Packard to Design new Normal School

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, September 4, 1902

UNIVERSITYIBONDS SOLDj MiMiini«}MWlt;To Provide Immediate Funds for M the Erection of New Nor* m!mal College.ARCHITECT’S PLANSADOPTED QlNew Buildmg Will Be Begun As Soon As Legal Requirements Are CompliedWith It Will Be a Handsome Structure Facing East.The trustees of the Ohio universityofatticheld their regular August meeting ! * lt;Friday afteVnoon in tho Administration building. The following memhers of the board were present: L.M. Jewett, (\ C. Davidson, ProfessorpuofvafaA. Leue, Lucian J. Fenton, J. E. I piBenson, K. J. Jones, J. M. Welch,J. P. Wood, H. W. Ooultrap, T, H. Biddle, Henry O’Bleiiess and President Alston Ellis. A bond issue waslitoffmade- and confirmed. The Cincinnati HTrust Company having the* highest bidpurchased the honds. They paid #10,053 for a bond issue of #10,000. Tinremaining bidders for them* honds andsaratheir respective amounts were as fedl»eClwlows: The Bank of Athens, #10,808;The New First National Bank of Columbtis, #lo,oi5; The Security A* Savings Bank of Athens, #10,800; W. J.liehi1«Haves Hons of Cleveland, #10,9*21;thF. L. Fuller A Company of Cleveland, oi#10,500: The Fifth National Bank ofCincinnati, #10,800; Heasongood ScMayer of Cincinnati, #10,9*20; and P.S. Briggs Sc Company of Cincinnati,#10,775.('at1elThe plans and speeitications for th*new Normal college building as prepared hv Architect Packard of Coiumbus, were fresented to the lsiard for consideration. These were thesame plans that had been presentedto tli«* lsiard in the June meetingAfter doe consideration these plansnistMV111wNmid specifications were adopted and'I sent to a state lsiard consisting of the governor, secretary of state, and stateHCelauditor for approval.After the state lsiardthe secretary of the lsiard of trusteesis instructed to advertise for bids for*the construction of the new building.The time limit set for tlie completionof the main or central portion of thebuilding is August Iff, 1908. Thisbuilding will lie located east andlsouth of the east wing building and will fare to the east. It will consistof a main or central {sirtion and wings. The central jiortion will beerected at once while the wing* willii»Ilie pot up as soon as the funds areavailable. When the entire structureis completed it will be one of themost handsome college buildings in the state.nstKwJKCtllMiss Margaret Ullom was regularlyi vemployed for the year at a salary of #250 and all fees received from instruction given on violin. Her timewdll be entirely at the dis]iosal of thepresident.A sum of #1*200 was set apart for tinpurpose of carrying on the Hummerschool of 1908. This money is put un der the exclusive control and disposition of the presidento0hi