Other Articles Clipping from , Sat, Sep 29, 1917.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press , September 29, 1917

HAD ATTEMPTED TO 'END'LIFE BEFORE(Continued from Page - One*.m ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 ■— I — ■■■■'the maid knocked at the door of the room, she received no reply, and she accordingly Informed the housekeeper. The latter ‘was told by Mr. Mather,Who did not, open the door, that Mrs. Mather wan not very well and was rrstmg, and begged not to be disturbed. A jsimxlar proceeding with a like result took place* on Tuesday and Wednesday. On no occasion did Mr. Mather show himself, but urging his v/Ife’n docd-e fn~ and assuring :Iie maid and the housekeeper that she way do.x; n.:lt;.y anil did not wish to be disturbed, succeeded in satisfying them that everything was allright.The hotel management points out that Mather had the key to the room, a d was paying the rent. He was in the position of a tenant and so long as he did not infringe the rules of the hotel he was entitled to remain undisturbed. If the door had been forced and it had turned out that Mrs. Mather was really ill and suffering fr^ir. a nervous breakdown as j her husband alleged, her conditionI might have been seriously aggravated i ov the • .disturbance. U7id the hotel ! liable for heavy damages. Whh re-fgard to meals, itw as further pointed | out that as Mather had the key to lt;the room. :here was nothing to preheat him bringing in food himself I or sending for it from outside. Many g.iests stayed at the hotel and i ever ! had a meal there. Another fct which ) influenced the staff in acceding to j Mather's wishes is that this was not I their first visit to the hotel,