Concert to Honor Memory of War Hero

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, May 26, 1936

UKRAINIANS HONOR MEMORY OF WAR HERO AT CONCERTSTributes Paid to Work of General Petlura, Leader of hide-L pendence DriveHonoring the memory of an -outstanding leader in the. 1918 drive for independence of the Ukraine, General Semion Petlura, hundreds of Ukrainians of Greater Winnipeg gathered Sunday afternoon at two places, where sacred concert programmes were given.The concerts were given xmder the auspices of several Ukrainian organizations in the.' Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox cathedral,. Burrows avenue, and at the Canadian Ukrainian Frcsvits institute, —-1'iington street.Tributes to General Petlura s memory were paid by I. Budka an Dr. Mandryka, both of whom had served under him, at the gathering in the cathedral. W. Swystun and A. Gospodyn spoke of his life an work at the institute gathering-In addition to a number of choir., those who contributed to -certs included; M. Dechow. M*s. Biberovich. Miss J- Pesenko, S. tale. M. Masnik. W. Paluk,W. Bo ! honis, P. Kolach, Mrs. M- Werfcgn, J. Phil, and a mandonn or®hes directed by W. Parasiuk Miss^-Hykawy and Miss Honors Hubicmwere the accompanists.