Other Articles Clipping from , Thu, Oct 7, 1841.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Smethport, Settler and Pennon , October 7, 1841

SMETHPORi OLEAN STAGEWILL lea re Smethport every Wednesday morning, at 8 o’clock precisely; and returning, leave Clean at the same hour the next dy* Passengers from or to Smethport, or by the way, at four cents per mile.Any person who wishes to senderrands must make a plain bill of the articles wanted, and indorse on the back of the bill the amount of money sent. And when the articles ate deli^ vered they shall be accompanied with a bill, receipted;, from the Aleichantof whom they are bought, made on tha same fatII that is sent.Charges will be low, nnd-in proportion to the weight of the articles tmif-poi ted.O^xVone need apply uni ss they comply with the above.NATHANIEL BARRETT.Anri! 22. 1841. *3]A xmiJCSTAATORXfOTI C nT ( ) T 1 O, R I *4 Pfplt V a 11/ nit n fit * It