Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Nov 21, 1901.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, November 21, 1901

MORNING, NOVEMBER 21Imsremg121.iealCOAL OPERATOR DIES.William Palmer Passes Awayrni-forMonday Morning at HisHome in Glouster.todnd«i onnk- afol-rioni^r Promoter of the Coolthe Sunday Cmk Valley —Many Mines- Came Knit la ml ThlrtyjfaariIndustry0|)«n«dFromAiro.InGlouster, Nov. ID.—The death ofWilliam Palmer occurred here at hissame,av.home yesterday morning of lung andheart trouble, after an illness extend*ing over a is*riod of several weeks.By his death the Sunday creek valley loses onw of the most active ami influential business men, and one who)Of thtiAntern AtionThetherebeeniasmmeetiing pTluteachthatand git.£gave i addrer toay,lav.norf orhas devoted time and capital to the Shimdevelopment of the mineral resources, jon “*lAn Englishman by birth he posessodthat characteristic English pertinacitywas pFollav.iu business affairs and suceededwhere others, less courageous, wouldd :Tl(tonep-Valun-hav# signally failed.For a number of years Inhas beenidentified with the mining industrydug ! time of hia death he was owner of aof the Sunday creek valley, and at thegoverthe plt;iltoniThe hH. KiJ. WtSil- mine in this eitv. He was however,Ulirather more of a promoter of mining dug j enterprise than an operator, and thePhi 11Clin*entul, mine here which he had operated for I ers wlay.sa-s«*l-ycars was small compared with manythe vallev. Hethe aiadjoulab-ivilother collieries iu the valley.operated here in the upper vein of j cemtoheldcoal, and it mav be said to his creditthat his employes rarely had occasionto reigater grievances. In all his business dealings with his men he waseverymakeidlvas***me.scrupulously honest and just and forthat reason lie will be mourned as oneof the most sincere friends of the Suni upit itday fcreek valley of the tailoring men. William Palmer was born ininter*1Mr.vonf isshire, England, February 10, 184R.andceptiito lfMasesof8*0•on -red.came to this country w hen eighteenHe with his brotherwas tfifthsfact iyears of age.alocated at Gilborton, Pa., where they the?- m in'engage*} in the mining of coal.pstt.s Mr. Palmer returned to EngWoodtheinstland where he remained but a sliort ] Geori time when lie returned to the United an,ii m ! Va.,States, locating at Wheeling, W. Va., uud then for a time at Benwood, W.and Sparta, III. Mr. Palmersthe idie, 1ass i * tpay first appearance in Athens county was ' HUtj at Flood wood where he opened a preid-mine. In rite following years he room opened mines at Deauville Ham ley, ! decoitacksep-mdsPartedhailRun,and Shawnee. For two years hewas superintendent of tlie lorurel Hillbeampinkaithiofoutmines, and for nearly two years sub- j dinit sequently was superintendent of the mines at Orbisfott. He had e lunge of the Butchel mines for a few weeksdeiiahigh!|nryover thewhen he was engaged by O. D. Jackson in opening his mines at Jacksonville. ' J :. ' lioJ* Mi' L :EvMr, Palm»*r superintended the ojsmjail tI undears. j ing of the first shaft in the Sunday j jyjorwsen-the»eni-ack-1‘tUS, W I-creek valley, the old No. 4 mine southof Jacksonville.* From that time uuj evaui • Duriitil his death he was an active protno- (-vrumining enterprises and hi« |tor ofi-ipeshefaith in the industrial development of j j£orgthe valley where he spent so many | |mvvyears of his life never waned, evenwhen the period of depression closedthatin Clevery mining industry.he prosnotor of numerous mining eiit«*r-m*drital 1 prises, and he had many plans wellr cad i1.4*. | under way for further developmentThlt;Robilents when he was stricken with the fatal— - — ■* . wc*. -ifet _ *•'£■ .V — iOk-J-'Cj. Jt Jfe l-u - .. ’Igr-afitiction. He was just in his prime | ^.(ujas a business man and lord he lived toiree,ondsround a full number of years the people of this locality would have seenito taI at ruanv beneficial industrial r»*#ults asSingvitedcuts the work of his never-tiring energytates:y of at h*The rapid dev*uuedand cuterpriefc meut of the mining industry of the valley is to a great extent due to hisbusiness ahilitv and to those withHeTliwhom he was closely associated.rstus i was a man of strict integrity andpenyI sira:WediDi-: ecouoiuv and had accumulated a largeofIt is said thatandamount of property.his estate is worth about $ld0,Q0U.p. ahi id.e leaves a wife and several children.arebier,Funeral services will be held tomorrow and burial at Balem. He was asecr»J. FJeff*TheAth*Harimember of the I. O, O. F. lodge.ntedotlieCOUIJ