Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Thu, Sep 18, 1919.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, September 18, 1919

PICK COCA COLA DIRECTORS.C. H. Candler to Head Board ofNewly Organized Company.The following Directors of the Coca Cola Company of Delaware, which has acquired the assets of the Coca Cola Company of Georgia, have been elected: E. W. Woodruff, President of the Trust Company of Georgia; E. -W. Stetson, Vice President of the Guaranty Trust Company; S. C. Dobbs, C. H. Candler. Harold Hirsch. all of Atlanta; E. V. R. Thayer, President of the Chase NationalBank; W. C. Bradley of Columbus, Ga,; Louis K. Liggett, President ofv the LouW K. Liggett Company; W. E. McCaw, President of the Procter Gamble Dis-tributing Company; T. K. Glenn, President of the Atlantic Steel Company; James H. Nunnally, President of the Nunnally Company; Robert W. Atkins of Boston, Merrill H. Gallaway of the Guaranty Trust Company, and W. C. D’Arcy of St. Louis. Mr. Chandler has been elected Chairman of the board, Mr. Dobbs President, and William Chandler Secretary and Treasurer.Dividends on the 7 per cent, preferred stock will begin Jan. 1, the payment including accruals from the time of organization to that date.