Expropriation of Gimli Land in Progress Wasyl

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, September 24, 1942

Expropriation Of Gimii LandIn ProgressTransfers and deeds of 740 acres of land two miles west of Gimii expropriated last June by the fed- 1 eral government to provide a site for the' Gimli airport, have, now been delivered to the government mid are being registered at the land titles office in Winnipeg.Transfers of these 11 parcels of land mark the last stage in the negotiations and the former owners have received cheques from the government totalling §32,150, which is slightly in excess of §72 an acre.The land purchased is two mil us west of Gimii and represents almost all the cleared land in the district. As a consequence, the owners will be compelled to seek farms in ulher localities.The $72-an-acre price represents the average for the district, depending in most cases on the number and value of the buildings and on the acreage broken. In some eases crops had been sown, or were partly sown, and all these considerations aided in fixing the price of the land.Civil aviation officials in Ottawasay the average pxvice of around $72 an acre represents the actual value of this land with improvements.Mike Yurezchuk had the largest holding. He had 159 acres, 100 g broken, house and barn, small out- I buildings, and received $10,800. 8 Rudolph Schmench, 47 acres, no buildings, §2,450; Maria Frasier,15 acres and buildings, $1,200; Julius and Mary Solomon, 18 acres and buildings, $2,000; Mark Stedlynski, 30 acres and buildings, $3,000; Michael and William Hy-kawy, 70 acres, $4,325; William Hykawy, one acre and buildings, including a good house and barn j located on property owned jointly: with his brother, $3,175; Geoivge 1 YVawrykow, acres and numerous 1 buildings and partly-seeded crop.ij j $7,500; Michael Wawrykow, 80-I ; acres, no buildings, $3,700; Wasejc I Ewanchuk, 82 acres and buildings, I $7,100; Gudjou Marfason, 83 acres, 1 no buildings, $3,900. I