Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Sun, Nov 26, 1905.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, November 26, 1905

I have been very ranch Interested in the several Issue* of your paper relating to thlt;\genealogy of the Lamars. I belong to thatfamily, and It has been banded down as family history that there were three brothers, who came to Maryland from France, an you state, but I do not know which one we are descendants of. Will Miss Lantz or someone of the Lamars or anyone else who may know give me Information? I will give you what I hare and from that perhaps someone may know further back than I. My great great great grandfather lamar lived in North Carolina; wife’s name not known, neither bis given name. They had live children that I have historyof: (1 A son, killed by the Indians before the Revolutionary War. (2) Ruth Lamar, married Matthew Keen and lived In Davidson county. North Carolina. (3) *-Lamar, married Samuel Low and lived inDavidson county. (4) Lamar, married Jenkins and lived in Guilford county.North Carolina. (51 - Lainar, marriedAlexander Smith and lived and died in Guilford county, several of her descendants still living—Robbins, Harveys, Fraziers and Grays. (6) Osborn Lamar, whose mother died when he was young, his father remarrying and moving to Georgln. where he reared another family. Tradition says many Umars sprang from this family In Georgia. Osborn Lamar married Rachel Beasley, and his old homestead was near Trinity College, Randolph county. North Carolina. They had eight children—(1)-Hannab I/amar, born In 1778; (2) James Lamar, (3) Bethlah Lamar, (4) Sarah Lamar, (5) Isaac Lamar, (8) Nathan Ijtmar, (7 Zacharlah Lamar and (8) Rachel Lamar, born In 1700, ,We have no history of any of this familyexcept Isaac, my great-grandfather. He moved to Clinton county, Ohio, In 1813. I trust someone can gain from this enough to let me know our ancestry back to the emigrant, either Thomas, Peter or Dr. John Lamar, and greatly oblige a number of iAmarB of this branch of the family.Dr. F. C. L.