged to full Equality within a time Span measurable More in years than in decades or because the White people of this country command and create most of its they must be willing to Uear the greater part of the economic Burden required to realize this other papers and that Burden is one that will be measured in tens of billions of dollars annually the fundamental responsibility of the american negroes is to have Faith in the Promise of to Reiers the desperation born of and to realize that everything is lost if the fabric of american society is torn apart by violence this nation has survived major crises we Are confident it will survive this honorable and Phe Kansas City times on from British withdrawal Southeast Asia it is difficult to avoid the conclusion no matter what mitigating Steps the British might the end effect of withdrawal will be to disturb the balance of Power in South East to the detriment of the free Peoples of the As Well As to the West As a we americans would appear to have particularly legitimate grounds for deploring the All to probable result on our own the Washington daily news on the Pope regardless of differences in Christian and even among non Christian religious leaders Pope Paul and athe Agoras have achieved Ary Martin had been up commanding stature As men of Rutt Irti since and a Long afternoon Lay ahead of she kissed sister Bernard Good Bye As we climbed into our when Are you going to take a vacation i asked she thought a moment and then pointed upward at the Irish provided i make of the Saint King features Syndicate peace and Good will in a War torn they will perhaps not live to see world christianity unified but they Are accomplishing miracles in the relaxation of prejudice and the Advance of understanding among decent non Christian As Well As associated press nudist raised a Long Beard songwriter Fred Coots would have you believe that he was sitting in his car outside the Gate of a big nudist Camp in new Jersey one pleasant sunny afternoon when a huge nudist walked the Man was but he had an enormous Beard that reached almost to his Good cried Why do you have a Beard that Long said the somebody has to go out for the by United feature

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