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Ottumwa Courier Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 1

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Ottumwa Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Ottumwa, Iowa Scientists unearth truth about dirt eating practice Southern Iowa s most exciting newspaper woman survives car train crash a 3 Public works director Well paid a 3 Reagan blasts court awards for liability Washington a president Reagan today ridiculed Large jury awards in liability cases and said the nations Laws Are being a twisted and abused to produce absurd results that Are almost commonplace. In a speech prepared for delivery to the american tort Reform association Reagan recounted stories of big liability claims won by a Man who suffered a heart attack when he tried to Start his Lawn Mower and by a Man who sued the Telephone company because he was standing in a phone Booth when hit by a car driven by a Drunken Driver. A i supposed All this might be amusing if such absurd results Only took place occasionally a the president said. A yet today they have become All but the administration has asked Congress to approve major liability Law changes including a $100,000 limit on punitive damages and awards for pain and suffering. In a report released today a National consumer group challenged assertions that jury awards have been running wild. Jury awards in damage cases Over the past decade have increased Only at the same Pace As inflation and economic conditions have raised costs according to the study by the consumer federation of America. Offering a different View Reagan said the Legal system used in cases of wrongful injuries or damage a known As tort Law a has begun a to go terribly wrong. Twisted and abused tort Law has become a pretext for outrageous Legal outcomes a outcomes that impede our economic life not promote during the last 20 years the number of awards involving $1 million or More has increased from just one a year to More than 400, the president said. Between 1975 and 1985, the average award in a product liability Case More than quadrupled to $1.8 million said Reagan. A during the same period the average medical malpractice verdict a i said average a went up More than 350 percent to Over $1 he said that on one hawaiian Island All doctors have stopped delivering babies because malpractice insurance premiums were outstripping their fees. He also noted cases of communities that have been forced to close Parks and other facilities because of the High Cost of liability coverage. A even everyday items contain hidden costs that arise from the expansion of tort liability a Reagan said. A a it a been estimated for example that 20 percent of the Cost of an Ordinary Stepladder goes to pay for liability insurance lawyers and related costs. It it school s out for summer Tasha Kimmel editors note this article was written by Tasha Kimmel a sixth grader who spent her last Day at Agassiz elementary on Friday. Tasha the daughter of Robert and Brenda Kimmel of 1218 Gurley ave., will be a seventh grader at Evans Junior High this fall. Here a what she thought about this passage into another Era. The emotions of the kids a sad and glad. Wishing that school would never end. In fear of never seeing their friends again. Children were glad to get away because of their troubles. Saying Good Bye to the teachers they will have no More. Sixth graders saying Good Bye to All wishing they had said or done something else when they did wrong. Next years kindergarteners scared to death of school. The Middle graders just glad to get out of school and ready to change classes. As the 11 30 Bell rings the Halls Are filled with emotions. At noon there is no More. Courier photo by Michael Hoffman yippee school s out first grader Ryan Schissel of Douma elementary school whoops it up As schools in Ottumwa end the current school year Friday morning. Schools dismissed at 11 30 . For summer 1 of 4 most depressed state economist says it ranks with the Oil troubled areas Des Moines a Iowa a farm based Economy has sunk to the Point where the states fiscal problems Are matched Only by a handful of Oil producing states a budget expert said Friday. A was we look around the country at state government finances i say that Iowa is one of the four states that is in the most depressed condition a said Steven Gold an economist for the National conference of state Legislatures a Texas Oklahoma and Louisiana which have the Oil problem and Iowa which has the farm problem. A Iowa is right at the Bottom of the barrel a Gold said. A things can remain bad for a Long time if you look at the 1930s.�?� the Oil dependent states have been staggered by plummeting Oil prices while Iowa a Economy is almost totally based on farming the other Section of the nations Economy which is the hardest hit Gold said. Gold said the state could linger in the economic doldrums for years senior citizens killed in bus wreck disaster a 2 and officials must begin to think of making a a unthinkable cuts such As deep slashes in spending for higher education. A Iowa has one of the highest Levels of spending on higher education counting both the regents and the Community colleges in relation to the size of the state a Gold said. A i think you need to build on your strengths but you also need to avoid trying to do too Many things and Iowa May be spreading itself too thin by trying to have 15 or 16 area Community colleges. A you can do a better Job if you focus on your areas of excellence and strength. You can still provide higher education throughout the state without having so Many campuses a Gold said. Gold said efforts to restructure and Cut state government this year Are probably a step in the right direction but Are Only the beginning of a process that must include All Levels of government he said. He said decisions must be made to Cut Osky shot Putter wins stat title a 9 in areas previously thought politically impossible to accomplish. Gold made his comments during the taping of Iowa Public televisions a Iowa press program scheduled to be aired on sunday. Otto said that while there Are signs of improvement within the farm Economy it Likely will be into the next decade before any major improvement takes place. A the state should recognize it has a limited ability to solve its problems in terms of its Economy a Gold said. A instead of the questions you be been asking about what can be done to revive the Economy i think you should look at a different question and that show do we make the Best out of the situation we re in seeking to adjust to different economic times Gold said political leaders in the state Are now Only beginning to face the toughest choices which will have to be made. Clerk leaves $1mil estate rth Day Page bequeathed $884,000 i St. Mary a and $456,000 to the col be of St. Teresa both in Winona the rest of the Money will go to 17 rarities and a few friends. After dropping out of the Winona Ormal school after one year Page on 12 straight elections to the Dis it court clerkship in Winona and add Community organizations singing from the old settlers Socier to the elks club to the City bowl in association. Fleischman said wednesday that percent of the estate was in tax weather mostly sunny and warm today. High in the mid-80s. Southwest wind around to Mph. Clear to partly Cloudy tonight. Low in the lower 60s. Partly Cloudy sunday. A 30 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms High in the Rnid-80s. Index 8 7 12 farm 8 for the 7 Iowa 15 National 2 7 Ottumwa 3 5 6 9-11, 16 7 free Minnesota municipal Bonds while another Large portion was in Texaco Stock Page bought at $2 a share in the 1930s. Fifty years later. Texaco Stock Sells at More than $32 a share and pages holdings amounted to $77, he when he died Fleischman said a the studied the Bond Market very carefully a Fleischman said. A the was a meticulous record keeper he could determine his net Worth at any time simply by studying the Wall Street journal for 30 minutes so who s this Guy Qadhafi ? As a result of a letter to american school children from the Leader of Libya the associated press is changing its style on the spelling of his name to Moa mar Qadhafi. The change from khad Afy to Qadhafi is effective june i w Ith the publication of sunday ams newspapers. The letter to second graders in St. Paul Minn., youngsters who had written him As part of a class project was signed in arabic script Over the typed name. Colonel Moa mar Al Qadhafi. But the associated press style Book says a people Are entitled to be known however they want to be known As Long As their identities Are Clear a and Qadhafi finally has made his preference Clear. The confusion had resulted since the libyan Leader makes a Point of writing his name Only in arabic script and there is no official libyan version in latin characters Philadelphia apr dirt eating a common practice in the Rural american South and around the world May have important medical benefits but could also pose serious health risks researchers said Friday. Dirt eating in the american South is most common among Blacks and the practice might have been brought by slaves from Africa where it is also common said Donald Vermeer an anthropologist at Louisiana state University and one of the pioneers in the study of Geo Hagy As scientists Call the practice. Dirt eating is also seen in Southern Whites Vermeer said and in american indians. Vermeer said at the annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of science that in Urban settings Many dirt eaters turn to the consumption of laundry starch or even baking soda. Some northerners obtain Clay j from relatives in the South Vermeer said. Darla Danford of the National research Council in Washington said that references to dirt eating go As far As 300 b.c., in the writings of Aristotle. Dirt eating occurs a in both sexes in All races and in animals As Well As humans a she said. It is found at All social and economic Levels and in All cultures. For reasons that Vermeer cannot explain dirt eating remains a Little known phenomenon despite being so widespread. A surprisingly few investigations of the practice have been undertaken a Vermeer said. He began studying it 25 years ago when he observed it in West Africa. In parts of Nigeria Clay is mined in Large quantities and distributed for Sale in markets All Over West Africa Vermeer said. Most dirt eaters prefer some variety of Clay rather than Sand or topsoil. One form of Clay kaolin is apparently used by Many dirt eaters in part to control nausea and diarrhoea. Kaolin is a principal constituted of a spectate the commercial anti diarrhoeal medication. Clays have Betel shown to be Able to remove toxins from the body. Vermeer speculated that clays eaten in Nigeria Are High in Calcium for example and thus their frequent use by pregnant women could be a Way of adding Calcium to the diet in a Region where milk an important source of Calcium is not consumed. Timothy Johns of the University of California in Berkeley reported that Clay is eaten in combination with wild poisonous potatoes by indians in the Central Andes of South America and in the southwestern United states. The Clay removes the toxic substances called Glyco alkaloids from the digestive system before they can cause illness Johns said. Danford warned however that dirt eating can Lead to severe growth retardation anaemia and even death. Certain soils can Combine with minerals in the diet in such a Way that the minerals cannot bt1 absorbed by the body she said. Iron deficiencies can then result in anaemia for example and Zinc deficiency can produce growth retardation. Pianos key custody Case Ventura Calif. A a divorce Battle Over custody of two pianos ended harmoniously after lawyers pounded out a settlement that leaves each Side with one keyboard. The settlement worked out wednesday averted the need for a court hearing on the custody Battle that had been scheduled for thursday said lawyer Marvin Mitchelson. A the will get the Biesendorfer and leave her the Steinway to play on. This Way they can both make music a said Mitchelson represent ing or. Newton j. Friedman who is seeking a divorce from his wife of to years Carol. Since Community property such As the pianos is usually not divided until the end of the divorce Mitchelson had asked that Friedman be allowed to practice on the pianos in the couples former Home twice a week for a total of eight hours. A when he first moved out she said she would let him practice but then she changed her mind a Mitchelson said. Friedman sued for visitation rights to the pianos. According to Mitchelson Friedman is a serious musician who has played with the Utah symphony orchestra. Friedman who also got custody of the couples harpsichord will be giving a harpsichord concert in Ventura in two weeks he said. Mitchelson said mrs. Friedman also plays the piano but not As seriously As her husband. The couple has no children. Rude Awakening Emil lager of Oak Lawn iii., was Dis its Way through the Middle of his Home Turbed when a runaway Bulldozer smashed police believe vandals were responsible. Winona Minn. Apr a High school dropout who never was paid More than $11,970 in 47 years As a court clerk bequeathed More than $1.3 million to two colleges from an estate valued at $1.5 million. Joe Page earned his Money through a frugality Good investments and the fact that he was constantly employed a said Joe Fleischman director of development at St. Mary a College and a confidante of Page during the last few years. A childless widower who died last september to Days Short of his 91st

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