Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Wed, Sep 24, 1890.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, September 24, 1890

THE .LOST KEEW4TINLT.HQttv: fiCHUtTZ HAS HOPfiS'OF HER SAFETY.• . ■The lecwitin h ;* Good Sea Bo.ii; and Ia Carefully Mannea-A of Fire oh Board—The Gove rnor Going to the Bake.Honorable Dr# Brown being interviewed ifr ■pectin* the fate of the patrol boat Keewntro, first reported to be lott in the .Evening Free Press of Monday atates that His Honor Governor Schultz baa been uutcmi regarding the fate of the boat for the pant week, and yesterday wn advised by telephone from Selkirk that news ban just reached there from Mr. Tyrrel, of the geological survey, .writing from Swampy Island, that die skiff which the patrol boat Keewatin carried, ■ with some wreckage, supposed to be that of the boat itself, and a mounted policeman** kit, had been found off the east shore of Lake Winnipeg/ about 200 miles north of this city The Kee” watin we last heard of by Mr. rel c* the | Spider Island on the 5th inst.; and the writer, with Mr. Angus Macksy, Indian agent, are examining the coast of Swampy Island in tbej hope that some further intelligence may be] had of the wreck or the men#, Tb? Keewatin is a fast-sailing schooner-1 rigged boat, 33x10 feet, and an admirable sea I ^ After being brought up from Selkirk l this spring, she was fitted with galvanized I iron watiastanks for ballast instead# the two tons of stone she carried, and was sent out to Grand Rapids with a non-commissioned I officer, two policemen, a sailing-master and a I guide. She reached Grand Rapids in safety,-1 and then skirted the north fuioreof Lake Winnipeg to the mouth of the Nelson river, I and from that point she patrolled - ■ the I Keewatin end of the lake till: ordered in to I the mouth of the Red river for supplies and I w**1, order*. She *ra* known to nave been I off the mouth of the Nelaon river on 30th I August, and was to have arrived at tbej moutb of Red river on the 10th met: On the | bth she was off Spider island.' and that ia the j last tost has been beard of her. She had on board two of the Northwest Mounted Police. I a Railing-master and a guide. jQuestioned as to her probable fate. Dr.-1 Bown said that the Governor, who was out I to the lake with her last fall, has - every cot* I fidenoe in the good qualities of the boat, Oapt. I Watt, the sailing master, is an .elderly I experienced mai, and but that I Lake Winnipeg is five feet3 below its usual I level and the. north end of the lake without | chart or light, he would be disposed to think that the wreckage and skiff might be accented for by a heavy sea breaking the one and setting adrift tbe other. The Lieutenant-Governor leaves for the lake to-day. 1Wssrc Smirk, Sept 23.—A letter has just bwn received from J. B* Tyrrell, of the Do. minion Geological Survey party, who is aitu- I ated at Swampy Island, saying that the inside portions of the sailing yacht Keewatin, belonging to Governor Schultz, had beenpicked up between Pigeon Point and CatfishPoint, but no trace of the boat or its occu-1 puts can be found The yacht was [ taken from hero in July by M. Waits h with two N; W, M. Police officers-forI; Norway House, but has not reached ita de-1 shnstiou. A boot was found with-the letters1 ’ and some mail matter addressed to the police officer at Norway House and the skiff that accompanied the yacht. Indian Agent McKay and Mr/Tyrrell started in search of the party along the east shore of pwampy Islaud and also tbe main shore. It ? the party and boat have beenlost j ;They were exacted to reach here on the tenth instant. The steamer Aurora is expected to amve from BsrenV River. to-morrow with more particulars.