Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Oct 21, 1897.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, October 21, 1897

JAMES H QUALLSWrites Some Resolutions Wnich Should be Adopted by Colored Voters.James II. Qualls who was for a number of years a prominent colored school teacher ami a resident of this county writes this paper from his home in Harri-sou county, Ohio and among other things incorporates his opinion of the Negro Protective party in the following resolutions which he savs he hopes all colored voters of i hio will adopt:Ukhoi.vkd, That we the colored voters of the State of Ohio look with righteous contempt upon the efforts of John It. Mc-l*ean and his hirelings to detract from the strength of the Republican party by causing the organization of an alleged colored protective party into which it proposes to lure the colored voters.Kksoi.vkd, That we regard with disfavor the action of certain colored men who as tools of the Democratic party, are trying to betray the colored voters in the interest of democracy whittyi as a party has been our enemy ever since it began.Kksoi.n eo. That we hereby warn our bretlieren throughout the state of Ohio that thissocalled Negro Protective party is only an organization of Negro Democrats who failing to attract any considerable number of colored voters to the Democratic party are seeking to foistupon the colored men of this state this alleged independent ticket.Kksoi.vkd, That we severely condemn any proposition to place a separate or Jim Crow ticket upon the official ballot.Kioi.vki), That the entire Republican ticket has our most hearty indorsement.► • - —Deafness Cannot be Cured