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Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Smethport, Settler and Pennon , October 7, 1841

“KEEP MOVING”I Throughout all nature, want of motion: indicates weakness, corruption, inanimation, and death. Trent, in his damp prison, leaped about like a Iron, in! his fetters of seventy pounds ^veighfc, ini order to preserve his health5 and an illustrious physician observes, “I know not v- hich is most necessary to the support of the human frame, food or motion.” Were the exercise of the body attended to in a corresponding degree with that of the mind, men of great learning would be more healthy and vigorous—of more general talents—of ampler practical knowledge-more happy in their domestic lives—more enterprising, and more attached to their dutyas men. The highest improvement of the mind, without bodily health, can jicjver present any thing mote than half human being,