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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 18, 1963, Tokyo, JapanGrin and Bear it dear Abby. I see nothing wrong in taking a junket while Congress is in . I m sure you boys will be first to admit that won t miss much Goren on Bridge neither vulnerable. South deals. North 4 k 9 7 v 7 4 3 4 a j 4 3 2 4� 8 5 West East 8 4 4652 v92 % a k j 4975 4 k q 10 6 4, k 7 6 4 3 2 $ 10 9 South 4 a q j 10 3 q 10 8 5 48 a q j the bidding South West North east14 pass 24 double 4 4 pass pass pass opening Lead nine of y when the defense quickly Ranoff with the first three tricks against South s four Spade con tract it appeared that every thing hinged on a successful club finesse. A resourceful player always tries to give himself an additional Opportunity however and the Declarer in today s hand was no exception. He managed to Findan alternative play that could be safely essayed before resort ing to the finesse. The bidding was fairly Rou Tine except perhaps Tor East s takeout double which was distinctly speculative since it forced partner to respond atthe three level. I for example West bids three clubs and get doubled East would have no Safe Retreat. West led his double ton hear against four Spades and after East took the top two honors he returned the six of hearts for his partner to Ruff As Declarer put in the ten West go tout with a Diamond and South put up the Ace from the Dum my. It appeared from East s Informatory double that he had the King of clubs in which Case there would be nothing More to the hand than to take repeated finesse in that suit. South spotted another Possibil-1 Ity which could be tried out at no additional Cost and hinged on West s having Only two Trumps. Declarer led a Spade to his hand observing the fall of West s eight. Now he played the Queen of hearts which was High. When his left hand opponent was unable to Trump in South discarded a club from the Dummy. This permitted him to Cash the Ace of clubs and subsequently Ruff out both the Queen and the Jack with North s remaining Spades. Had West been Able to to ump the Queen of hearts Dummy would have Over ruffed and the Declarer could still resort to the club finesse. I news views the governor of Indiana has shortened the Coffee Breaks of state employees by closing the cafeteria in the state office building for two hours in the morn ing and two hours in the afternoon and by dividing it into areas with 15 minute time limits so that Coffee drinkers have to leave when their time limit is up. Think twice lady by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby i am single. I met single Man a sergeant in the air Force. We Are both 39. He retires next year. He s asked me to marry him. I m sure we love each other but i am i doubt about a few things. He never has any Money. A top kick s pay after deductions is about $375 a month. He lives in the Barracks and gets his meals at themes Hall or the no club. He has no dependents and his clothes Aren t expensive. Yet when we go out i have to lend him $10 or $20 until his next pay Day. He has t saved anything. I wonder what he does with his Money. Curious dear curious Don t marry the top kick until he gives you an accounting of where his Money goes or you la wind up kicking yourself dear Abby you Are so right i saying that mixing school books with babies and milk bottles is for the am connected with a College and we have housing for married students wit children but most of them can t afford it. They live in shacks and trailers in Stead. I feel so sorry for these Young wives married to students. May struggle with Small children while husband Stu Dies Aristotle and the second carthaginian War. And after he completes his education he informs his wife that he has outgrown her intellectually an then divorces her for someone More suited to his educated self. Sincerely bitter # dear Abby we grew up in a strict Catholic Home and never had meat on fridays. We Are All married now and have our own Homes. All of us observe the dietary Laws except my youngest she has our parents to her Home on Friday nights she serves her own family meat and fixes fish for the folks. They have never said anything about i but i know How it must Hurt them. I asked my sister not to do this and she became very angry and told me to mind my own business. Why does she take this attitude Hurt brother dear brother your sister is de Claring her Independence High wide and handsome. It is her Way of showing her parents that she is no longer under their domination. She is being disrespectful Small and childish. For a personal reply Send a self addressed stamped envelope to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills Calif. You Horoscope by Estrellita your health Friday april 19 Aphis Day s Stellar influences warn against carelessness in business and financial mat ters. It will be important to give additional care to details. In the p.m., influences will be More pleasant and it will be an excellent time in which to set the unresolved problems. For the birthday if Friday is your birthday you have every reason to be optimistic during the next for an uptrend in business and financial matters betwee now and july also in sep tember and in the period be tween. December 1963 and March 1964. If you Are single new Romance is in the offing wit the possibility of marriage be fore the end of 1963. Bes periods for tying the knot Are Between now and May 1st,in Early August or late de Cember. A child born on this Day will be endowed with Fine imagination originality and inventive ability. Heart surgery saves children by l. L. Coleman . When a doctor exam Ines a child s heart and finds a slight Mur Mur he is faced with a delicate decision. Shall her shall he not Tell Che parents if he does the likelihood is that they will be terrified and almost instinctively limit the child s activities. Children have actually been made physical and psychological invalids bythe exaggeration of the import Ance of a slight head t murmur. On the other hand if the Doc Tor tries to spare the parents the anxiety by not telling them there is another kind of risk involved. There is always the possibility that another doctor at school or Camp vill make mention of it. And that mean the destruction of a vital relationship Between the family an the doctor. In the daily practice of medi Cine decisions of this sort remade by measuring advantages Blondie by Chic Young 1 ill f i brought my Sonj along to take advantage of you special offer Okay but hell Haye to sit on your so i can 00 them this is the silliest1"i be Ever had your sign says two haircuts for the psic6 of one today Topay 3pbcia1, to Forth wisc of bomb against disadvantages. The Doc Tor carefully evaluates the emotional capacity of the parents to Cope with such problems. In most instances the doctor will Tell the parents about the in important heart murmur and at the same time assure them that it will not affect the child s healt i activities and eventual slight heart murmurs Are called functional Mur who have functional murmurs must not be kept on the sidelines As overprotected All heart murmurs Are functional and unimportant however. Many Are associated with severe defects of the condition known As Blue baby for example is caused by a serious malformation of the heart. In these infants a particular kind of heart Mur Mur at birth can actually identify the nature of the defect of the last three decades have miraculously produced courage Ous techniques for the surgical repair of defects of the heart. Surgery of the heart for the Blue baby is now just an Ordinary event in major hospitals throughout the world. The Hope that lies within the framework of modern Medicine can Best be summed up by the statement of a 10-year-old boy who had recovered from a heart i had my heart operation two years ago my friends used to wheel me to the Little league games in a Spe Cial Wagon the made for i could do was cheer. This year i m the second baseman on the Pacific stars & stripes 17 thursday april 18, 19g3

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