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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 4, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Jets blast Power Plant in strikes close to Hanoi Vietnam Bureau Saigon jets returned in Force to the Hanoi area tues striking As close As 16 Miles from the North Vietnam Ese two planes were reported shot one of the pilots air Force Thunder chiefs bombed the Bac Giang Power 28 Miles Northeast of a in the Days major the Plant been struck re Headquarters tuesdays Stike heavily damaged the air Force jets the Bac Ninh rail siding 16 Miles Northeast of the capital and another siding 23 Miles to the thunderchief pilots said they damaged a surface air mis Sile site 45 Miles Northwest of Hanoi also hit was the son Tay army 23 Miles West of the Navy jets struck coastal tar gets 12 missions Carrier pilots usually Fly More than twice that number of mis no explanation was Given for the Slack a Navy a4 skyhawk was shot during a raid on the lion Gai dump neat Hai the David we was picked up in the Tonkin Gulf by a helicopter from the guided missile frigate Fox an air Force rf101 voodoo was reported downed by unknown causes and its Pilot is the downings brought aircraft losses Over North Viet Nam to Over South Vietnam an air Force f100 super Sabre was shot Down eight Miles of i Thanh in the Mekong the Pilot was i air Force pilots in the South killed 59 enemy b52s bombed an enemy base area 24 Miles Northeast of Bien Hoa tuesday and hit again near a along the Laos wednesday attack cargo ship Viet Narn Bureau Cong fired on a merchant ship in route to Saigon on a Delta Channel the attack was Cut off by Navy patrol boats and Heli copter gunships from both the army and Headquarters said the merchant ship seat a in Florida attacked twice on the Long Tau 15 Miles and 10 Miles Southeast of six Viet Cong were killed by Navy River patrol Navy so Wolf helicopters and army gunships of the 15th combat aviation two of the army choppers were damaged when the communists set off what apparently was a Claymore mine As the gunships made a Low Headquarters said two truck tires on the ship were Punk no other damage was a Lognon Forward base pouring it on Tor a Landing zone recoil less Rifle protecting a Landing at the Camp of the 2nd 35th 25th unleashes a round at a suspected enemy position on the coastal Plain North of due Usa photo by Peter Daly pc attack mourners children Plant mines Saigon a Viet Cong troops attacked two resettle ment a funeral cortege and a Small group of South Viet namese civilians in scattered officials reported six persons were killed and five at the same military spokesmen said 1ft c h i 1 d r e n being held for further in and wounding two civilians and a National policeman were killed when Viet Cong opened fire on the funeral cortege wednesday near the City of plus 25 Miles North of also near Phu Cuong tues one child was killed and one Man wounded when Viet Cong opened fire on a Small group of More Volunteer doctors in Viet Saigon Amer lean doctors arrived in Vietnam monday to join other Volunteer physicians in a 60day working tour at provincial hos the doctors were sent to Viet Nam under a program financed by the government and the american medical the called Volunteer physicians for keeps an average of 28 doctors in the reds kill 9 thai Bangkok thai police were killed and five seriously wounded tuesday when a band of communist terrorists pin Ned them Down in a Savage Jungle ambush 186 Miles South of Accord ing to reports reaching up reported four of the wounded men died Rais ing the toll to fighting broke out As the police patrol moved along a winding Jungle Trail in a Remote District of the Southern prov Ince of among those killed was the Deputy provincial police Rambang Krishna Sec the terrorists sprang their trap by exploding a mine under Kambanos killing him and one of his aides the rest of the 10man patrol was then pinned Down in a withering crossfire As the communists opened up with machine guns dug in along both sides of the reinforcements were rushed to the but the terrorists melted Back into the Thailand gets radio Sakon Thailand a the United states wednesday handed Over to the thai government a Complete radio the first Ever in this communist terrorist infested province of Northeast thai the known As will broadcast to 8 million peo ple in troubled Northeast prov inces where a secret terrorist army is gaining strength by the in Burma Bangkok estimated 300 people were killed or wounded in a three Day Battle Between Hoo chinese Hill tribes in the Northern burmese Shan Thailand Deputy premi prabhas reported Here prabhas said that apart from the chinese Bur laotians and thais were also killed or wounded in the the Shan state lies along Thailand Northern no breakdown of the casual ties was but prabhas said two thai officials were killed by rocket fragments when thai troops moved into position along the speaking at his weekly press prabhas said the two chinese numbering Between 500 to started fighting Over what was believed to be a double Cross Deal ing in opium the using machine guns and started fight ing on july 28 and continued on until july he thai government authorities rushed troops to the area to prevent the fighting spreading into the laotian government also rushed troops to the prabhas vesti gation in another incident involving Security of the Marine outpost at Camp Carroll just South of the demilitarized an american Security guard on the perimeter of Camp car Roll observed a Large number of children in a trash dump monday a Check indicated they were planting explosive spokesmen one of the four Viet cons at tacks was on a montagnard re settlement Village 18 Miles Southwest of Plesku City tues Day about 10e Viet Cong hit the Village with mortar and Small arms killing two civilians Pacific stars August 1967 vehicles favorite Loof for Saigon thieves by Dave Preston Vietnam Bureau Saigon the scene any Street in this any time of night or enter from left a Motorbike he pulls to the locks his Bike and exits to the enter from the right a Vil he stops beside the glances Stoops Down and fumbles for a then straddles the kicks the engine to life and exits another scene a parked a action the fictions in these but they Are based on incidents that occur every Day on the teeming streets of South Viet name there Are thousands of Auto mobiles in and thou Sands More motorbikes and and there Are hundreds of gangs which in the Fine Art of changing an owner a successful thief has a pocket full of a knowledge of locks so no time is lost selecting the right and the audacity to stroll up to a strange vehicle As if he owned unless the thief is caught in the the owner has seen the last of his car or stolen automobiles Are usually dismantled and the parts sold separately to secondhand Deal ers who ask no scooters and motorcycles end up on the Black Market with a new coat of paint and a forged in a rare if the owner happens to know who to he May be Able to buy Back his vehicle by say for a new car which was his to Start with the Day considering the shortage of automobiles for Sale and the extraordinarily High prices they command when the Man who can payoff a car thief and get his Auto Back is considered Lucky police occasionally catch a car but in a City concerned with terrorists and big Ger Auto theft is far Down on the list of one asked what was the Best Way to prevent having an Auto or Motorbike replied dont buy any vehicle if you cant catch a bus or taxi use your

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