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Ottumwa Courier Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Ottumwa Courier (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Ottumwa, Iowa Fourth failure�?2 legislature reviews mixed a 3league standings 12 Southern Iowa a most exciting newspaper associated press photo a Man begins the task of cleaning up after the Oklahoma Tornado thursday night. Larussa off Hook 11 twister takes heavy toll Edmond okla. A residents returned Friday to splintered Wood and soggy carpets debris a left from a Tornado that injured 12 i people destroyed or heavily a i Maged 80 Homes and caused $6 i million to $8 million damage. Authorities say a dozen people i were treated for minor injuries i after the twister Cut its two mile i path through the Community just i North of Oklahoma City thursday i night. There were no fatalities. I Greg Sadler 32, said he and his i wife Rhonda had gone out to Din i Ner to celebrate their wedding an i Niv Ersary. A when we came out i we heard that a Tornado had hit i where we live a he said. I when the couple tried to return it Home they found the area sealed i off to prevent looting. I a i saw my destroyed House and i car on television a Sadler said Fri i Day As he moved cautiously i through the shattered Wood and i Glass. J gov. George nigh touring the i area Friday estimated the dam a age at $6 million to $8 million. An i other $1 million in damage was re v or. For Rry Al a a it i. Ported across the municipal line in Oklahoma City by the police department. Forty five houses were destroyed 35 had major damage and 63 had minor damage said Edmond police spokesman it. Mike Wooldridge whose Home was one of those damaged. Nigh applauded the storm preparedness of the residents. He said he had seen signs that people had known what to do a a mattress Over a Bathtub a Utility room that stood when the outer Walls were torn away. A they heard it coming. They went to the bathrooms and got into the tubs or they went into their Utility rooms a the governor said. About too National guardsmen were called in Friday to help search for downed Power lines and Gas leaks. Sniffing dogs looked for possible victims Kerry Hibbs a spokesman for southwestern Bell Telephone co., said about 1,500 customers were without telephones and service would not be completely repaired until late saturday. Radiation still leaks but fire said to be out soviets in bombing reactor in Cement los Angeles apr hamburgers that Are broiled or Fried Well done contain six chemicals that cause mutations chromosome damage and possibly cancer in rodents scientists said Friday. The $2 million six year study at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found the Well done ground beef contains three newly discovered mutagens and three known mutagens. Two other mutagens also were found but they have not been identified or tested in animals. Two of the three previously known mutagens Are known to cause malignant tutors in mice and rats said senior biomedical scientist James s. Felton. The risk to humans from any of them remains unknown the scientists said. Mutagens Are compounds that change genetic material in cells and sometimes can cause cancer in animals said Felton who presented his findings Here at the annual meeting of the american association for cancer research. Sperm and egg cell mutations and damage to chromosomes which determine inherited traits can cause birth defects. Arthur j. Miller head scientist at the . Department of agriculture research Laboratory in Philadelphia said previous studies have found traces of unidentified mutagens in other Well done muscle meats including other beef cuts pork Chicken and fish with spines although not in shellfish or Organ meats like liver. Felton said the compounds a could be a Factor in the High Colon cancer rates in this country because of the High amounts of meat we eat. But we really need to do More work to understand How potent As carcinogens these might a if people want to hedge their bets just done to Cook the meat to shoe leather a he added. A a done to Cook it Lawrence Garfinkel the american cancer society a vice president of epidemiology and statistics in new York said eating Well done meat a May increase the risk of human cancer but so far we have no evidence that it a overcooking has not been implicated in any human health problem at this Point a said George Wilson vice president for science at the american meat Institute a Trade group in Arlington a. Wilson said avoiding Well done muscle meat a seems to be Good advice both from a safety standpoint and a palatability but he warned that eating undercooked meat can result in meat borne diseases such As trichinosis and salmonellosis. Felton a 15-member research team detected eight mutagens in Well done broiled or Fried hamburger and identified six As aromatic amines including three never seen before. All were present at parts per billion Levels. All eight triggered mutations in bacteria in a Standard test meant to suggest a substances cancer causing potential Felton said. Four caused mutations and chromosome damage in chinese Hamster cells and live mice and japanese scientists previously showed two induce the malignant tutors in rodents he added. A a we re talking about frying and broiling. If you Cook your meat at lower temperatures and make it Well done like stewing braising microwaving or baking you done to seem to get the degree of mutagens you do when you Cook with a hot flame or hot surface like a frying pan a Felton said. He said the chemicals Are formed by frying or broiling hamburger until Well done with the temperatures of the pan surface above 300 degrees fahrenheit a medium High stove setting. They Are different than a known Carcinogen found on charred barbecued meat he said adding that barbecuing produces fewer aromatic amines than frying or broiling. Moscow apr officials of the . Atomic Energy Agency said Friday that the chernobyl disaster is by far the worst nuclear Accident in history but soviet experts Are getting it under control. They said radiation still leaks slowly from the nuclear Power . Lifts travel warning �?2 plants stricken no. 4 reactor but the fire in its Graphite Core has been stopped and the soviets will a men Tomb it in Concrete for a years Long Cooling process. Based on their observations and soviet data a a it a Clear. That the radioactive consequences of this Accident Are far More serious than in any Accident so far also that the radioactive releases to the environment Are much More serious a Hans Blix chief of the International atomic Energy Agency told a news conference. Blix and his deputies said temperatures in the Graphite Core were dropping and uncontrolled downward burning of the nuclear fuel commonly called the a China syndrome a is not an immediate threat. No other governments reported health threatening Levels of radiation Friday. Atter his group returned to the Iaea Headquarters in Vienna Austria Friday Blix said the soviets had agreed to provide daily radiation readings from seven stations along their Western Border from the Northern City of Leningrad to the Black sea. These Are to be relayed to National nuclear authorities but not made Public. About 84,000 residents within an v a soviet technician checks a toddler during a radiation inspection of residents of a Village near Kiev. A associated press photo 18-mile radius of the Plant were evacuated beginning 36 hours after the disaster. About 250,000 children Are being let out of school Early so they can leave Kiev the ukrainian capital of 2.4 million people 80 Miles South of chernobyl. Journalists from Eastern Europe said a soviet official told them a third person had died As a result of the Accident. Official reports have said two people were killed and 204 hospitalized 18 in serious condition. An american Bone marrow specialist leads a team of doctors performing marrow transplants in Moscow on victims of severe radiation exposure. The Kremlin made its sixth official statement on the disaster Friday evening which consisted of three paragraphs and gave no new information. All but one statement have been Brief. The first reporting the Accident was issued two Days after it occurred when High radiation Levels had been detected in Scandinavia and Sweden demanded information. Western governments have criticized the soviet government for slow and incomplete reports on the disaster. The first foreign journalists allowed to visit the Ukraine were escorted to a farm 31 Miles West of Kiev where 1,000 evacuees Are housed. They were shown medical checks being Given and allowed to speak with a few evacuees All of whom appeared to be in Good health. Aquino . Aid too Little Manila Philippines apr president Corazon Aquino on Friday told Secretary of state George p. Shultz the Philippines crippled Economy needs More than the pro ced $150 Mil i boost in . Aid. Aquino in comments released by her spokesman Teo t Doro Locsin also a promised that Corazon Aquino she will not go along with Cabinet members seeking a selective repudiation of the nations $26 billion debt to foreign Banks. But the president urged an easier payment schedule Locsin said in a news conference following Shultzz a 45-minute meeting with Aquino who assumed Power in late february when former president Ferdinand e. Marcos fled during a military civilian revolt. Locsin quoted Aquino As saying the $150 million in additional Philippines Aid for which Reagan has asked Congress As Well As other foreign assistance would a fall far Short of what was a in the first and last analysis she said our problems will be solved As in the recent past by the filipino people a Locsin said describing Aquino a discussion with Shultz. A they have dislodged an entrenched dictatorship. No mean task. Now they will lift this country to the Progress it has Long looked for a Locsin said. Shultz winding up a 26-hour visit to the Philippines told reporters in a news conference before leaving that Aquino left him confident that the Island nation will emerge Strong from its economic problems. He also said Marcos probably will remain in exile in Hawaii despite pressure from president Reagan and Marcos himself for Aquino to renew his passport. She revoked Marcos and his family a passports when they fled feb. 25. The Aquino government has accused Marcos of plundering up to $10 billion of the country a assets. Hundreds of protesters demonstrated at Shultzz a stops during the visit which was marked by tight Security. Police held Back More than 200 Marcos loyalists who shouted a we want Marcos Back a when Shultz stopped to Lay a Wreath at the foot of a Monument to philippine National hero Jose Rizal. Iowa plans Media image Blitz Des Moines apr Iowa Stop government officials and Media executives Friday said they re heading for new York for a $75,000 lobbying Effort to change the states image of simply a one big farm the group announced Friday they will Host a luncheon next week for what they described As key decision makers in the National Media and give them too ideas for positive stories about Iowa. Gov. Terry Branstad will Lead the charge. He said the National Media have viewed Iowa in terms of problems in the farm Economy overlooking other aspects of the state. A that certainly is a legitimate Story a Branstad said. A people have a right to know about the problems of but the governor said there a More and the states top Media executives agreed. The first thin of the meeting is convincing them thet Iowa is not one big farm foreclosure. A Joe Hladkey Iii publisher a it seemed that any time the National Media wants a Story about the farm Economy they choose an Iowa town As their example a said Joe Hladky Iii president and publisher of the Cedar rapids Gazette. A a we be had More than our fair share of Hladky said he often meets with businessmen from other states and spends much of his time convincing them that there a More to Iowa than farm problems. A the first third of the meeting is convincing them that Iowa is not one big foreclosure a Hladky said. During the new York swing next week Branstad said hell appear on no cd so a today show to talk about the Effort and meet with officials from the major television networks wire services and newspapers. The trip will be capped wednesday with a luncheon at the posh metropolitan club in new York with More than 50 news executives. The $75, Cost of the Effort includes production of audio visual and other materials which can be used on other sales efforts Branstad said. A this is not a one luncheon spot a Branstad said. A a it a not a junket. Its a working session. We Hope it will open some the keynote speaker at the luncheon will be Allen Neuharth chairman of the Gannett co., which recently purchased the Des Moines Register and also owns the Iowa City press citizen. A a we be asked that he talk about Why his company chose to make a $200 million investment in an Iowa company a Hladky said. Hladky said the upcoming precinct caucuses which bring a flood of political candidates and reporters should be a prime time to push the states message. The trip was announced at a news conference in Des Moines and reporters were Given a list of too Story ideas the executives will be delivering to the National Media in new York. Experts predict Rosy Economy hot Springs a. A buoyed by signs of new growth and Low interest rates top business experts said Friday the . Economy should be on the upswing for the next two years. But while executives of the country a leading corporations predicted a a a Rosy time ahead they also voiced a a sense of uneasiness on several fronts. The main worry was Over the future of the tax overhaul Bill in Congress. Most executives favored the Senate finance committees draft but Felt the ultimate outcome in a conference with the House might not be As beneficial to business interests. The analysis was made at the Spring meeting of the business Council made up of 200 executives from the nations largest corporations. The advisory councils membership comes from about 60 major . Corporations. The forecast made by business leaders was based on several key As weather today Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms Likely. High in the Middle 70s. Southeast wind to to 20 Mph. Rain chances Are 60 percent. Tonight mostly Cloudy. A 40 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms. Low in the Middle 50s. Sunday partly Cloudy. High in the Middle 70s sumption one of them that Congress would fail to approve a new tax Bill this year. In an overview of the Economy the economic exports were a decidedly optimistic about the Economy in 1986 and 1987. The 20 corporate economists who put together the upbeat report believe a the Power that is driving this economic scenario basically is lower interest rates lower Oil and Energy prices and the lower Dollar a said James d. Robinson Iii chairman of the american express co. He said the major components of anticipated growth include housing improved net exports increased inventory investment and reasonably Strong consumer spending. A the weak spots Are capital goods spending and commercial construction a Robinson told a Nim to 9 is farm to for the 9 Iowa news pages 5-6 International 29 National 2� 9 Ottumwa 3 7 11-13, 14, 19 9

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