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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 3, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Charlies Tun Tief gives him away Duc Vietnam 10 a Small breather Hole in the Side a Rice Paddy Dike was the first sign that Charlie was the Homer Krout Pla Toon Leader of the reconnaissance 2nd 35th immediately established a perimeter and began searching the conducting an Early morning combat the recon Pla Toon was following an agent who said he could Lead them to a Tunnel Complex where several pc were arriving at the location it appeared the agent was my men began searching the related at first we find then one of my men saw the breather after the perimeter had been the recon men be Gan to enlarge the suddenly four grenades were hurled from the diving for no one was so began the Battle to dislodge the the ensuing fight resulted in eight enemy killed and four weapons the vietnamese agent reported that he knew where an other Tunnel was once again the cacti were off searching for the hidden ene we arrived in the area about but were unable to find a stated we were ready to give up the Hunt when the vietnamese agent became suspicious of a Basket with Bamboo shoots growing from he moved the Basket and revealed the Entrance to a a search of the revealed the Tunnel was heading Back to the la the platoon was ready to Load on the lift ships and the Day was about As the choppers were coming 2 pc sprang from a spider Hole next to the throwing grenades at the infantrymen they attempted to escape across a Rice somewhat sur prised the infantrymen whirled around and ended the escape making a Wal around inspection before a training flight Are Richard Der Ridinger an and John guns flying commanders save Viet Hamlet learn business at bind Thuy Bien Vietnam 10 a South vietnamese District chief presented a captured Chi Nese communist automatic Rifle to an american artillery com Mander who helped save a Vil Lage from being in ceremonies at the Forward base Camp of the 173rd air borne Hoang a Tat of Dak to District gave the ak50 to Charles of the 3rd 319th just after dark on june an estimated two companies of North vietnamese regulars at tacked the tiny Village of Dien in Korntum the commander of the popu Lar forces detachment was killed in the opening minutes of the As enemy mortar rounds and automatic weapons fire poured into the another popular forces Leader took command of the defend ers and radioed the Mac sub sector adviser for he contacted the 173rd airborne which immediately placed a continuous barrage of artillery in support of the Vil airstrikes were also called in to help save the Village from being three hours after the attack the communist troops broke Contact and six enemy bodies were found in the while the defend ers reported seeing at least 28 More enemy dead being carried a further search of the area yielded three 20 hand grenades and several Satchel Walter Mac sub sector described the artillery support As extremely Tat identified the enemy companies As of the k4 24th North vietnamese army new my commander Long Vietnam 10 Harley Moore Sarv Provost has assumed command of the 18th my brigade in ceremonies he will continue to direct the Story and photos by Henry Hansen staff correspondent Binh Vietnam air Force Forward air controllers fact Are like policemen patrolling their like the stateside they soon come to know their beats As they know their own Back in says Janies after a month and a half i knew Bien Hoa province far better than i knew my own Back Yard As a i guess its because i never really paid much attention to my Back Yard As a fac Ive got to know my territory in order to do my Job As an intelligence gathering Rose now serves As commander of the Binh thu based theater indoctrination school for he and 18 other instructor pilots Are Mem Bers of 504th tactical air support they Are assisted by four enlisted All of the instructors have flown As fact for at least six months and All Are highly Quali All Are enthusiastic about the Job of a a fac is a Battlefield com Mander for tactical air says and whether were directing an air strike or adjust ing naval gunfire or ground Force were the eyes of the striking his enthusiasm is echoed by Ivan director of academics at the which is nearly a year the school began 8 weve trained More than 700 says including a few australians and in weve Given Aca Demic training to 100 peo ple who work closely with fact and who need to know the fact the average student has Al ready had six weeks of training at Hurlburt before arriving at the Binh Thuy fac there they studied air ground operations in the tactical air control during the six weeks at hurl Burt the students also received 01 Bird dog combat Crew including 25 flying hours in the about Hall of our students Are Jet says and about 15 per cent Are Exchange that is to say that Treyve already flown com Bat Over Here in tactical Jet its not Neces sary for a fac to have Jet sex but sometimes it the school has recently received eight new 02a superspy masters to supplement the seven ols already on All the air Craft Are maintained by men of the 22nd tactical air support with the new says our reaction Lime is Al most twice As it also gives us twin engine reliability and added performance with its Max Speed of More than 220 and a stall Speed of about 55 its a very versatile it has greater endurance than the 01 he about seven hours As opposed to still a n o t h e r improvement Over the 01 is the o2as gun using the same of used on the f5 Freedom fac can now de liver his target marking rockets with pinpoint but the new aircraft is Only one of the tools of the fact says without his persistence and imagination he might just As Well be sitting on the its our Here at the to enhance the that Why were always looking for new and better methods and tech James Rose Cammie Gainey does repair work on an o2 super one of eight of the new planes just received by the Forward air controller Pacific stars stripes August 1967

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