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Ottumwa Courier Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 2

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Ottumwa Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Ottumwa, Iowa The Ottumwa courier saturday May 31, 1986bus crash kills 19 retirees on tour tour bus winds up in a River associated press photo suspended bus Driver Scapegoat or scoundrel Walker Calif. A a tour bus carrying residents of a retirement Home careened at High Speed off a twisting Mountain Road and plunged into an icy Swift running River Friday killing 19 people and injuring 22, authorities said. The death toll made it the worst . Bus crash in nearly six years. There was confusion Over the number of people aboard the bus and divers searched the West Fork of the Walker River for More victims. The bus bringing passengers Back to Santa Monica Calif., after four Day Outing to Reno was 90 Miles Southeast of Reno on . 395 when it bounced off a Fence and plunged Down a 15-foot embankment into the Walker River. It flipped Over and then lodged upright on rocks with its rear ripped apart in a few feet of racing water the California Highway patrol said. The River is near flood stage and seven feet deep in some spots. Mono county sheriffs department investigator John Daniels said the Accident apparently was caused by excessive Speed and no other vehicles were involved. The condition of the Driver was not immediately determined. The cup initially said that 49 were aboard but Bob Grunbaum a spokesman for starline Tours of Santa be Springs Calif., said the company believed the bus was carrying 44 people and a spokesman at the Bally grand hotel in Reno nev., where the tour stopped said there were 42 aboard. A there were bodies All Over the place a said Alex Mcewan owner of the nearby Mountain Gate Lodge who helped remove the victims. A i believe quite a few got washed out through the Back when the windows popped out. A couple of the people we carried out died at the Side of the one of the passengers Valerie Webb said she was hurled into the aisle when the bus crashed and saw her husband Buster tossed out a window As people fell on top of her. A the went out the window and i thought he was floating Down the River a she said. A it was horrible not knowing where he Webb later turned up among the survivors. Rescue workers and All available ambulances and helicopters from 50 Miles rushed to the scene eight Miles South of Walker in the Sierra Nevada. More than seven hours after the 10 30 . Put Accident authorities were still searching the water downstream for More victims. A you just done to know which Way a body will go in that stuff a Daniels said. A if they were to hit a Rock there a no telling where they might wind the 24 injured were taken to six a graphic hospitals in Reno and Carson City nev., and Bridgeport Mammoth and Bishop Calif. The passengers were mostly residents of the Santa Monica Tower retirement Home who had been on a a relaxation tour due Back Friday evening said Penny Hanson a spokeswoman for starline Tours. A there was a lot of blood and lot of internal head injuries a said Marine gunnery sgt. Daniel Tretteen one of More than two dozen marines who helped pull the injured and dead out of windows. News briefs Nicole Hobson Chicago apr a Rookie bus Driver suspended after refusing to make a one Block Detour to take a dying girl to the Hospital was following Overly strict rules that prohibit Drivers from leaving their routes without permission a Union official said Friday. The 9-year-old girl died Early thursday shortly after a passenger carried her a Block to the emergency room at children a memorial n new makers Sinatra Dodges Liberty party new York a Frank Sinatra has bowed out of the Liberty weekend grand finale july 6 because of an unexpected commitment organizers of the statue of Liberty a birthday Bash said Friday. Sinatra will appear As scheduled however at the opening night ceremonies july 3 on governors Island with presi a a. Dent Reagan and Frank Sinatra other dignitaries said Susan Williams a Liberty weekend spokesman. A a we re Happy he wants to be in the opening ceremonies a Williams said noting that Sinatra is not being paid for his appearance. Producer David Wolper said the finale will feature Kenny Rogers Elizabeth Taylor Frankie Avalon Fabian Bobby Rydell Shirley Maclaine Gene Kelly Liza Minnelli Charlton Heston and 200 Elvis Presley look alikes. Tickets to the closing which sell for $50, $100 and $200, go on Sale monday. A Good seats Are still available a Williams said. Sanford s son Hospital. Ben Perry a City bus Driver less than four months when he refused to make the Detour is being made a Scapegoat said George Dalmas vice president of amalgamated transit Union local 241. A if the blame has to be put anywhere put it on the rules that those people have to follow a Dalmas said. Dalmas said that under cat rules any Driver who leaves his route without contacting the control Center can be fired. Dalmas said he himself was disciplined about 20 years ago for taking an injured passenger to a Hospital two blocks off his route and a was told never to do it cat spokesman Jeff Stern said Perry violated two rules failing to notify the cat control Center of the emergency and failing to file a report on the incident. Perry will be suspended for three Days will receive instruction on rules and procedures during that period and will have to a demonstrate an understanding of these rules to be reinstated Stern said. Ted Garretson 28, the passenger who carried Nicole to the emergency room said Perry a was no to concerned about the kid or the Mother or anything. A fall he was worried about was completing his Damn hotline ready for hurricanes Washington a when hurricanes threaten this year americans will be Able to dial the Hurricane hotline for information on the possible danger. Operated for East coast hurricanes last summer a second hotline is being added this year for storms on the Pacific coast the National oceanic and atmospheric administration reports. The hotlines will be activated once the National weather service identifies a tropical storm or Hurricane. For storms threatening the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts the hotline number is 900-410-Noaa. For storms in the Pacific the number is 900-410-Cane. Calls to the hotline will Cost 50 cents for the first minute and 35 cents per additional minute. Campus porn film cheats students copter crash Usan to study East Lansing Mich. A Michigan state University students hoping to see familiar faces on screen sold out two showings of a student made skin flick but Many walked out when the movie did no to live up to its publicity. A spartan school for sex a billed As a a triple a a sex film shot on Campus More than paid for itself at its thursday night premiere said producer Robert Murawski who drummed up business with an and in the University newspaper inviting readers to a come see what really goes on around this a i think we put on a really Good entertaining show for the kids a he said. More than 500 students paid $3 apiece to see what turned out to be 85 minutes of excerpts from sexually explicit movies originally filmed in the Early 1970s. The sex scenes were interspersed with shots of Campus landmarks and narrated by one fully clothed student. Murawski spliced original footage of spartan stadium and other Campus landmarks with what he called a the Best scenes from Vintage a copyrighted sex films such As a the erotic director a a Tinseltown sex a a French touch a a House of Kinky pleasure and a school for a i feel very cheated a 21-year-old Katy Sullivan of Chicago said As she left Midway through the first show. A we thought it would be mus students in the porn so did the to Crews and reporters who congregated outside. But Murawski said the press jumped to the conclusion that the film would show students having sex. A ifs All the Media a he said. A they misled themselves. I buy this kind of Murawski bad axe High schools 1982 valedictorian is president of Box office spectaculars which has gone to court to defend its right to show a rated movies on Campus. The University May take him to court again Over the made at Michi Gan state production particularly his use of the distinctive spartan Michigan state is considering seeking an injunction against screenings of the Murawski erotica said spokesman Terry Denbow. A i think the University feels that it has to protect its Good a it was a big hoax a said 19-year-old Maureen Pierce of Kalamazoo. A the Guys making a Fortune on absolutely Sturgis so. A the air Force on Friday convened a special Board of officers from the strategic air command to investigate the crash of a uh-1 Huey helicopter that killed five people and critically injured a sixth. The helicopter which was providing Security for a missile maintenance Convoy crashed shortly after 3 . Thursday in a Field Northwest of Bear Butte about five Miles Northeast of Sturgis. Greek Premier terrorists Athens Greece apr Premier Andreas Papandreou said Friday that the United states which he accused of committing a terrorist act in bombing Libya wants to police the world against terrorism according to its own definition. The socialist prime minister who has close relations with libyan Leader Moa mar khad Afy proposed that an International conference under . Auspices define terrorism and devise effective measures against it. A the Reagan administration wants to make it Legal for the United states to arrest people for crimes committed outside the . And take them there for trial a he said. South african students rebel Johannesburg South Africa apr police used whips fired tear Gas and arrested More than 50 people Friday As College students both White and Black staged anti government protests in South africans two biggest cities. At the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg confrontations Between students and riot police flared throughout the Day in some of worst political violence Ever at one of the country a predominantly White colleges. Aah Furu 9 we a am in in acts As preacher Lylar Coli pigs Macmurn t it i to a a a recommended Nashville Tenn. A Demond Wilson who played Redd Foxx a son on the television series a Sanford and son a says he is drawing from his entertainment background to be a More effective pentecostal minister. A a in a using what i Learned in television and on the stage to glorify god a said Wilson who conducts a religious program on the Trinity broadcasting network in California. Wilson said he a really started to seek god after the 1982 cancellation of his last television series a new Odd a i took a year off to study the word of god a said Wilson who was in Nashville Friday As part of his preaching tour. Wilson lives in Orange county Calif., with his wife Cicely and their five children. Princess misses Queen s Parade Berlin apr illness forced Princess Margaret of Britain to cancel a Friday appearance at a military Parade honouring Queen Elizabeth a 60th birthday the commander of British forces in West Berlin said. A the Princess is very sad about this decision and is aware of How disappointed you All Are a maj. Gen. Patrick Brooking told about 3,000 people gathered in the rain to watch the Parade. Princess Margaret who arrived in Berlin on thursday night cancelled on the advice of doctors about an hour before the ceremony Brooking said. The Princess reportedly had a sore Throat and could not speak. In Nib lottery Friday daily Dame 2-8-3 pick pour 6-2-2-0 estimated lotto grand prize is million. Philadelphia a colonizing the Moons of Mars would allow Access to Mineral resources and provide a cheaper base for exploration of the planet say researchers who called for manned missions to the Martian satellites. The Martian Moons phobos and deimos could be reached for much less than the Cost of a manned Mission to Mars and the colonies could be Ideal stepping stones to the establishment of a Martian Colony and a search for life on Mars said Fred Singer of George Mason University in Fairfax a. The round trip voyage to phobos and deimos would take two years and could be done for about $16 billion Singer said thursday at the annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of science. Singer an astrophysicist and former director of the . Weather satellite program said he proposed what he Calls the . For phobos and deimos project in 1978 after being asked by the National aeronautics and space administration to develop plans for future manned space missions. A if anything happens beyond a space station this would be it a he said. A if we Are going to continue the manned space program i would bet on a number of scientists have taken the position of the respected space scientist James Van Allen who argues in the current Issue of science Magazine that manned spaceflight should be suspended indefinitely while resources Are spent on unmanned scientific missions. To. Associated press photo flying feet a member of the South korean riot police subdues an antigovernment demonstrator in Seoul on Friday. Summit Outlook growing dim Bonn West Germany a a soviet news Agency chief said Friday that prospects for a second superpower Summit have dimmed because of Washington so restrictive attitude on nuclear arms control. Valentin Falin director of the government news Agency no Vosti complained about president Reagan a tentative plans to scrap com France with the Salt ii treaty. He soviet official said he was sceptical a Summit can be held this year. A if the United states continues its restrictive attitude to disarmament i am not sure the Summit will take place a Falin told reporters at a news conference Here. Soviet Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev and Reagan met in Geneva last november and agreed to hold a Summit in the United states this year. The soviets have not agreed to set a Date. On tuesday Reagan announced he decided to dismantle two Poseidon nuclear submarines and stay in compliance with limits set by the 1979 strategic arms limitation talks treaty Salt ii which was never ratified by the Senate. The president said the United states intended to exceed the pacts limits later this year unless the soviets reversed arms programs that he claimed violate Salt ii an accusation the Kremlin has rejected. Referring to Reagan a decision Falin said a i done to know what More we can offer the .a. To continue to abide with the agreement unless of course we declare ourselves the 51st state of the United in a written message to the meeting released Friday Reagan said the soviet Union failed to comply with major arms control agreements and refused to respond positively to . Arms reduction proposals. Reagan a message said weapons reductions were his highest priority and that he has sought to accelerate arms control negotiations since meeting Gorbachev. It said the United states proposed a 50 percent reduction in strategic nuclear weapons the elimination of medium Range weapons reductions in conventional troops in Europe and a verifiable ban on chemical weapons store ammonia leak suspected Springfield mass. A a powerful dose of ammonia May have leaked from the site of a former supermarket causing fumes that sent 50 people to hospitals and drove nearly 10,000 from classes jobs and Homes authorities said today. A normally you would smell it but in a told by toxicologists that High concentrations of ammonia can wipe out your sense of smell instantaneously a said John Higgins. People overcome by the fumes thursday including two police officers and six ambulance workers were treated at hospitals for dizziness shortness of breath lightheadedness and nausea officials said. Eight remained hospitalized in stable condition today. Deadline nears for at amp to strike Washington a wide differences Over wages and Job Security separated negotiators for american Telephone amp Telegraph co. And the communications workers of America Friday As a strike deadline approached. If the 155,000 Long distance operators installers and repair personnel go on strike at 12 01 . Sunday As threatened management personnel would take Over Many of the services Consumers use regularly company officials say. Post official pleads guilty to payoffs Washington a the vice chairman of the . Postal services Board of governors pleaded guilty Friday to taking illegal payoffs in Exchange for trying to steer a $250 million postal contract to a Texas company. Peter Voss a businessman who was co chairman in 1980 of Ronald Reagan a presidential Campaign in Ohio also pleaded guilty in a three count felony information in . District court to embezzling Money from the postal service. Prosecutors said he collected for a first class airline ticket when he actually travelled in coach class. Voss immediately resigned from the eight member Board of governors which is expected to award the $250 million postal contract later this year. He faces up to seven years in prison and $21,000 in fines. He will be sentenced july 24 before . District judge George h. Revercomb. First Public word of the Case came Friday when the felony information containing the three charges was unsealed in court. By pleading guilty to the three counts Voss avoided a grand jury investigation that could have led to additional counts being filed against him. Voss was appointed to the Board of governors by Reagan in 1982. He was elected vice chairman in january. According to . Attorney Joseph e. Digenova and assistant . Attorney e. Lawrence Barcella jr., Voss took from $20,000 to $25,000 in illegal payoffs in Cash and free airline tickets in a fee splitting arrangement with a Public relations firm hired by the Texas company recognition equipment inc. Of Dallas to help it win the contract for High Speed address Reading machinery. The or firm John Gnau associates of Bloomfield Hills Mich., was hired on Voss recommendation said the prosecutors. The firm has a Washington office. Voss also arranged with the or firm operated by Michigan businessman John r. Gnau jr., who was chairman of Reagan a 1980 presidential Campaign in Michigan to receive up to $1.2 million if the Texas company got the contract the prosecutors said. Voss has known Gnau for nearly a decade the prosecutors added. Peter Voss

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