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Ottawa Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 8 2015, Page 4

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Ottawa Herald (Newspaper) - August 8, 2015, Ottawa, KansasPage 4 weekender August 8-9,2015 Reader contributions Are encouraged and May be sent to the Ottawa Herald 214 a Hickory St., Ottawa is 66067 or Send email to opinion be Herald editorial sales tax Ballott Dawans should invest in the future with a a yes vote Ottawa voters soon will receive ballots in their mailboxes with an option to vote yes or no on a ballot question to raise the sales tax by one cent though it really is about two separate questions and the increase is just a half cent. F or those who want the simple abbreviated version of the Issue Here goes 1 voters approved a half cent sales tax nearly 10 years ago to provide additional funding for City services such As Street and sidewalk repairs As Well As for City services like police and fire Protection. That tax is ending also known As Sun setting a june 30,2016. This tax helped the City avoid raising City property taxes to pay for those services. By using a mix of taxes such As a sales tax and property taxes people who shop Here enable Otta wans to have about 25 percent lower property taxes. That is significant savings. If Ottawa voters want to continue receiving the same services without a property tax increase they should vote yes to continue authorization of the half cent sales tax for another 10 years. 2 the sales tax ballot question coupled authorization for an additional half cent sales tax to invest in the expansion and installation of infrastructure via new electricity water. Sewer and broadband services to the new City county Industrial Park. Currently dubbed a Rock Creek development. To get it closer to being shovel ready is the status most industries w ant land to be in before they commit to a location for a new Industry distribution Center Etc. In trying to consider the ramifications of this investment we need look no further than Hill s pet nutrition which was considering a Plant in Ottaw a though shovel ready land Wasny to available. Consequently the nearly $1 k1 million Plant opened up to the South and w est of Ottawa on 81 acres in Emporia and took w Ith it the possibility of More than 110 jobs with an average $40,000 rate of compensation w Ith benefits. One thing Ottawa and Franklin county Resi dents have been consistent in demanding from Community leaders is More higher paying jobs. The new Industrial Park a Means to getting that accomplished. Every Yontef Yaj Ali receive a ballot in the mail next week votes have until noon sept. 1 to get Thise ballots returned to the Franklin county clerks office to be counted in the election. For those who Aren t registered Ottawa voters visit w to see for sure a registration still can occur through monday at the clerks office at the Franklin county courthouse or online if Ottawa residents have scanned ver Sions of the needed citizenship documents. The clerks Oitice about 7,200 registered Ottawa voters on Rolls now however if voting was skipped during the past two presidential election cycles or if moves have occurred then verifying your registration is imperative to ensure you can vote. If you done to receive a ballot and think you should have Call the clerks office at 785 229-3410 to ask about it. If Ottawa voters pass the ballot measure and we recommend they do the half cent sales tax increase won t take effect until july 1,2016, upon the completion of the existing half cent sales tax which would take the Overall City tax Rale to 1.6 percent or a total sales tax rate of 9.6 percent still below some of our neighbors in Pomona and Kansas Ity among others. No one likes taxes but we certainly done to want to go without the services we desire. Planning and investing in the future we All want makes the sales tax ballot question one deserving of an enthusiastic a yes Quot vote. A Jeanny Sharp editor and Jeanny Sharp editor and publisher a hams group newspaper established in 1869. Quot run eng Ike urn \ h Fumi Jear Jumer or per Judy e Jeanny Sharp editor and publisher Sharp Ott Awatef Aid com address 214 s Hickory St Ottawa is 66067 website fax 785 242-9420 ser wig Frankyn county and the surround dog a of pub and 7u�adiy�. Thursday to and Salu Dayi. Osco a Mew warn Day. Independence Day. Later Day thanks Tang and of Sanaa St 214 amp to ctr by is. Ottawa is 60067-2 pan Oscai Chw postage paid at Ottawa. Is Taamy fans Uana Edkor com a Milt Maneo a Vert no of tractor k rally Miltor. Benaia amp oct Uin apr Marlyn Saa Wonsom pro Jinn Corth Nair com pm Maestor Send Addrean in Anim to the ohm Horatio 214 s a Story a Ottawa. Is 66067 785 242-4700 800 467-8383 Quot in a of my us you online exclusive More editorial cartoons at Arentt we above harvesting baby parts to sell the debate Over w Hether planned parenthood should Harvest body parts of unborn babies is a sad one. Where is the outrage by leading democrats is this a Republican Only Issue while of Lanned parenthood had Noble beginnings providing confidential health services and counselling to women it has obviously turned gangster in nature. The five hidden camera videos that have gone viral on television and on the internet should make planned parenthood officials worry a not Jiust about the negative reaction against their organization but about the likelihood that some May face criminal charges. It is. ,.a Federal offence to Harvest baby parts and intact bodies in the abortion procedure. There should be no hesitation by Federal and tale authorities to prosecute those w to do such abominable act Judyta Liht Tay iof newspapers we also Are insulted by those standing up for planned Parent Hood As they paint Rural America a. Unnerved by women a health care there Are Community Hospi Tau Community health clinics county health departments and Many privately financed clinic it and counselling services in Rural communities ail dedicated t providing information and health service to women in healthcare crises. Over the past two decades. Planned parenthood has evolved into a major abortion provider and it is reprehensible to hear doctors and leaders secretly referring to Selling fully intact a babies and using a less Crunchy Quot procedures to make their human product s marketable. Here i a Case where republicans Are right and they should press Forward with efforts to de fund planned parenthood from Federal and state budgets. Killing babies i unholy enough. But body parts from these children of god is an offence answerable to a higher authority than senators governors. and Democrat. Our country i. Above this. Rud / Taylor is publisher of the Montgomery county Chro Mcle and the Taylor Seir papers group headquarter in Caney. Kansas guest editorial nation of outrage needs to focus on real issues challenges a As the saying goes if you Arentt outraged you Aren t paying at Tention. Today that statement perhaps should be modified. People have plenty of outrage Over Cecil the lion or the planetary status of Pluto or celebrity sweets. They Are just paying attention to things that have Little to no effect on their lives. Sorry Pluto you re a fifth the size of the Moon. You just have no pull. The aspects that do Impact everyone a our politics our Economy our government our taxes a often get lost behind the scandal of the week. Its not like this complaint is new. But seriously take a look around and ask yourself w hats a bigger threat to our safety a lion getting gunned Down or mass shootings what a More of a threat to democracy an antiquated Flag getting relegated to a museum or that our elections Are auctioned think of conversations you be had or you be heard or read about when it comes to political candidates. How Many times have you heard that someone Isnit viable because they done to have the funding funding decides who gets elected now a Days. Not the value of ideas but the value of donors. This is Why we have to make the choices w e have to make. In 2016, we americans who threw off Kings will Likely have a Choice Between one dynastic family the Bush or another the Clinton. That is unless a the Donald a Breaks Dow n barriers to become americans first talking hair piece elected to the White House. Surely some of that should be cause for outrage. Or our poor state of Kansas and financial issues had another $63 million in budget trimming this weekend by a governor w to refuses to admit anything is wrong. The same governor had to be tracked Down while speaking at a closed chamber of Commerce meeting in Wichita to get a com ment on the cuts. A the future of Kansas is Bright and he pontificate to a to station. That statement comes from the Man who promised 100,000 new private sector jobs if he w As elected his second term. Today the state is on Pace to fall 70.0 h jobs Short of that expectation according to the Wichita Eagle surely the financial failure of the state is Worth some outrage. Or How about the fact that the state refuses to voting records from last years novem her election even w Ith redacted names to a Wichita stale statistician. Whose findings indicate that it possible the election w As manipulated even if she s w Rong it make sense for Kris Kobach w to campaigned against voter fraud to help with a possible investigation about voter fraud it make sense to have state election audits to assure the Public that their Vole Isnit being tampered w Ith in an age of machines no there Are plenty of things to be outraged about in Kansas but they re All things that occur inside the state and until we Start getting outraged about those things nothing is Ever going to change. The revolution will not be on Facebook. A the Clarion Andale Kansas share your views with the Herald opt Mons 0� readers Are Welcome in the Reader forum. A submissions must to chide the authors name and chess Aruj tet it hone number. Send letters by email to or mail to Reader forum. The Ottawa Heritz a 214 s. Hickory St., Ottawa. Is 66067, submissions should be no longer than 400 words. Letters May be edited for space grammar and Clanty. Readers with be baited to one letter per month. Form letters poems consumer complaints or bus mess testimony in is will not be news. Your Way

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