Other Articles Clipping from Newmarket New Era, Fri, Sep 25, 1857.

Clipped from CA, Ontario, Newmarket, Newmarket New Era, September 25, 1857

€oiTKi]ioiii)riirp.CO' We wiih(o l»elt;tuincily unilrnlCHv) t)i»t v*c a rc iw(tfi|iotitiblc for ihei)|iriiuni of our corrc$;*»n«lcni *7b (A* Editor of (fie /few Eta.Prirmo Jackion,—I have just returned from •i lwft trip through some of the northern townships. 1 firnl I) i a I tho sarnu complaint in regard to the wheat crop, though pmbabJy not to to the *ame extent that there is in this section of tho Country. It docs not appear to be to much injured by tho rust; but the yield will not l-e equal to last year. Oats and other springgrain, though backward, appears'uncommonlyfine. Potatoes, particularly on new land, aro still green, and do rot appear to bo much affected with tho blight. .Some of tho fincrd were on the table of tho house in the township of Scott, where I stopped 1 think I over saw.There is a body of excellent land in tho N. W. corner of Scull, possessing a rich loamy •oil and well adapted to the cultivation of wheat. It is surprising what improvements have been made in so short a lirne. Fivo or six years ago, it was little less than n “ howling wildernessnow, there are farms with CO, 80 and 100 acres of cloaring on them, with excellent frame barns to hold their produce. I noticed ono in particular, an uncommonly fine one. Indeed the best I ever aaw. It belongs to Mr. Clingor WilUon, who has an improvement of 100 acres, and raised this year 70 acres of grain,—50 c f which wero wheat. Tho barn in question is GO k 110 feci, covering an area of nearly J of on aero. It is 20 feet from tho sills to the eves, and has a basement of 0 feci for stabling and shelter for rattle* About 50,-000 shingles were used on tho roof. It has 2 driving floors and Is capable, I should think, of holding 5,000 bushels of grain. The framoand every tiring about it appears to b o done intho most substantial workmanlike manner, and reflects much credit on the builder, Mr. Kli Rurchard. Ho has; I understand, built several other barns in tho neighborhood this season. Such improvements nro riot a bad beginning fora settlement only fivo or six years old; thui, tho country progretscs at tho—North Fast,Sept. 19, 1857.