Tess / Hardly Working / Filming Othello

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, May 28, 1980

P aris loves Lewisand Emmanuellescope and find out everything that is Polanski’s Tess is a cinematic tour dehappening in the city — entertainment, force. This long, lavish version ofculture, restaurants. Thomas Hardy's novel is filled withI contemplate seeing a movie or two. passion. It won the French film-of-My choices are films by great directors the-year award and will be coming toOrson Welles, Roman Polanski and North America in the fail. In CannesJerry Lewis. Polanski told me he plans ,to cut thePerpetual screen juvenile Jerry three-hour film by about half an hour.Lewis is a French institution, revered But Tess is so rich in drama* periodas much as Chaplin or Keaton. His detail and fine performances that Iktutzy*characters are recognized by the wouldn't cut a single frame. ! \ French as typical of the immature My final movie stop was OrsonAmerican male. , Welles' most recent movie FilmingHardly Working is Lewis’ first film in Othello. Welles spends 90 minutes ex-.10 years. It is playing in France and plaining the difficult process of makingGermany to great critical and com- nis 1955 screen version of Othello. 1118mercial success. In it, Jerry plays a dynamic personality commands mandscircus clown who's out of work and attention.desperately trying to find a regular” Othello took five years to produce. Itjob, He succeeds but not before some was shot in several countries with amusing stints as a Japanese waiter production stops and starts dictated byand a mailman. Whiles’ success in securing funds, Nev.The picture looks as if it had, been . ertheless it was a great artistic sue-made a decade ago and kept in cold cess.storage. Despite some fine moments, Filming Othello is marvellously en-it suffers from a lack of originality. tertaining.PARIS —• There are more than 300 cinemas in Paris.la--o .p~ ouvuucii, iiroexception is Emmanuelle, now in its sixth year at the same movie house. Now a tourist attraction, it is shown with English subtitles. ,For 50 cents you can buy the Parr-