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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 4, 1967, Tokyo, Japan More powerful weapons red Arsenal growing in South Saigon up communist forces Are penetrating deeper than Ever into South Vietnam with increasingly bigger and More powerful officials the newest and among the most devastating weapons in the communist Arsenal Are the 140 and 120 millimetre the 120 the 152 Field guns and the rpg7 antitank communist troops Are using these heavier weapons in at tacks on Allied bases and troops and on the spokesmen say that by no Means Are the weapons new to but they Are new to the communist Arsenal in Viet the 120mm mortars were used by russian troops in world War ii and by the communists in an american official the rockets and 152mm Field gun were also in use in world War ii but the rpg7 is a dating from the some of these weapons have been modified to fit the communists guerrilla War for authorities the 140mm rocket firing tubes come to the North Viet namese and Viet Cong in Clust ers of 16 for mounting on the Back of a truck and firing All at the have broken Down the clusters into individual each about a Yard and have an easy to set up weapon for firing one round at a the 140mm rocket and All is buddies share 7heir water Michael Dziekan shares his water with his scout dog Little John while on an operation with the 25th Dziekan is attached to the 38th scout dog Usa team assists villagers a Vietnam eight nine thousand vietnamese in the Hoa Vang sub sector near Danang have an american Friend whose first concern is bringing them health and Hospital corpsman 2d class Frank is a Veteran of 28 months in Viet his Job is to train and assist vietnamese army and popular Force medical person attached to advisory team 1 of the military assistance com Reitinger works with 7 residents of the 79 hamlets scattered throughout Hoa his vietnamese team mates Are song an interpreter and boy a popular forces they visit two Ham lets each working with medics from other Arvn units in the Reitinger stresses that he functions in an advisory Capa actual on thespot treatment is always More impressive than just handing out he when a vietnamese medical trainee cleans out an infection and applies a weve done something that the people can by treating an average of 000 patients the medi 10 Pacific stars stripes August 1967 Cal teams insure that the people have every Chance to see that something is being our program gets a lot of support from the 1st medical 1st Marine and the Navy Hospital in a said they keep us Well but we always stay ahead of them with our great need for whenever the medics distribute soap and explain its value for personal Reitinger regards it As the key to reducing skin infections among the vietnamese if theres any single thing we need he its kind of and As much As we can with plenty of toothbrushes and tooth we could accomplish twice As seek Dufy in View Washington a More than men have volunteered for duty in Vietnam in the last three and others Are currently seeking to serve in the War zone at the rate of a the army disclosed in a special accounting of Volunteer the army said officers and enlisted men actually have been As signed to Vietnam by Choice during the period Between july 1964 and last june during that the army military personnel volunteered to serve in Viet some have had to wait for an opening in their Grade and but volunteers nor Mally Are considered immediately available for mortars must be fired from a tube on the ground which deter mines the projectiles tragic but the 122mm rocket and the rpg7 and their Little can be fired from the Bazooka the rockets and mortars and their projectiles Are relatively easy to carry when broken the 152mm gun is not used in South the North vietnamese fire its 88 Pound warheads southward across the demilitarized zone onto Marine bases in the northernmost province of South Viet its Range is eight the other weapons and their capabilities 140 my rocket is rus Sian made with a Pound projectile capable of travelling More than five not As accurate As the 120 my rocket because it is spin stabilized and wobbles during the 140 rocket was first used in late february in an at tack against the Marine base at a 122 my rockets firing tube weighs less than 20 its projectile 42 with a Range of about eight the 120 was first used also against a on july More the 122 has been used in night attacks on bases within a 30mile radius of its fins help stabilize its flight and it can be like the at six rounds a 120 my mortar is the big brother of the communists mortar family in it can hurl a 34pound Shell at a in firing it weighs 606 is known about the Reg 7 except that when fired at a right Angle to the its 80mm projectile can Pierce 11 inches of the according to Are the least accurate of the new weapons be cause they form their line of flight easily and Are primitively some rocket launchers have been found supported by Mounds of dirt for the have a delicate aiming mechanism and can be deadly Hanoi has Best guns general latest russian and communist chinese antiaircraft weapons Are being used by the North an american Gen eral chief of army research and develop told a news conference at the California Institute of technology that they Are Proba Bly the most sophisticated anti aircraft weapons Ever devel the russians appear to be supplying the most modern guns available As fast As the communist soldiers learn to use Betts honors heroic vietnamese no Saigon vietnamese army sergeant who gave his life in a vain Effort to Rescue his american Comrade from a Swol Len River has been posthumously awarded the army High est decoration for noncombat Nguyen Van widow of the heroic received the soldiers medal in ceremonies in the Saigon office of Robert command ing general of army head quarters area last year assigned to the vietnamese riverboat patrol training with a military policeman from the 716th my were on a joint boat patrol along the Sai gon word came of a suspected theft from a Barge anchored and Hiep and the american headed for the As they reached the lady Lucks Boyfriend a Vietnam guess somebody up above was with Dennis said of an incident on operation Elliot when he step Ped on a bouncing Betty mine that failed to Rock is a Grenadier with 3rd h 2nd 1st Marine 1st Marine and has been in Vietnam for six since the incident with the mine he has begun to be Lieve heavily in he was walking on a Trail toward a hut when he stepped on the mine laying hidden in some i kept on walking for a few More Steps until i heard the pop of the fuse and saw the smoke rising from where i had just said it was then that i realized what i had done and i took off run when attached to the company for the operation uncovered the they found that it failed to detonate due to there had been a rainstorm the night my began to tie the patrol boat to the Barge but lost his balance and fell into the Hiep plunged into the Swift moving River in a Rescue at both men were swept away and hips heroic read the will remain As an expression of the True spirit of and togetherness exhibited daily among the men of both the vietnamese and United states casualties Washington the defense department has announced the following casualties in connection with the conflict in killed in action army Daniel Charles sp4 Lemoy clue Robert George sp4 Stanley William three Forks Dante Richard sp4 Eugenio Corpus sp4 Sterling Lake Dean Rice James sp4 Roger Black River Marine corps Jose Miguel Ronald Manhattan Patrick san Kenneth William new Joe Leroy Radtke Ronald William Stanley new Wayne Michael Norman Raymond Gene Richard Carl Reginald Arthur Driggers North died of wounds Marine corps Ronald Theodore Sand James Pablo Eagle missing to army Curtis Navy ax2 William Imperial ax2 Marino corps Curtis Santa Jose Thomas John air Force Paul David Olen me Gen William Charles missing in action army Ronald Jose sp4 Hugh died not As a result of hostile action army sp4 Thomas Santa sp4 Robert mass Marine corps Henry Mucha John Paul new York missing to hostile army William

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