Other Articles Clipping from Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, Sat, Oct 23, 1886.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, October 23, 1886

Cincinnati., O., Oct. 4,1886.Editor Ironclad Age:For many years past, ignorance and superstition have caused vast numbers of persons, to foolishly believe in the destruction of this planet; a thing which is utterly impossible. This glorious old world stands on a par with all the planets of our solar system, and never had a beginning and will never come to an end.The grand, infinite universe was never created from nothing. It is an eternity of matter, and owes nothing to gods for its existence or its eternal stability, having forever existed.* The various mutations under which it might have gone, or past cicles of time has nothing to do with its eternal existence.Earthquakes by the hundred, would never destroy this grand old planet; it being a part of nature itself, can ever stand firm against every force and outburst of the elements. All the past and present twaddle about the world coming to an end, is nothing but ignorant bosh, started ages ago by | a crazy clique of fanatics; those who teach such lying trash should be consigned to some mad-house. But, sir, all this absurd nonsense is a part and parcel of the plot and scheme of priestcraft, to frighten their dupes into a slavish submission to their arrogant and self assumed power, in order to fleece them of their hard-earned dimes.Oil! what cruel tyranny and despotism is the religious mode, and ' provided to rob the world and check the march of common sense and human progress.Let all men dash from their eyes the dark scales of religious superstition, that they might behold the hvpoeritical deceits of the babbling priesthood, and no longer bow and oringe in servile bondage to the idle and presumptuous drivelers of joss house buncome.T. WlNTEIi. i