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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 2, 1967, Tokyo, JapanFull tank of Gas cheapest in Texas by Donna Dickenson new York a if you re looking for a gasoline tax bar gain on an Auto trip try Texas where much of the gasoline comes from. The immediacy of the suppl May have nothing to do with it but Texas does have one of the nation s lowest state Gas taxes 5 cents on the gallon. The same rate prevails in Kansas Missouri and most of taxes the tax a o n s c i o u s Driver might Well steer Clear of the state of Washington which recently raised its motor fuel tax to 9 cents the highest in the nation. The Federal 4-cent Gas excise ups the total Washington tax to 13 cents on every gallon Over one third of the . Gas Price 33 cents. In addition there Are local gasoline taxes but Only 254 towns and cities charge these 237 Are located in Alabama where Federal stat and local authorities share revenues of 14 cents on Ever gallon. State gasoline taxes originated in 1919 when Oregon initiated a Good old Days charge of 1 Centa gallon. Recognizing a Money Raiser when they saw it other states soon slapped their own taxes on motor fuel within 10years, All 48 states then in the Union had Gas 1965, 14 states cleared Over $100 million each in motor fuel taxes according to the Federal Bureau of Public roads. Drivers in California who used Al most 7 billion Gallons of Gas that year poured almost $600 Mil lion into the state s coffers the highest amount in the Conn since 1932 every hour Over $900,000 i motor fuel taxes is collected by state and Federal authorities says the american Petroleum Federal government seeking to overcome the great depression first levied a tax on gasoline in 1932. Ironically this temporary emergency measure is now 35 years old and brings in about $3 billion gasoline taxes have produced revenues of nearly $33billion since their inception. Grin and Bear it the first state fuel tax was channelled into Road construction to help the Early motorists get out of the mud ased Mulligan of the american Petroleum Institute puts it. Highway construction an maintenance is still the aim of most state and Federal gasoline levies. Rising Gas taxes Trace to the mushrooming american Road system. During the 15-year period beginning in 1950, expenditures on highways Rose 262 percent increasing 10 times As fast As the population which registered a 26 per cent in crease. For repairs motor fuel revenues Are the principal source of funds for the interstate Highway system a group of federally backed limited Access interstate High ways scheduled for 1973 completion. Federal Gas taxes pay3/4 to 4/5 of Washington s 90 per cent share in that program an also 4ielp foot another Federal state project development of primary and secondary roads. But while Federal Gas reve Nues Are used exclusively for Highway repair and construction motor fuel taxes in a limited number of states finance anything from schools to Wel fare agencies. Although stat taxes were initially directed at Highway costs the financial dilemma of the 1930 s forced some states to divert Gas fund for purposes of Little concern to the Motorist. State Gas taxes the painless Penny 1. Rate excludes county where tax is 8$ 2. Operators of certain commercial vehicles must pay surtax of 2tf for every gallon used in this state 3. Includes Petroleum product tax of 8/1000 per gallon Illinois 1-cent increase passed by legislature Oregon 74 beginning oct. 1 state gasoline tax rates per gallon a atm Keituri causes and cures drinking Man s guide to hangovers by Eddy Gilmore London a do you suf Fer from the French Greule de Bois German Katze Jammer italian Tonato Spanish Resaca swedish Hont i haret or norwegian Jeg har Tommer Menn japanese Yutsu Kayo translated into English the mean respectively Woody Mouth. Wailing of cats. Out of tune. Surf of sea. Pain in the roots of the hair. Workmen in my by Lichty head. The morning any language they signify hangovers. Hangovers by that name came into being in the United states in the Early 1890 s. Before that they were referred to in Europe at least As the whatever they re called they re awful. They Are easily recognized by those who have them. For one thing people who address hangover sufferers make no sense. For another thing the seem to shout and scream. Ouch. Our National survival is at stake gentlemen. We need and must have the anti missile missile and the anti picket picket the hungover feel that a giant conspiracy exists to deafen them with loud noise. Jet airliners seem to be Roar ing straight at the afflicted. Owners of hangovers experience difficulty in negotiating their Homes and offices for chairs and tables lurch Forward and try to trip them up As the walk. A Book claiming to be the first definitive authority on the subject in simple language is so onto be published in Britain. Author Jonathan Routh Sasin the foreword a hangover is what people who drink too much get. If you say you did t know that the you re either under nine years of age in which Case this Bookis not for you yet. But keep it by you. You redoing to need it one Day or if you re Over nine years of age you re lying. You need the Book badly. So Why should people who drink get hangovers to go in to this in great medical detail could be very disgusting read ing indeed. But there Are other aspects a important and it is mostly with them that this Book is to cure a hangover says theauthor you be got to be Able to recognize that what ails you Isa hangover. This seems the weakest Parton a Good Book. Anyone who has a hangover knows it. It a unique and terrible experience. There is no other feeling quite like it. If you be got one you la chapter 1. Routh says hangovers can be prevented. Of course they can. Don drink. Or Don t drink too much. He lists other ways of avoid ing them suggesting that drinks should never be mixed instance Don t Down a mix Ture of Sweet Sherry and Browndale. Another Rocker is Gin an whisky. Still another is to drink Champagne with anything but Champagne. Two bottles of Gin can nudge a person a Long Way towards a monumental head advice Here is based on the school of drinking which believes that recovery from the party starts the week before the party. In other words to make the hangover More Bear Able you should go into training for eat first Paramount in this departments never go to a party on an empty stomach. A big meal snot necessarily the answer it s Rich the stomach will still be Busy sorting it out by the time the alcohol starts rolling Down and therefore Notin a position to give the alcohol its full author recommends that one of two dishes should beaten before every party at which alcoholic drinks will reserved. He comes out strongly for bowl of mashed potatoes with plenty of butter and he recommends Semo Lina Are very digestible and both have the right Conten which counteracts alcohol he is not enthusiastic Over milk As a preventive against hangovers saying that it can be dangerous to persons no used to milk drinking. He Points out that some admirable two of i s 1 e d drinkers have actually Given up alcohol after trying milk. The cures but what does the Man advise for curing hangovers the list is Long but the author has a lot ol1 Good things to say about fresh air and exer Cise treatments for instance the cheapest and easiest treatment by far is the inhalation of a vast amount of fresh air in other words deep breath ing in the open air for upward of 10 fresh air is. Beneficial to the head part of the hangover but what about the stomach part the author s answer is our ancestors believing and rightly so that the liver was where poisons from alcohol rested used to try to rid this Organ of them through shaking it up by taking Long horse rides or if they were without horses by simply fighting an energetic Battle. Many of the Best Battle started this Routh suggests a hangover helping exercise in the Jet age running swimming and jump ends with miscellaneous cures suggesting everything from unbearably Strong Curry to listening to Wagner. Pacific stars & stripes 9 wednesday August 2, 1967

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