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Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times , November 9, 1908

LEGAL NOTICES.IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITEDStates for the Southern. District of New York.' —In the matter of the petition of BROADWAY TRUST COMPANY, TWENTY-THIRD WARD BANK OF NEW YORK CITY, and HENRY KBINGEH to have JOHN R. PERL-HEFTER and BARNETT SHATZ, individually and as composing the firm of PKREHEFTER SHATZ, adjudicated involuntary bankrupts.It appearing to my satisfaction by the petition of Broadway Trust Company, verified the 5th day of November, 1008. that a petition was filed on the 23d dav of September, 1008,praying that the above-named John R. Perl-hefter and Barnett Shatz, Individually and us copartners doing business under the flri name of Perlhefter Shatz, bo adjudicate bankrupts, and that thereafter on October 2 1908, an amended petition was filed by the clerk of this court, and that subpoenas were issued out of this court to the marshal of the Southern District of New York, and that said marshal has served said Barnett Shatz, one of. the alleged bankrupts, but has been unable to servo John R. Ferlhefter, the other of said alleged bankrupts, and that said John R. Perlhefter, alleged bankrupt, Is hot now’ within the district, so that personal service cannot bo made upon him, although diligent efforts have beenmade to effect such service. It isOrdered, that John R. Perlhefter, one of the above-named alleged bankrupts, appear, plead, answer, or demur, on or before November 27th, 1:08, t.5 the petition and amended petition herein, filed in the office of the clerk of this court on September 23, 1908, and in case of his failure to aopeur, answer, or demur, adjudication shall be made according to the prayer of said petitioner.Further ordered that service of said subpoena bo made by publishing this order in The New York Times, once a week for twro consecutive ■weeks, the first publication to be on or beforeNovember 10th, 1907. and by mailing a certified copy of this order and said petition and amended petition and said subpoena to No. 231 West 69th Street New York City, New’ York, the last known place of abode of said John R. Perlhefter in said district on or before the day of the first publication.Dated New’ York City, Manhattan Borough,November 5th, 1908. sC. M. HOUGH. U. S. D. J.