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Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , November 19, 1886

Veterans Kevlniting the Hattle-fleld t*Dedicate a Monument.[Reported for tbe Baltimore sun.IThe Maryland Monument at Gettysbunwill be dedicated today In the presence of tblt;surviving members of tbe Second Marvlan Infantry, of members of th* Marylam Society of tbe Army ari l Navy of the Con federate States, of the Fifth Maryland tt-gi merit, which wi 1 act as an escort to the veto ranB, and of ladies and others who w.ll I* avlt; Baltimore this morning on tbe excursion tc the battle-fiel 1. 1 he programme of ex**rci«-einclud**s an oration by Major George Tho;;,awho was acting adjutant of the Sec nd Mary land Regiment in tbe battle. Gen. George HI Steuari, president of the Army and Nart; Society, has selected tbe following ataf officers:Lieut. Randolph H. McKim. chief of staff Lieut. McHynn Howard, Col. Cnarles Mar •bail, CoL H. Kyd Douglas, Capt. Frederick M. Colston, C l. it. Snowden Andrews, Col. Thomas Smith Rhett, Capt. J hn i-nnei] Smith, Private George C. Jenkins, Lieut Fielder C. Slingluff, Private Gresham Hough Capt. J. 8. Maury, Midshipman John T. Mison, Lieut. C. M. Morris, Midshipman J.Thomas Scbarf, Private Bpenc r C. Jones, Corporal Robert M. Blundon. Sergt. W m. H. Pope, Private ueorge T. Holiyday, Capt. Jobu B. Brown.THE MOkTMF.NT.The Second Maryland lnfa try.of which thr monument will be a mvn.orial, was at thi time of its organisation and until aftt r the battle of Gettysburg called the First Maryland Battalion, but was then changed u Second Maryland Infantry. This latter is th* name the member* always u*e, and they dcSt recognize any other. The officers of th* •ttysburg Memorial Association, througf whom permission was granted to erect th* monument on the battle-field, require the names of ail regiment* to conform to officia repor s of the baitie, an i therefore orderelt; /the inscription to read '*l*t Md. Battalion' /instead of 2d Md. Infantry. The monu-fment will be erected on the line of w rk« op; ured by the regiment in their charge July 2. and a stone placed to mark eacn flank of the regiment as they stood in line behind the breatworks. One atone is marked Right flank 1st Md., C. 8. A., and the other Left flank 1st Md., C. S. A. The stone to mark the charge of Jul 3 reads Point reached by 1st Md., C. S. A.. July 3d. On one side of tbemonument is this inscription:Tbe First Maryland Battalion Infantry,Lieutenant-Colonel James R. Herbert, Bteuart’s Brigade, Johnson's Division, Ewell's Clt; rps. Army of Northern Virginia, advanced from Rock crelt;dc about 7 P. M..lu.y2, occupied the line of works at this point, and held it* position until next morning.The seconu side bears upon it the following word*:“On the morning of July 3 the Battalion, moving by the left flank, formed at right angles with and inside the works and charged, under a fire in front, flank and rear, to a stone planted 100 yards west from this monument.The third side tells the number In theranks and the uurnber killed and wounded.It reads:Four hundred strength in battle—50 killed;142 wounded.The face of tbe monument contains tbe coat of arms of Maryland, an l under it, in oneline of small letters, 1st Maryland, changedto,” and under this, 2d Maryland Infantry, C. S. Am” in large block letters.In the first inscription the words, Charged from Hock Greek, ’ as originally intended, were changed to Advanced from Rock Creek,” and Took the line of works,” was changed to Occupied the line of works.”REDUCED TO 63 MEN.Nearly ail tbe commissioned officers were killed or wounded. CaDt, John W. Torsch, who was In command of all that remained in the field of the gallant regiment when they surrendered with Lee at Appomattox, April 9, 1865, has the last muster roll of tbe regiment, as it was written at Appomattox. The roll contains 63 names, and is as flt; Hovw;John W. Torsch. capt. commanding, DeWittSnowden, A. A. 8; Wua. R. McCullough, adjutant; Edwin Jamlt;s, quartermaster sergeant; F.L. Higdon, ordnance sergeant; Frank Dement, sergeant major; Dan. A. Fenton, 1st sergeant company G; Thos. O. Butler, 1stsergeant company D; W. Rutter, sergeantcompany E; Philip T. Reeder, 1st sergeantcompany B; Isaac N. Sherwood, sergeantcompany D; H. TiliDrd Smitn, corporal company A; B. D. Millikott, corporal company C: M. A. Quinn, chief musician A: Chas. T. Drewry. chief musician B; Joseph E. Smith,chief musician E.Company A.—Wm. G. Edelen, BernardFreeman. Henry Hollyday, John J. Hunter, Wm. 11. Laird, Wm. E. Lowe, W. L. Lowe, John W. McDaniel, Alex. Murray, Ed. O’Donovan, James A. Peregoy. Andrew T.Miller.Company B.—Henry Ford, Thos. Magill, Wm. G. Matthews, John C. Mills, A. W. Neale, F. X. 8e names, James A. Wins, WalterWood. ^Company C.—Evans Duvall, Franklin Duvall, J. N. Blumenor, Wm. H. t lagett, Wm. Grace, Thos. Mitcbeil, James R. Moog, PeterOrr. Joshua Watts.Company D.—8a mu el B. Dove. R. H. Shepherd. „ „.Com pan v £,—Wm. Gavin, BJ. lawn,James Rldgei, Elisha Rutter, Wm. Unkel, Wm. F. Brawner. „ „Company F.—Geo. M.Clgett, G. W, Gray,Jno. O. Hlle, A. V. Keepers.Company G.—Jno. Callahan. Wra. Pickide, Joseph Manly, Wm. R. Mumford.Company H.—John Parker.AS BRAYB AS TH* BRAVEST.Gspt. Torsch also has in his possession a letter written by Brigadier-General Mc-Domb. dated April 29, 1865, in which, after speaking in a very complimentary manner Df Captain Torsch, he says: Wordssannot express tbe high esteem I iIso have for the brave and gallant sfflcers and enlisted men in your command. Fhey have proved themselves in every battle In which they have participated as brave as- Z ~ A A - A If I _