Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Oct 21, 1897.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, October 21, 1897

tillMKMrVdKK.'i)l 1.1 V. SO. «tATHENS, OHIO. TUI'RSI)AY MOIWEEK OF REPUBLICAN MEETINGS.Outpouring of the People of Athens County to Hear the Leaders of the Party Discuss the State and National Issues.GroEvenor. Hanna fry c and Garfk’ld Address Large Meetings.hanbj GntMd \V., ha» bees lqIt .1 wwk In tvlii;*h 1C*1 their uBivammu !■•vat thrum:•I In Mil Vi*idulging• |o**ib!e for them «•• be f*n i«;e% we *e running f«all !!•«■ li wUhed to take —«lv•intagof |.i.«|ierity in the raMenoently. worked *teadll the day. IU4 the merlin 1 he evening or on Naturdathe audience would have been »l . but. Iiiiut'irf. Ik It wa* the•i»lnuUj large cuatnleriBgaol Scnalof Klt;iaklt;r vixl ulili tlut ,BlliBkla»llc ap 1.1, Umw* ilui h.-h»Ma la-linc in-h.aruof ibe proplc of Trlai* !ii| Kvery word nttrnd Im the a* liuencd to with a keen ap ^raikiftfry*rnt* nee fraught «»t troth left lu laprrvt upon • I the auditor*.I01 aker left tiloude? fit the »Central train, and arriving in If an lionr later. wa*mrl .it the in entku*ia*tic crowd of cltuvn* than a hundred college M«:.h nt* iia:«.r and hu party alighted 1 ».iIn they were grevttd b the •mity yell that •ftl»* Tiir me IK I* ttixo* »iXi I that, Iw. tv ax burden on the .11 After consider in.: in t.overnor llfdm e Sevlt; niV-vccoTMl ; Mrrv aac of the llquot « tax i:|h»o the gr» iiit. of ccrta.n C'-iimat I lie |« antire t» become ;aigi orator*I lie OV« I dl.lII rceomnrDdal «•« •Bcnl anumblyIriBi. la* awl i •» a gem ih.i. Ininuncfil a*■id ilrvrted bi. lime■n ol 1 lir on i-iii.-*■main'. J. In I hi- nica aor llidin* Itae rupmllaIII* w*oin« by the gtrnm li addltl 'iul i . 1‘bUtai » Ant. whichi’ amcitiI) v w«foi ra* |ald pro wa* nlt;*tvil to the • rod A-a retail, •litIk. the e l.toed to peel\ .f *:»»t.«,i t.iit of thcMduring th« rtiht atevride for a meet the «He dwell up. 11 Ihc Incnmpetrnry nf (lie IVnvcrat. tci udmloldet llic jff. 1. ol iaiIIIir.1 IIH I_ 1 Ulrinil irf-indil leniflh In inr bril l,,,,, |lt;Ham ailiicvcmcnK if ll*e ltr|nblMii 1 u,i(|||,I »art« In «*nce norc establishing oofkk'ncf, am*•ue the great InivinrtM IndtiAtvtew •»’In tlthe la«t dollar of tihin'n lrdlt; u 111 have been |'*llt;l bv I'ltl; r word*, the t» ol* will be |*it ••net a I UtTov or Fnukcr tt.l* wa» exymg held b1 ruiemi in the prevented frotlie week. Allil Inn alt; «e tling their wheal, v many wcr k* by th«1 th*• ■Uig iuo(i*i to at feral politic.IhiWeter whfB tkc iMIllli it henired or a thousand |-** utent MiikSc wa* fvrtlthr avion by the Ath« i»t coiureilllUlitV ymnr i|i)»l\ arv *1 ha* fr-m the Imm) viand ••»» IIthe meeting. Ma)*r f ntr«Hlu«ed C*etM'ralf brief speech con tl nil iclpatly to them unmUUkaMe term** tuat : of thU ticket in the Held wav h*nocvatic trick t«* have the er» ia*t ib«tr ballot*IndirectlyI’litfltrratU ii'wr Ike entireri«t of the |k'o*xratic party iremr antipathy for the negro, vet Hotting with love for hi* une of I hr m.nl ludfccroB* andI act. In Ihc prflllcal dramathere U in the vta h nil* %ithe Conti• olition uf Iioveinpobcr m 1 *| Sell J t* *j of elect It Ire.lecll.the admu r Forake|i;a rlcvliig a lie pact of do* *1 lie the «I1 mil, a«lKeplbllCthe (*niti will |dacrnlnUtrat an admiiif St at rt* i* the veal i atiob ofrm’iilk •(tor left it Wwaker lt;i the Jk it*it villa w h«|Mkc in io 1 emhu*I'iptJMduiimtwho »dt ered pratAt hr** J.and tntn applaud n ticallv t nd produWhen fiei he uv rinnal (»flt;*t*i* |1 «*tl Vu«m with fr*#lie wa* l unding aout the er\tireil ll.dincll williht. niw bii.tticc*m- • 1 (Of* 1►f in-1Vem-thU Country and |u%M»g mUCIi protective leglvlatU*n that l» making the fanner* of J the land h» *k forward with a new hope of JRk^xmgieMinaa f uldwcll «*f Parker**i'lnlc* of tlout. mean* of America!xt ra* I'M.bjrg wa* the third vpeaker anil hi* ltiev ] haiiKtahle *torc of wit afl hum*ir kept | the audieiv-e In a r«ar until the train lefi . for Athcift and it »« not learned yet how |the EuropeSenator 1 .•(vtctl witiui«.inder*t«I»t •**!-Id a* 1•ver Tbut.nt idmuch longet Ttw meeting wa* a omplvtc ftwrrw. 1 Tb». prople were were pleaved with the Npeaker* aoJ the »peakem were plea^vl with the |»f*»ple Mr and Mr* PVank | K«Mtt 'elightfully entertained the Athen*lo*rn*. “ppt thoiuirer civery plctntbut every• leo gatUin in a li'wiiitiWi? manner. 1th* Iftcm- lt;c utterly wrLakeHANNA AND FBYE AT NEUOHVIttS. {that durmidoll l»u*li e*ffalr-Tit Two laaalor* Giv.u a Roo.ing En.p-• lt;(,• *TKmrm Tnmartmr VnKt—ivw In aa ,-jl.l -1. • l,r,|port- 1lanceTheilea mere meiuftj ei|uiX«. •••.» ii i t.Oai'i.October l - Tonl^hl ' Ihuclly hj- l~. n ablac with Uc|iublU-an |• •i,t .itM.iNlti VI* Ittf v inflii’iilt'b (lit* ver1. 1vi*rtN ii inrii of buxine**w ay by a b*Smatomof a theltio 11» iiiuii^iu^iii . » n i (* « I* b im uia* sn» tn i *air. ami when the vote* are counted one week from next TuoMlav. York the town■hip Ibai ha* been neighed .ml nelnfoiled naming uill be fourd tiaiullBg ; rmrlnlely In iho l{o|iiihlllt;'4n col manGro«venor 1(•Im.bter wheld laxt n during the . cert band. t(Jtred tlu*ring Senator lla ilei-ral C.r.mcDiAt the il»t-t lb-met by an la playing. born.rwlicrc w.i. wrenHe COT*id ax at i 1 effect 'The o|iera wa* held wa*F f imIiicvaI 1 r enthu ermptedMm ami w■pace, and LadBlibdoe t«throwghthe meetingker* re-1given Gener wa* unavoVdhall, and bed m*... r hime ball One (rattTBE VKMT KIHIOCmwd u f.r OarOld*'*t. A poilliial natty Ibat * l«rnrwil|rly Lar*. Cr««lt; M Mm knowmu. (arm Ibc i.c.f. .B lb.; »»«C.Uw.11*« a Bail a parly ('••III wbklij .vulm jaom It *iailt*ld tbal ill*, met ha. m,| nlt;lt;r wl'l rr- *.mli| popular and .Mr member uf thelt;lrtard In reaehine il«■! tn the platform i attended A* be walked up the at.to I wa*gir*tnl with Irrwnd'w. ap|ilau Senator )*■• Introdaied by (Aji man t'aptaln Snowden The Main. »■lor we. ai bli be.I and taklna Miieitli