Julius C Stallknecht court case

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , September 18, 1886

verdict tor defendants. iirown, i/raves « Co. vs. The Providence Washington Insurance Company; judgment of non pros. Bernard Ward and Christopher Warner vs. Adoif E. Mein), two cas 6; judgments of non pros. A. (i. Paul, Jr., Co. vs. Wm. Rous-8ey; judgment by default, and inquisition of the jury assessing damages to plaintiffs at$250 20. M. Westheimer 4 Co. vs, Julius C.Mallknecht and Edward Stallknecht; judgment of non pros, as to Edward Staliknecht,ion of jury asessiog against Julius C. StI iweniy-eignt persons were natur-.zfd- A8^n®«nt for Monday: Nos. 7 and I tO 1W« inclusive, t «•{ a I rlA^lrof