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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 2, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta fiddler ipes serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions daily at by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various on issues of the opinions Art necessarily those of this Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacosa area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr 1761 personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter Usa editor chief it col Jesse Deputy editor chief it col Roy u3a Pic capt Darcy Gordon Skean manager Ernest managing editor Bruce Biossat riot action cant win for negroes negro warfare on the streets of american compounded now in its fourth straight has plunged this country into its gravest internal crisis since the civil on one incredible the roster of this horror embraced grand Toledo and still vivid in the recent background was the combat in Hartford and other when the reality is this raw and the comment needs to be no less the properly harsh things to say about this crisis is that neither the most Alert White leaders or the most militant negro spokesmen Are facing the american racial problem in the full scope of its staggering the answer the militant negro wants is the nearly instant remaking of society to the housing and other fundamentals the enlarging negro Community even with almost unlimited amounts of Money and Energy it is impossible in the Short the gaps and the the cruel results of past error and Are too the sudden Miracle is not going to with White Black Power or any other nor is the White Community going to have merely a embarrassing change As it deals with millions of poverty Ridden negroes in a context of rising affluence visible to All amid the Good times in the neatly clipped world of White the Sharp sting of real urgency is going to have to be the White separatism of american Suburbia is no More a practical response to our crushing dilemma than is the Black separatism with violence preached insanely by some Black Power advocates in conference at that conference yielded the most self destructive distortions of reality heard in this country in they represented a prescription for suicidal War and crippling Isola if they were not so tragic when set against the Gravity of the they could be dismissed As Stven As the misguided militants tried to Tell millions of unhappy negroes that they should prepare for War and for living in a Black nation within the in Detroit animal fury underscored As elsewhere by open criminal another City into a place of at this neither the rioters nor their inflammatory leaders pay any attention to lectures from the White Community on Law and while granting the transitory affluence of the looter who walks away with a sofa on his it is a fact that impoverished negroes cannot Hope to Burn and shoot their Way to a decent level of of riots rivet attention on the but there is no persuasive Watts or Cleveland or Harlem or Chi riot produces More than Token if the extremity of Street warfare yields no More than this then what comes next what is to follow the riot As a Means of deeper persuasion the total disruption of american society the truth most of the negroes conferring at like the rioters they have no real program for negro better genuine negro betterment has to lie in other away from isolation and toward fruitful links with the White its overwhelming preponderance of numbers and its near monopoly on the immense resources required to perform an immense newspaper Enterprise the trouble with Man is he cannot truths which Are too complicated he forgets truths which Are too West g Pacific stars stripes August 196 Roth Mcgihn in the hippie world 6hpoo bad you have Only a few hours he i but you cant leave without going Down to Haight Ashbury Street to see san Francisco most popular tourist so we the hurried explained that i had a new empathy with the revolt by the nonviolent who Are fugitives from the values their motivation for the newly empathy was a new York Story about fashions for new yorkers and other dog Cul t i s t s in the East particularly poodle cultists Are buy ing Mink Coats for their Cost by cocktail false toe Nail psychedelic raincoats and tinted jewelled glasses for dogs All Selling at High prices Are the a subculture of Homo americans is developing and is Well below the hippie Cul which goes in for Bongo and the san franciscan the he Are splitting the the Flower who Wear flow ers and throw them to the policemen who Harry Are rather Nice and it is difficult to argue with one when he says that it is his life and if he wishes just to stand around and do or play the tie Purmell Bailey whats wrong on the other continued the san there is a group splitting they have Learned that Money can be made out of being a hip the old timers earn a few dollars by hiring out As tourist attractions on they sit in front of tourist restaurants or stroll about banging their Drums at some amusement but the younger ones now Are pub Lishing and venturing boldly into manufacturing hippie mostly wore Long tight fitting pants or at least two thirds wore a skimpy Bolero jacket or uncut two or three strings of red traditional with the were about their they walked sat stood or Lay on the tops of cars in the one group caught the two very thin Young their Long hair combed Down about their Shoul beads about their strolled Between them walked a maybe her somewhat ample but Tocks strained against the tight stretched the Young men each carried a but she supplied the music with a transistor radio that blared Rock Well asked my i cant really fathom i but if you compel me to make a i prefer them to those who Are outfitting their poodles with false Mink cocktail and so publisher shall Syndicate Don Oakley repudiate haters too Many both Black and have lost sight of what the civil rights movement or negro or racial Call it what you will All if Ever they understood is not its basically and to create a society which affords All its members the fullest pos sible Opportunity to work and live and learn and to realize their potential As human be insofar As they arc regardless o f what color skin they Wear too Many both Black and seem willing to Wash that dream Down the Drain of if Ever they believed in in almost the same the House of representatives enthusiastically passed a dubious anti riot Bill to treat the symptoms of Newark and de troit and a dozen other but ridiculed a plan to Exter Minate the rats which outnumber even the negroes in those cities teeming at Oakley a Black Power Confer ence in hundreds of angry negro activists talked of hate and Boycotts and armed of withdrawal and actual separation from White americ and in so doing warmed the hearts of fanatics of both colors who would like nothing better than the final solution of open civil War be tween White and to is to be hoped that the vast majority of both Black and have too much Good Good permit the civil rights move ment to degenerate to this few of but More and More of be ginning to attain the education and jobs and living standards that were denied their doors of Opportunity Are begin Ning to open a Little wider each More m e is hearts Are the negro is no longer the invisible Man in american he is gain ing an appreciation of his own and by doing it is forcing the White Man to appreciate that Worth As the the the haters on both sides Are they must be repudiate both Black and have come too have too much to lose and too much to to allow their hearts to be hardened once newspaper Enterprise we drove into the Haight Ashbury the hippies were out in great most of them were the bread of life a simple thing it is to be a Branch the Branch of a tree or of a Vine gathers its life from a source other than it lives and in due time bears it has no responsibility except to receive life giving sap and nourishment from the Root or and then Bear its Flower or someday in a quiet place it might come to us that the Only relationship we have with the master is just remember his words i am the and be Are the branches he that Arideth in the same bring eth Forth much fruit for without me be can do could it be that our frustration and our destroying anxieties come from the forgetfulness of our purpose the secret of spiritual strength and poise is Here the Branch has nothing by what it gets from the keep yourselves in the love of Jude

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