Other Articles Clipping from , Mon, Oct 31, 1910.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , October 31, 1910

BOAT CLUB HAS BAL MASQUEHarford County Organisation AlsoEnjoys Oyster Roast.Belair, Md., Oct. 30.—The season of1910 closed last evening at the HarfordCounty Boat Club with a masque ball and oyster roast.The roosters, fairies, clowns, policemen, suffragettes and people of all nationalities assembled at 8 o’clock and danced In costume until 10 P. M. At this hour all unmasked and went out to enjoy the oysters roasted over the coals in the open air. The suffragettes were plentiful and voiced their opinions emphatically from chairsand tables.Among those present were:Mr. and Mrs.—Dr. J. H. Stier.Edward Dietrich.Roy Brooks,Harry Strasbaufh.Mrs.-Thomas H Robinson,S. W Bradford, George M. Jewett, Misaew Madaline Robinson, Lucile Robinson, Violet Clendinen, Margaret A. Bell.K. Rush Williams, Anne L. Stirling. Miriam Robinson. Amy Caldwell.Janie Walsh,Rebecca Webb,Messrs.—Edwin Michael. Shirley Morgan, William Johnson. Douglas 8tier, Worthington Hopkins, Smith Bradford. Samuel Bradford,W. B. Beil.Murray My era,Thomas Casiddy, Robert Casaiddy,John A. Robinson. William El Robinson,Mary D. Walsh. James Caldwell.Dietrich,Fink,Alice WilsonJay,Era Morgan,Helen Baker.Daisy Archer.Mamie Wilkinson, Ivoring. Washington; Man Munnikhuyaen*Hugh J. Jewett.Howard O’Neilk Math lot Stirling.Harry Webb,John Lipptneott,Lieut, Herbert Mi eh setU. 8. N.; Thomas W. Han,J. Alexis Sbrtver,Mullen Williams, Reynolds Williams,I* J. Williams,William Silver.