Old and New Presbyterian Chuch

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, November 7, 1901

HIST0A1CPresbyterian CLurch Hazed After Weathering Storms of Seventy-Six YearsA II(tmUon»«* lt;liurcti K «1 i(!lt;•« ( outingf 11,000 VI III In Kr^rtcd on tIt«(lid €ompl«tr(l Kelts i pt «* m Ue r The I«rIruThe v or of destruction on the oldF^rcsbytertan c hurch was begun theIasi of the week and in a short time tlu* historic landmark will be wiped out. The old building was purchasedby I). W. Peoples and the contract for t ha new edifice was awarded to D. \Y. Henke of Lancaster. The newchurch will cost #22,0(10 by the time the finishing touches are given. It is the aim of those who have the workof construction in charge that the church will be ready for occupancy by .September 1, 1902,The new Presbyterain etinrch w ill be the handsomest house of worshipnot only in Athens county, but in tbo southern part of tlie state. The dimentions of tl »e ground plan of the structure will l»e (Mix70 ft t, and the building will come within six feet of the sidewalk on Washington street and within eight of the sidewalk on Main street. A nine foot drive willbe on the north. The dimentions ofthe auditorium will be 54x44, and will accommodate 850 people or more. The vestibule will be 19x54 with double entrance on Main and Washington streets. The vestibule floorwill be of the best til© and ou a level with the street, with steps on the e. Those steps will load to til© auditorium, with entrance space ay the upper vestibule of 19x90feet. Tboentrance to the vestibule on Washington street will lead to the Bunday school room which will he laid with an art floor. The entrance on the Main street w ill be 19x18 feet and will load to the choir room, organ loft and auditorium. East of the organ loft and choir room will be the pastor’s study, 19xl« feet in dimen*tions. The entrance from the northside will 1m* nine feet and will lead to the basement, opening into the reception hall, f4x48 feet, also into the kitchen, 19x18, and dining room. Cloak rooms and lavatories will beconveniently arranged. A handsomeentrance will lead to the basementfrom Washington street, with en-11 trances leading to the Sunday schoolroom and the piaster's study, and the primary school. The primary room will be 24x90. The lecture room will \ | be 34x85 feet, with five 8x10 classrooms adjoining. The ladies’ parlor on the south side will be 12x24 feet ill dimen tions. All these rooms will be arranged so that they may be throwninto the lecture room by means of rising partitions. All the Sunday school rooms will be similarly arranged and may Is* thrown iuto toe auditorium, excepting the primary room, affording a seating eajiacity of seven or eight hundred.Ou Main street a large memorial window will Is; located, given by Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown, and costing #700. There will be two smaller window son Main street mad© of art glass. Iarge rose w indow s, sixteen feet indiameter, will be placed in the south wall, above the vestibule. The Bun-dav school rooms will be lighted byart glass window’s, and clerestorywindows above the class rooms tolight the lecture room. A dome sixteen feet in diameter will be placed over the auditorium center to give thenecessary light. The floor will be inclined with a drop of fourteen inches. The seats will be circular, of the beatquartered sawed oak. All the wood finishings will be of quarter sawed oak. The building proper will beconstructed of Bedford, (Ind.) stoneal«ut five or six feet above the foundation. From that point the buildingwill be of No. 1 gray pressed brick with a sprinkling of iron, manufactured at Shawnee. The windows are to be trimmed in Bedford stone and covered in black slate. When the handsome and costly edifice is completed it is estimated that the Presbyterian church property will be worth #84,000.The architect is F. L. Packard ofColumbus, and the design will not besimilar to that of any other church visited and inspected by the planscommittee. The building is specially designed and an improvement over thechurches visited by the committee. The height of the tower will be between seventy and eighty feet.With the destruction of the oldPresbyterian church a famous landmark is removed. The Presbyterianchurch was incorporated in 1827, and(roKTiKcatoa wurra rsu«l ' -V