Taliaferro family line of actors

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, September 12, 1909

ft. ft VFUi 1 n unv of *...with the essential truth of things.Consequently, hp Is thPionp actor who will outlive the rest—until.his fatal hourcomes, circa 2270 A. D.The Week’s BillsTHK AUD1TORIFM opens tomorrow withCharles Cherry, the English actor, in thelate Clyde Fitch's comedy, The Bachelor.”The story of the play, given in another column ofthis page, la a aort of reversal of that of Olrli in which Mr Cherry appeared hurt year. Roth Mayrliffe, who aler appeared in “Girt*, is now the heroine of ' The Bachelor.” Others in the company are Helen Lowell. Perry Lyndall, Ralph Morgan. Janet Beecher and Charles Laite.The Climax,” by Edward Locke, originally produced last season at Weber'* Theater, in Newto Ford's tomorrow for an engagement of one week. There will be a matinye tomorrow. The cast inclodee J. M. Colrille, CharlesHowson, Robert story of the pit this cage today.Pally of the Circa*. a ocmedy-drama dealing with the lore story of a fair bare-back rider and a young minister, will open the season at the Academy of Music. The plsy is by Margsret M»y In the principal role, Edith Taliaferro, sir actress not yet out of her teens, make* her flrs\ appearance before local audiences aa a star. Her elder sister, Mabel Taliaferro, played the role before her, and was seen in it at the same theatre J*s^ JFe*r- 711« feature of the production is a circus performance, in which all of the people and incident* of euch an entertainment are shown. There will be matinee* Wednesday and Saturday.At the Maryland this week the headliner is Nellie Waring, who is making her first appearance in America The eitra feature will be the Top-o'-Ute-Worid Dancers. in‘‘Kri»Kringle'sDreem,” in which a oollie ballet and 25 people appear. Among the others on the bill are the Exposition Pour, in muaioal selectloua. songs, comedy and dancing; Keene and Briscoe, in their comedy sketch The Trial Marriage”pJamee Brockman, the planoson-gologuist; Work and Ower, Rube acrobats, and Burns and Fulton, in a novelty dance. The kineto-graph will show new picture*.Rose Bydeir* London Belles are at the Gayety. The company present* an extravaganza in two artscalled The Girl firm Sherry'*.” The vaudeville includes The Gsyety Trio, composed of EdwardWright. Junes Bren Den and M. J. Patterson, a trio of Baltimore boys; Campbell and Weber, character comedians; Dave Rose, Ruth Mildred and company, presenting a comedy playlet entitled, A Noise Violation”; Mia* Susie Fisher, the girl with the big voice; The Laughing Horse.” This last is a circus triveety.The Merry Maidens” are at the Monumental. There are two burieequee, Cafe Boulevard and At Coney I el and.’' both by Sam Rioe, who play* the principal comedy role in each. Harry Lauder, Eva Tanquay, Williams A Wadter. Josephine Cohan and George M. Cohan are impersonated. The olioin Chi dees Patti Carney, Keeler and Burton, the Broadway Comedy Pour and Nevtns and Erwood.At Blaney's the headliners are the Novelty Pour in a singing and dancing act. Othera on the bill are LaDell and Belmont, dancers; Michael B rah an A On. in a comedy specialty; George Barron, an English performer; Gardner and Hughes. Jack Coaly, singing and dancing juggler; Avolo and Othello in a travesty; Lessor and Kellett. gymnasts; Dave Osman, singer and dancer, and Phil Bennett, Italian street singer. There is a change of vaode-rille Mondaye and Thursdays the mot id n pictures are changed daily.The Mil at the Victoria includes the Four Musical Gates, in a musical act; Vsirens and Delators, comedy acrobats; Baker and Doyle, eccentric comedians and dancers: Gillette and Haliahan, comedians and dancers; Jim Matthews, in imitations, and Kerry and Woodford in a comedy sketch, The German and the Lady.”The TaliaferrosVaudeville and motion pictures will be presented in the concert hall of the Academy of Music hereafter. For the opening week the following have been booked: The Savoy Bisters, singer* and dancers; Ben Hobson and company, roller-ekata acrobats; Frank and Badie Harrigan, in a comedy sketch aiid Maud Gilmore, comic singer -In addition there will be three reals of pictures, whichchengs three times a weak.THE) appearance at the Academy ofMusic this week of Edith Taliaferroas a leading woman—a full-grownactress in long skirts— calla to miigi the rather remarkable fgmily to which sheclaims blood kinship, and evoke* memories of some of her own girlish successes In child parts. Miss Tnliaferro’s mother was a Barriseale. Of that clan no fewer than 11 members have made successes as child playerp. ~ The first of the family to attract particular attention was Mabel Taliaferro, the elder sister of Edith, wboae ability and charm were strongly evidenced In W. B. Yeat’a The Land of Heart's Iteslre. Next came Bessie Barriseale, who for several seaagns played Madge “In Old Kentucky,” and has since been In some of the best stock companies In the country. In the first production of “Mrs. Wlggs ofthe Cabbage Patch” both Mabel and Edith Taliaferro were seen. The former played Lovey Mary and the latter Asia. The younger girl succeeded her slater as Lovey Mary, and later Bessie Barriseale also piayed the part.Miss Barriseale has a brother and two younger sisters In the profession, all of them playing child parts. Another of the family. Bessie Burt by name, Is playing Ingenue roles In Europe, and still anotherbranch of the Barrlscale-Taliaferro family, the Grays, has contributed four young folks to the stage, all of whom are still acting In youthful roles.Edith Tallnferro first attracted attention while a member of the company supporting the late James Stoddard In The Bonnie Briar Bush.” Later she Joined Exra Kendall and was seeu In “The Vinegar Buyer” and “Weatherbeaten Benson.” Prior to her engagement by FredericThompson for “Polly of the Circus” she appeared as the child In “Martha of the Lowlands” with Bertha Kallcb and then, having been selected by Henry Arthur Jones himself for the part, she acted the child in The Evangelist.actperageTbianlt;lugAbiAtlJo*Jo*UtZftcHaltJo*AgssonlogramhetheM♦ tViola Allen186 to I nan7186weeBlroldageasandsehlt;LloMis pla; a nin 1couA CHANGE of bookings at the Audl-s torium will bring Viola Allen there,following “The Bachelor.” It had been announced that “The Only Law,” a play by George Bronson Howard, a Baltimorean, would be the second week’s attraction, but this has been postponed to the week of September 27 to make way for Miss Allen and her company. She will present “The White 81ater,” by the late Marlon Crawford. The heroine of the play ia a young woman, who, believing her loverhas been killed on the bati irrevocable vows of a clofstered nun. Itdevelops, however, that the young captain has not been killed, as reported, and at the close of the first act we see the nun and her soldier-lover brought face to face. The resultant struggle between the church and the man makes the drama. In Miss Allen's company are James O’Neill, of “Monte Crtsto” fame; William Farnum, Minnie Gale, Richie Uog, Dwight Dana, Joseph Carducci, Fanny Addison Pitt and Belle Chippendale Warner.BirowooncOldp*j»theaitLComing PlaysAmong the attraction* booked by local theater* for the Immediate future are the foUowto*:.Via Wire lee*.” a apectacular melodrama, at the Academy of Mualc the week of September 27.The Girl from Rector’*.” a spicy comedy, at the Academy of Muik next week.“The Only Law,” a problem play, by George Bronson Howard, at the Auditorium the week of September 27. mtVtoja Allen in “The White Bister” at the Auditorium next week.' The Newlywdes and Their Baby,” a nuuucaioteaa, at Ford * naxt week.tatistriItstmortiorcertwltldellto ino iasmy1moito 7 vt*iJS