Trustees of Public School, Monroe Street

Clipped from US, Indiana, Montpelier, Montpelier Evening Herald, November 9, 1904

MONROE STREET IMPROVEMENTNotice is hereby given that the Common Council of the City of Montpelier, in Blackford County, Indiana, at a regular session thereof held on the , 1st day of November, 1904, by res'olu-i tion, has fixed Friday the 18 day of j November, 1904,at eight o’clock P. M. i at the Council Chamber in the City Hall of this city,as the time and place ; where the Board of City Commissioners of this city will meet to asseess the I cost for and on account cf the improvement of Monroe street from the ! east line of Main street east to the west ! line of Washington street, and from the east line of said Washington street east to the west line of Russel street within this city, upon the property benefited thereby in proportion to the benefits derive therefrom, but not in excess of such been fits. The‘names of the persons whose real estate has been reported as benefited or damaged by said improvement are as follows, viz: Trustees of Public School, Jane Pond, Anna Henderson, Benjamin F. Stonebraker, William Bonham. Jacob Bradstreet and Anna Bradstreet, Sa-Boma Miller, Bashaba Lacey, Samuel P. Duncan and Eflie 1'. Duncan,. Blanch Mercer, Harris L. Troutman, Wiliam F. Stotts, John Gilbert, Cyrus J. Neif and Anna L. Neff, Elmer Somerville,Mezekiah Malone, Bert A. Hartley, Basil F. Merriman, Basil T. Merriman, Melvin J. Monacal, Emma J. Horning, Lyida E. Cbappelear, George Friend, Anna MeOloskey, Mary J£. Sheedy, Frank M. Beatty and Mate J. Be'atty, Lu Loo Sa'Tribe No. — I. O. It. M., Minerva Crosbie. Henrietta McGrew, Nun McCullick, Samantha Sarber, Odis V. Redding and Lula B. Redding, Phebe Sloan, Marion A. Emshwilier and Leota E. Emshwiilcr, William T. Arnold and Eva E. Arnold, Williard O. Fleming and Clara M. Fleming, Rule J. Crosbie and Bessie Crosbie, James O’Don-jr.el, Cyrus J. Neff, Anna M. Martin,. .1 ames Stroup, Sarah M. Clevenger, Amanda A. Bennett, Leslie Monacal/ William F.Sinclair,Anderson Murray, Horny A. Miller, and Mary L. Miller, Sarah L.Buck!and. Sarah Ciemenger, Franz .T. Schneider, Charles S. Edmonds. Emma J. Sellers and Mary Mu Ivey, Aaron M. Bakery Joseph M. Runnels and Minnesota *C. Runnels, Samuel Patterson, Fort Way he GasCompany.All persons and corporations interested are hereby notified that they have a right to appear before said Board of City Commissioners at said time and place and have a hearing as to the benefits and damages to their respective lots, lands and parcels of ground for and on account of the improvement of said Monroe street.By order of the Common Council. Given under my hand and the sea) of the city of Montpelier, fndiana this 2nd dav of November, 1904.Willis B. Redding. 2-V.H2 City Clerk.