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Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press , September 6, 1944

Sixteen Manitobans Included■In Latest Army Casualty ListsSixteen men from Manitoba are included in the army’s 535th and 536 th casualty lists of the war. released from Ottawa.Died of Wounds Pte. Frank E. Antoniak, 50n ol Mrs. M. Antoniak, Volga, Winnipeg osis. Ivlan.Died of Injuries Pte. Robert A. J. Knight, whose wife resides at 387 Alexander avenue.Dangerously Wounded L.-CdI. Richard Law. son of Mr s. A. Law, Swan River. Man.Severely Wounded Pic. Hugh McCoi.. son of Mrs. J. McCull, 94 Noble avenue.Pte. Donald R. Sanderson, whose wife resides at Dauphin. Man. Wounded Pie. George PI. Dcmankoff. sonof Alphonse Demankoff, 375 Flora avenue.Pie. Mike Fedenuik, son of Steve Fedenuik, Zelena. Man.Pte. Eddie P. Kusick. son of Mrs. Elizabeth Cassidy. 505 William avenue. Pie. Ktisick enlisted with the P.P.C.L.I. in 1942, trained atShilo and Barrieiield, and went overseas with the Royal Winnipeg; Rifles. Born in Winnipeg, Pte. Kusick attended school at Hudson, Ont. A brother, Henry, is serving overseas in France, and a brother, Alex., is with the navy.Spr. Arthur R. Larson, son of Mrs. E, Larson. Vogar, Man.Sigmn. Lloyd J. C. Lee, son of Mrs. C. Lee, Erickson. Man.Pte. Ralph E. McBride, son of Mrs. S. R. McBride, 254 Belvidere street, Deer Lodge.3gt. Rodney P. Parker, son ofMrs. D. Parker, McConnell, Mon. L.-CpL Herbert J. Rowe, sonofRobert Rowe. Fork River. Man.Tpr. Howard' W. Williamson, son of W, Williamson, Grandview, Man.Slightly WoundedPte. John N. Balabuch. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balabueh, Sifton. Man. Born at Sifton. Pte. Balabuch was educated there and worked on the farm following his graduation. He enlisted in March. 1943, trained at Winnipeg and Camp Shilo. going overseas in August, 1943.InjuredPte. Andrew D. Pension, son of Mrs. E. J. Pension, Elm Creek. Man.List 585 contains 144 names and is as follows:OVERSEASOf