Other Articles Clipping from , Sat, Sep 30, 1843.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Smethport, Settler and Pennon , September 30, 1843

rip HE Society of Industry begs leave to inform thciv friends inthe vicinity, and abroad, that on thelast day of August♦ Mr IienrySchweitzer, President of the Society, resignd the of ice, and that the Vice President, August Walters, acts as President until anew election takes place. The officers of the Society are: August Walters, President, pro iem; John Roth, Secretary; J. N. Scidenstickr, Book keeper; George Muss, Louis I)eckcn,Dr. MUler,Henry Miller, and Ft, Maiuzer, Directors. All notes, bills, contracts, c.i signed by Henry Schweitzer previous to the above mentioned day, will be recognized by the Society as valid; but nto after that day.AUGUST WALTERS, President pro tem. JOHN ItOTH, Sec’ry. Teutonia, Sept. 12, 1843. 3G-3*