Other Articles Clipping from , Sun, Oct 1, 1911.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , October 1, 1911

Moonlight Dance.j Belair, md . Kept. ;;«The fourth and last of the series of ■ moonlight dance* wa* given at thlt; Harford Boat t’lub on Saturday evening. ThoseI preaent wereMr and Mr*. W. Boyd Bell, Mr and Mrs Hugh Jewett, Mr and Mr. Sydney Street j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harri on. Mr. and Mr-. Bertram Stump. Mr and Mrs Thomas W. Hall. Mr and Mrs .1 Wallas Rrotjm me|, \fr and Mrs. l\ Roy Brooke* and Doctor and Mrs J. Stephens* n Hopkins .Misses Kva Morgan. Elizabeth Williams, i urile Hoblnaon. Ami Caiwelt, Lult; | w!iams. Madeline Robinson Maulsby N 1«on, Rush Williams, Louise Nelson. Kt blt; era Dallam. Elizabeth Bradford KHen Harris. Mimika Plefrfck. lt;'owden and Stump.Mrs Samuel W. Bradford and Mrs Mas son.M‘‘«si - E M Allen, s. ptim ;s I Ml I i*Eugene Oreenway, Iir J. W Downey, Shir ley Morgan Boudinot Ha vis. Edward Michael. Harry Webb, Edward Ilolltags*worth, Howard Miehnel. Walter Munnik buysen, Howard O'Neill, Louis Williams.Samuel Bradford. Wylie Hopkins. Virook. Aleiander Dietrick. V\ or thington Hopkins, Lloyd Rfrbardson. Ja k lt;raw. ford Frost and Murphy Myrs