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Ottumwa Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 22 2015, Page 5

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Ottumwa Courier (Newspaper) - August 22, 2015, Ottumwa, Iowa Ottumwa courier established in 1848 213 e. Second St. Ottumwa a 52501 phone 684-4611 fax 684-7426 editorial Board Martin c Ody publisher 641-684-4611 ext. 341 or direct dial 641-683-5372 Moody a Wanda Moeller editor 641-684-4611 ext 333 oi1 direct dial 641-683-5365 Matt Milner 641-684-1611 ext. 348 opinion plan seems reasonable More talks Are needed we be spent several Days digesting the proposal made by the legacy foundation for the riverfront Renaissance project which can be viewed online at . There Are some Good ideas in it. The restructuring of Ottumwa Park and expansion of the baseball and softball Fields into a Complex capable of holding regional tournaments strikes us As a Good idea As does the creation of multiple new soccer Fields. Soccer s growing popularity would make that a smart move even if Ottumwa a population Wasny to already primed to be Able to take advantage of an expansion. There will be those who say they like the Park the Way it is. That changes will get rid of the traditional open spaces people use. They re wrong. Ottumwa has More than enough Parks that Haven to been developed for this kind of use. And the fact is that people simply Arentt using Parks the Way they did 50 years ago. Use now requires a destination a reason to be1 there. This plan could accomplish that. The idea of turning Turkey Island into a recreational area w Ith hiking trails is also a Good one. That will take considerable work but its a Good idea worthy of further exploration. There Are other aspects of the plan that May not be feasible and a few that even be attempted. The idea of the Wapello Parkway needs to be scrapped at least in its current form. Restricting the ferry Street Extension to one Lane traffic with parallel parking in what Are now the right hand lanes need further discussion. As was pointed out to the Council that a a major route for emergency vehicles. Asking ambulances and firetrucks to negotiate a narrowed Roadway is a mistake. But there san even bigger part of the Puzzle missing from All of this. Who is going to build the new developments legacy envisions on the North Bank of the Des Moines River is the idea of new development on lots East of the mall near the Oxbow lagoons even viable above All How much is this going to Cost and who a paying until that a answered the whole plan is Little More than some Nice drawings and a dream. Brad Little was right when he told the Council this plan could take decades to implement. This Isnit the kind of thing that can be accomplished overnight. We commend legacy for thinking big and embracing the Challenge of envisioning a Large scale redevelopment that places the River at the heart of Ottumwa s recreational offerings. But its far too Early for us to embrace or reject the proposals As a whole nor should the City Council do so. This should be approached step by step with each component weighed both in its own right and As part of a larger approach As questions Are answered. If readers would like to review the riverfront Renaissance master plan it is available for Public viewing at . Click on a resources Quot in the upper right hand Corner of the Homepage you will then see the report As the first option of resources now available for Public viewing Click on a master plan document a and it will download in a psf format. The Ottumwa courier Assn 0885-4209 uses 413-740 vol. 168 no 168 he Ottumwa courier publishes tuesday saturday except for Christmas. The Ottumwa courier 213 e. Second St. Ottumwa Iowa 52501-2902. Periodical postage paid at Ottumwa. Iowa. Postmaster Send address changes to the Ottumwa courier. 213 e. Second St., Ottumwa. Iowa. 52501-2902. Ottumwa office 641 684 4611 or 1-800-532-1504 fax 641 684-7326 amp it is Only August and already a few presidential campaigns Are experiencing financial difficulties. Wet to swat g it or nos this amp Thatah. To be a College freshman copyright 2015 by Tho Ottumwa Courter one of my favorite things to read each fall is the mindset list produced by three Beloit College professors. Since August 1998, the Beloit College mindset list provides a list of cultural events that shape the lives of incoming freshmen. This year s freshman was born in 1997 and. According to the list there always has been Google email texting and other social Media. My Niece Katherine will he a freshman at George Washington University in Washington ilc., this fall. As i read the list. I found myself saying. Quot yup that s or Quot this description fits her to a so if you have a College freshman this year you la get a few laughs Reading the list. Or if you re a College professor the list provides some insight to this year s first year student about to break away from Home. Here Are a few items i found interesting from this year s list that tickled my funny Bone because i remember Katherine s reactions. A Google has always been there in its founding words a to organize the world s information and make it universally a when visiting her grandmother in Iowa. Katherine asked what were those books on grandma s bookshelves. Quot they re encyclopedias Quot grandma said. She made this funny face then her dad said Quot it s a hard copy of she then understood perfectly what was in the books. A they be never licked a postage stamp. A i remember commenting i was thrilled we did t have to lick postage Stamps any More. Quot what do you mean Quot asked Katherine. I explained that each postage stamp had to he licked on the Back to adhere to the envelope. Quot think of All the germs you re spreading. Aunt Wandie Quot she said. A email has become the new Quot formal Quot communication while texts Wanda Moeller courier editor and sweets remain enclaves for the casual. A my first text message was to my Niece. And her response was Quot Welcome to the world of texting. Now we can a the announcement of someone being the a first woman Quot to hold a position has Only impressed their parents. A i was the first woman in my father s and Mother s family to go to a four year College and receive a degree. Katherine s response. Quot i thought every woman went to a Charlton Heston is recognized for waving a Rifle Over his head As much As for waving his staff Over the red sea. A when watching the movie the ten commandments. I commented that a Young Charlton Heston was quite Good looking. Quot what Charlton Heston a that old Guy that represents the Era Quot she said. A cellphones have become so ubiquitous in class that teachers done to know which students Are using them to take notes and which ones Are planning a party. A Quot How did your friends get hold of you if you did t have a cellphone Quot said Katherine. I explained they called the phone in the House. Quot you mean the one in grandma s Kitchen w Here everyone in the family could hear you talking Quot a they have avidly joined Harry Potter Ron. And Hermione As they built their Reading skills through All seven volumes. A my Niece and her brother dressed As Harry Potter or other characters for Many halloween parties and attended Many Bookstore Harry Potter parties. A when they were bom cellphone usage was so expensive that families Only used their Large phones usually in cars for emergencies. A Quot you did t have a cell phone. How did you Call anyone Quot Katherine said. I responded by saving i carried a dime with me at All times if i wanted to make a Call on the payphone. A the proud parents recorded their first Steps on camcorders mounted on their shoulders like bazookas. A instead of photos taken w Ith a Kodak camera my brother and his wife recorded All most All of their kids birthdays with a camcorder. And when i came for a visit. I would watch hours upon hours of dance recitals band concerts local Community parades on video. A Amoco Gas stations have steadily vanished from the american Highway. A today convenience stores with Gas pumps Dot the landscapes across our country. Years ago when Katherine paid me a visit when i lived in Northern Minnesota she marvelled at the local Gas station. Quot can i go inside and get something to drink Quot she asked. When i told her they Only sold Gas fixed cars and sold tires she was horrified. Quot Well you certainly do live out in the boonies aunt Wandie. Please Tell me that i done to have to go to the bathroom in an if you a like to learn More about this year s the mindset list or lists from previous years visit . Letters to the editor do you remember do you remember when dad bought Gas for the old Essex 6 Gallons for 98 cents or 7 Gallons for $1 if you drove across town. Do you remember when you dined out and the server did not address your party with Quot and what can i get you Guys Quot do you remember when there was one race the human race and no hyphenated americans i m a first generation american. My folks came from Sweden via Ellis Island. We were taught to respect our Flag and to be an asset not a liability to America. As kids we heard Quot Don t go through the revolving door of life on somebody else s do you remember w Hen kids in Grade school eyes on the teacher sat up straight and tall in class ready to learn we were so proud of cursive each child w Rote his name at the top right Comer of the Page first name and initial those with Long names were delighted. Do you remember when High school boys wrote on the chalkboard right next to where the Flag Hung Quot guaranteed theses colors will not run Pearl Harbor dec. 7 1941. Do you remember when we read in English class authors like Washington Irving Kipling and Shakespeare in the process we Learned proper English As Well As enjoying great literature. Quot this above All to thine own self be True and it much follow As the night the Day. Thou canst not then be false to any Shakespeare and miss Kelly do you remember when families went to sunday school and Church together. The Good lord and the Good Book kept the family on an even keel. Stable Well ordered moral Homes were not uncommon. Obedient children were a Blessing along the Way. Quot god s word is a lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my psalm 19, verse 105 do you remember when i do. Marian Watt Ottumwa letters to the editor letters to the editor Are encouraged and Welcome. Only signed letters will be published. All letters will be Verf ted. Please include a Telephone number for verification. We Reserve e the right to edit letters for length and Content. Please limit your letters to 300 words. Individual letter writers May he limited to one publication per month. Mail your letters to letters to the editor 213 e. Second St., Ottumwa Iowa 52501 or email them to a

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