Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Nov 7, 1901.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, November 7, 1901

HISTORIC LANDMARKl JO- MPresbyterian CLurch Hazed After Weathering Storms of Seventy-Six YearsA Humltonir ( liurch r.tllflce ( Mime St .*.000 Will in t«lt;l on 111*'(Md Slli Co in pitted N#-0September The lit ManThe v or of desfruct ion on tin* old Pr* divtertan church was begun the last of the w» * k and in a short time the historic landmark will be wiped our. The old building wan purchased j by I). W* Peoples and the contract fort ho new edifice was awarded to D.W. Henke of l.ancnstt r. The newchurch will cost #22,0(10 bv the timewthe finishing touches art1 given. It is the aim of those who have the workof construction in charge that the church will be ready for occupancyby .September 1, 1908.The new Preabyterain church willbe the handsomest houmi of worshipnot only in Athens county, hut in thesouthern part of the .state. rl lie di-Ii»4i¥tittiIi•»iimentions of the ground plan of the structure will b© 00x70 flt; t, and the building will come within six feet of the sidewalk on Washington street and within eight of the sidewalk on Main street. A nine foot drive w ill be on the north. The dintention* of the auditorium will la* 54x44, and will accommodate 850 people or more.The vestibule will be 18x54 wittidouble entrance on Main and Wash* lngton streets. The vestibule floor will be of the best tile and on a level with the street, with steps on the inside. These steps will lead to theauditorium, with entrance space onthe upper vestibule of 18x90feet. The entrance to the vestibule on Washington street will lead to the Sundayschool room which will Ik* laid withan art floor. The entrance on the Main street will be 12x18 feet and w ill load to the choir room, organ loft and auditorium. East of the organ loft and choir room will be the pastor’s study, 12xld feet in dimen-tions. The entrance from the northside will be nine feet and will leadto the basement, opening into the reception hall, 54x48 feet, also into the kitchen, 12x18, and diniug room. Cloak rooms and lavatories will be conveniently arranged. A handsome entrance will lead to the basement from Washington street, with entrances leading to the Sunday school room and the pastor’s study, and the primary school. The primary room11 will be 24x80. The lecture room will 51 Ik* 24x98 feet, with five 8x10 class rooms adjoining. The ladies’ parlor on the south side w ill Is? 12x24 feet in dintentions. All these rooms will he arranged so that they may be thrown into the lecture room by means ofrising partitions. All the Sunday school rooms w ill be similarly ar-■ ranged and may be thrown iuto ti»eauditorium, excepting the primaryroom, affording a seating capacity of^ seven or eight hundred.(in Main street a large memorialrii4r,m4I(8