Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Oct 29, 1896.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, October 29, 1896

Till: VTII KNS 1I»K\.MVOL. XV. NO. 8.lt;»■ lt;»»■CLERKS.le Big Ballots ! Nameslav.*t s M1!I J«* \ of nl•lt; ttonnee to Ivtrny.;the ticket is given to the voter. All voters should see that the name is pasted on their ticket before entering the booth, anil if this has Invert omitted thev should• 1 %rCall the attention of the judges to the omission. The name of Miller will he printed on gum slips of pajn r. so that but little time will be required to paste the name in the proper place on the ticket.► o ^STAVE FACTORY BURNED.Supposed to be the Work of an Incendiaryand a Man Arrested.nd clerks were ction board, for nd precincts in f the presiding » first four are md the last twocClanahan. It.:1 Jordan. I).; .1. lenv, K.: FrankThe stavo factory at Albany which for the past year has been in active operation.was totally destroyed about eight o'clock Sunday morning. Since the plant was started, it has been guarded by a night watchman, anil about an hour after he had left the factory Sunday morning, the lire was discovered.The plant is located near the Iv. « M. railroad, quite a distance from the center of the town, and when the alarm was