Other Articles Clipping from , Tue, Nov 6, 1888.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , November 6, 1888

Reunion of the Memorial Church.—A reunion of the congregation of the Memorial Protestant Episcopal Churob, Townsend and Bolton streets, was held last evening in tbe improved Bunday-uchool structure in the rear of the church. The building was orowded.'i'he Elt;*v. Wdi, M. Dame opened with a short religious service, after whioh vooal music was rendered by Misses Hanson. Bergan and Ploane and Miss Nettle O. Crane. Borne humorous remarks were made by Mr. R. Q. Taylor. After the entertainment an iu-fromal lunoh of ices and cakes was served. Among those present were Prof. N. U. Brooks, Mrs. Geo. K. Brooks, Miss Jeanne Bobertson. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Phillips, Miss Philiipa, Miss opencer. Mr. and Mrs. George T. Garn-brill. Mr. and Mrs. Findley Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McReillp, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Walker, James Mullen, Thomas R.Alexander, Miss Nettie Tyler, Miss Nannie Pisano. Miss Nellie Davis, Mrs. Rldgeiy, of Hamnton, Miss itidgely, Mr. and Mrs. Southgate Zeat on, the Misses Whelan, J. E. Clark, J lt;hn M. Barrett, the Misses Reese, Mrs. John Spencer, Miss Mamie Von Kopff. W. H. Gorman, Mis. Eugene Van Ness, Mrs. George W. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stran, Miss Rebecca Warfield. Miss Delia Waiter. The improvement oousists of an additional storyto the chapel building, which Will be used by the Sund. y-sobool. It is of artistio design and roomy proportions.