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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 18, 1963, Tokyo, Japan 3d Market Rise steels forge ahead new York a steels again led the Stock Market slightly higher tuesday in heavy trading As More including the steel announced higher it was the markets third consecutive Advance All led by the steel the Market was mixed at the turned a Little lower around then resumed its Rise in afternoon but profit taking in the final hour left most stocks Well below their Best Levels of the Day at the most gains ranged from fractions to around a Standard and poors 600stock 425 industrials 25 railroads 60 utilities 600 stocks 30 industrials 20 railroads 35 utilities 65 stocks april 16 Standard and poors 500stock Index open High Low close change up up up up Dow Jones Stock averages open High Low close change off off up off Dow Jones commodity futures Index open High Low close change 14696 up Dow Jon is spot commodity Price Index declined to closing quotations compiled from a and Ufa act kinds 9 Admiral corp 1 air reduction 6 Aldens 4 Allied chemical 4 Allied Mills 4 Allis Chalmers 1 aluminium 2 aluminium 5 Amerada petrol 13 airlines Brake shoe Bosch broadcast Para can Cyan amid elec Power 36 foreign pow 11 Home prod 54 machine Fly 20 Metal Climax motors natural Gas photocopy smelt ref South african sugar Tel Tel tobacco Viscose Ampex Anaconda Aramco Armour top of Atlantic refining Avo corp Baldwin Lima Ham Baltimore Ohio Bath Iron works Beckman instr 10 68v2 33 53 62vs 46 57 48 27 56v2 26 12 39 91 beechnut life Saver 40 Bell Howell 24 Bendix 52 beneficial Fin 58 banquet 1 Bethlehem steel 34 Blaw Knox 33 Boeing 37 Borden 60 Borg Warner 44 Borman foods 11 Brunswick 16 Budd 14 Burlington Indus 33 Burroughs 29 Cal packing 24 Campbell soup 93 Canadian brew 9 Canadian Rwy 25 Carrier corp 41 Case 8 Caterpillar trac 37 celanese 44 Cento 42 certain teed 16 Chesapeake Ohio 57 chock full nuts 16 Chrysler 106 Cit financial 43 Cluett Peabody 46 coca cola 94 Colgate plan Olive lbs 53 Columbia Gas 28 Columbia 25 combustion eng 27 commercial credit 47 Commonwealth de 48 consolidated de 87 Continental can 44 Continental Oil 69 Rorn products 52 Corning Glass 166vt Crane 49 Crown Zellerbach 56 Dayco corp 17 Deere 64 Delaware Hudson 19 Diamond Alkali 52 Diamond Natl corp 56 distil sea 47 Douglas aircraft 25 Dow chemical 63 Dresser Indus 24 Dupont 241 Duquesne Light 32 Eastern air 19 Eastman Kodak 116 elec mus Indus 6 is paso Natl Gas 19 3merson electric 33 Tai child camera 34 Ira mily finance 82 Fierro corp 88 fibreboard paper 27j4 filter of corp 34 Firestone t r i Ford motor Foremost dairies Gen dynamic id Gen electric Gen foods i Gen instr Gen Mills Gen motors Gen pub utile Gen Telephone Gen tire Getty Oil Gillette Glidden Goodrich Goodyear Northern Grumman aircraft Gulf Oil Hammond Organ have Indus Heinz Heydet not chem Hilton hotels Home stake mining Howe sound Hussman re Frig Idaho Power Ingersoll Rand Inland steel inter chem corp ism into Harvester into Nickel into paper into Tel Tel Johns Manville Jones Laughlin Kaiser aluminium pc per Light Kennicott Copper Kern county land Kimberly Clark Kip paper Libby Owens Ford Liggett Myers link Belt Lily Tulip Litton Indus Lockheed air Lone Star Cement Lorillard Lowenstein Mack trucks Magna Vox Marine Midland Martin Marietta Mcdermott Mcdonnell air Mcgraw Hill Merck Mem Honeywell Minn mining be mfg Mission corp v Mission develop 11 Safeway stores St Regis paper Schenley sobering 85 25 53 10 46 38 43 32 20 56 28 53 87 32 110 52 31 mesabi Trust 12v2 Monsanto chemical 51 Montecatino 19 Montgomery Ward 37 Motorola 62 Nat biscuit 48 Nat Gash Register 72 Nat Dairy prod 64 Nat distillers 25 Nat Lead 73v3 Nat steel 39 new York Central 17 Norfolk Western North am aviation Northwest airlines 48 Oil Anatlas Olin Mathieson Otis elevator Owens Oxford paper Pacific Gas elec Pacific t t pan am airways Paramount pictures 37 Parke Davis pen Salt chem 39 48 Pennsylvania or 15j4 Pensicola 50 Pfizer 53 Phelps podge 59 Philip 86 Phillips petrol 52 Pillsbury flour 62 Pitney Bowes 48 Pittsburgh Glass b3j4 Polaroid 130 Procter Gamble 78 publicker Indus 6va Pullman 2914 pure Oil 39 Ria com 63 Ria pref 77 Raythelon 22 Republic steel 40 Revlon 44 Rexall 34 Reynolds metals 29 Reynolds tobacco 44 Rheem mfg 14 Rohm Haas 111 Royal dutch petrol 49i 14 Pacific stars stripes april 1963 Scott paper Sears Roebuck Shell Oil Sheraton corp Sinclair Singer mfg Kline for Socony Mobil South Cal Edison South puerto Rico Southern Southern Natl Gas Southern Pacific Southern railway Sperry Rand Square d Standard brands stand Oil Cal stand Oil ind stand Oil stand Oil Ohio stand packaging Sterling drug Sto Elyvan Camp Stone Webster 20 40 35 42 9 64 68 32 41 49 64 13 42 67 67 59 65 15 1914 52 Studebaker Packard 6 Sunray Oil 32 Sunshine mining 9 Swift 42 Tel autograph 5 Tennessee Gas 20 Texaco 69 Texas Gulf Sulphur 14 Texas instruments 61 text Ron Thompson Arno Tidewater Oil Twa Tri Continental Twenty Gen Fox Union Union Pacific United aircraft United air lines 30v2 28 14 47 31 36 47 24 United fruit United Gas 37 us Gypsum us rubber 46 us smelt refill 56 us steel 52 us steel 7pc pad 153 us tobacco 28 Universal match 14 Unilever Ltd 23va Unilever 46 Universal Oil 33 Upjohn 40 Asso 27 Walworth 7 Warner Bros 13va Warner Lambert 29 Waukesha motors 36 Western Union Tel 31 Westinghouse Brake 30 Westinghouse else 36 Wilson it 42 win Dixie stores 29 Woolworth 74 Zenith radio 63 Nippon Tel Tel 1qa american Sto pfc Atlas Consol mining 8 philippine Telephone 4 bunk stocks Bank of America 63 bid 65 asked Chase Manhattan bid 84 asked first Nat Boston bid 93 asked first Nat City 102 bid 105 asked Morgan guaranty 116 bid 119 asked which represents More than 90 per cent of All the actual trading on the new York Stock Rose a modest 5 cents to the 425 industrials were up six cents to the Dow Jones 80 industrials declined by a minor at while the do 65 composite was off Only at the associated press 60stock average Rose to an other 1963 it was another Broad Market with issues appearing on the of 545 540 declined and 251 closed in there were 121 new 1963 highs and 22 new most of the steels held Small gains at the close after being up a Point or the Chemi electrical non ferrous tobaccos and some of the utilities autos were mixed along with most other major big steel announced Selec Tive Price increases near the close and some traders sold on the volume totalled million shares compared with Mil lion shares traded 81 90 Stoob Market quotations cannot be Over the contract Washington a a contract with Bendix to develop plans for detect ing missile production plants has been announced by the disarmament the award is a followup to an earlier Bendix study performed for the disarmament Agency As it examines methods of spotting any violations should an East West disarmament agreement be the new Bendix analysis is scheduled to be completed by next latest comprise stumper for no winners again of the entries received in none contained the Correct solution to coi prize Puzzle the a series Puzzle is now Worth to the entrant who can come up with the Correct below is the right solution and a detailed explanation of the answers to coi prize Puzzle explanations across i moving a police Captain might become a mayor in the title major is Seldom if Ever used in a police 6 following a Nan May reshape his he might behave his face but he could not immediately reshape a real Beard since it would not have time to 7 a boxers Success depends upon his might or his fight could be about a Hundred none of which would determine its 8 after giving her husband every a wife might wonder what else he expected to be if she gave him she would have already Given him 9 gamblers Seldom attribute their losses to any personal Lack or they do invariably attribute them to their personal ii the abbreviation for revised statutes is 12 after wading through a deep one might be glad to get Home or one might care to some where after wading through a deep one would almost de finitely be glad to get Home and put on dry 14 european Farmers usually have great respect for their peeks or noblemen who rank above them Many of them have no thing do with 16 on hot summer Many the zoo seem to be inept or incapable of when they Are inert or lying still they do not seem to be but definitely Are lying 18 a kiss in the dark might cause a sudden Blush even if it be it would not be Likely to cause a sudden Brush or skirmish until the person doing the kissing could be 19 to escape from a coup or Brilliant a spy might use a forged he would have used it before he was placed in a Coop if at explanations Down 1 the life Span of a mate is not usually As Long As that of his a male might not have a 2 a Small Man is hardly Likely to Belt or strike a big Man in a he Best him if he had a weapon that could reach the big this is the solution 3 shameless women can be most decorative on Many shapeless women Are 4 the size of a Beaver could determine the amount of work accomplished since a baby Beaver Pili Jyrld would do the size of a Beaker or Glass would not determine work accomplished but the individual drinking b the Kitten that licks or washes itself does not need its Mother since it can Atao Lap up the Kitten that links or at taches itself May be to Iti 9 tourist should know the Dif Ferencei Between looking and really observing during a few fail to know the difference Between looting or stealing and 10 those who crave certain fruits cannot always eat them due to dietary those who crate or pack certain fruits can usually eat As much As they 13 its foolish to wish one didst have to work when one one should Wash regularly regardless of 14 a it boat is a patrol torpedo 15 a practical joker often ribs or teases someone wrong since his intent is to he rubs them the right Way to accomplish his 17 sometimes it takes Money to get out of a rut or usual Way of one should be Able to walk out of a hut with or without new products refinements for Patio chefs new York arrival of Spring Means the outdoor Cook ing season cant be far weeks list of hew products includes two aimed at making lift easier for the Man of the is generally the Cook once the scene shifts from to Back one will help get the fire started and the other is designed to improve the the t French is Market ing just rite fire a Bri Quette with woo fiber base that is impregnated with a Candle like the company said the product is convenient and it takes one to three minutes to get a food fire going and they Are especially Good for lighting Char Coal and the company just rite fire starter is sold in supermarkets packaged 32 to a the briquettes Are in cube dad uses a new Smoko Grill the manufacturer promises it will take All the guess work and trouble out of smoke Cook the meat is covered As the Economy so goes Pittsburgh a it is wrong to try to blame steel Industry unemployment on Over seas steel says United steelworkers the us says the problem is Ameri our problem in the United states is not one of becoming competitive in a world steel Market which we have never seriously Orv attempted to says Otis us research ours is a problem of finding ways and to step up the rate of growth in our own Domestic be Only in America can a Soju tips be found Brubaker by increasing Domestic consumption of steel and by shortening the hours of work of Steelwork v it has been estimated that As Many As steelworkers Are out the United states traditionally has exported More steel than it in this was re versed for the first time since 1903 and has continued that Way Ever the american Iron and steel Institute estimates that from through a period of 44 americas steel imports amounted to million tons compared to exports of Mil lion Industry leaders have predicted this years imports will reach four million tons while exports will be Only about half of while it Strucko manufacturing noted for is making the Grill with a porcelain enamelled steel cover that in described As weather proof and easy to clean with a Damp the Grill looks like the conventional Barbecue apparatus except for the cover it stands on alumni num legs and has a shelf under Neath for storing cooking acres Grill is equipped with a balanced draft control and a temperature indicator so both direct and reflected heat can be Reg the hostess who has trouble with filled glasses sliding across the serving tray As she approaches her guests should appreciate the nonskid tray coaster set placed on the Market by the Power sales the tray coaster set uses an Ini clocking principle so that Diamond shaped Mounds on the coasters fit into Diamond shaped impressions in the both tray and coasters Are the tray is 8 by 16 inches and comes with eight coasters of different a machine that flips pages at the press of a Button is offered for anyone making a presenta Sono Libra said the Nachine would be useful to sales teachers or advertising the machine is about the size of a suitcase and it works by

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