Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, May 17, 1894.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, May 17, 1894

Legal Notice.*ling.thene.5ES.KIS.Betsy .1. Beebe and husband llenrv i i who reticle- at Clarksville, Illinois; VVlu, ’ •Beau, who residua at Kahlua. West vY,'!,!. ’ Maj-y I- Beau, who resides at Moore Held w' \ trRlnla; Mary K Poland, who reside uktLost Klver, Vve*r M.-lnla: John ». Bean «i resides at Koek oak. West Viruinr-r \u Bean, who resides at Klrhv. \\v,i vtnl !' Morris Bean, and Amos Bean, who rosier , Martinsville, Illinois: Klla c. w frJones, Kdirh Joins Mnlmla Heed ami hiisl,!’, William Heed, and Kuth Triplet, who rvsuu ' Marshall. Illinois; Philip Swls|„ r as U V t rat or of The estate ot Aaron Bean, .1 oh I!7 Beau, sarah M. Swisher and husband Phi.;: Swisher, Anna Michael and husband Wim, / Michael,Kzeklai Bean. Joseph Bean, Sami e Bean, Edward I). Bean, funis lhan and i\ ! ‘ Bean, who reside at Homan. West Virgin! r iv-M. Bean. Kebeeea M. Bean, Krastuus B*-an , Joseph Bean, who reside at Delrov. West \ginia; Maryj. Armstrong, .Man J.‘ Aiium,,, as (iuardlan of Addle Maloy.nml Addle M i'. -who reside at ( lark center, Illinois; b ran, Bean. Lovlna Buckley, William II. Bean 1 W. Bean, and Saleinma Dean, who Inkerman, West Virginia: and Meivlna *m, Mahaia Love. Oscar liosklr.son and Abram p.'' klnson. w ho lestde at Oden, Illinois; lt;i,i, Whiteman, Charles Whiteman, Kinora Whn! man and Kobert Whiteman, who reside at p.I ney. Wes? Virginia, andSniciuon Bean, Joljp y ' Bean, Trlille i homas and James Thomas, wi’i f places or residence are unknown, win takenon,, that Daniel W. Cornell and Amos Bean.asr\» , . t-it'sor 'he last will and testament of Ednji,,*| Bean,deceased, on t In- ITr h day »! A pi'll, i*. ..!I riled t heir petition m thee ourt ot common Pj. i oi Athens County, ohlo. alleging that sallt;l«\\r..! liters are In doubt as to t he true const ructini (,*• said will anti especially ot the clauses thereof cleslgnated therein as Second, 'I bird, Fouii*| Klfth. sixth and Eighth. and that they ar-i v j able to determine In what manner and out’ii*: what property or the estate of said Kdn uj i j Bean,(h‘ceased, t he various legacies and b« '1 mentioned in said clauses should he paid, air w het her or not said legacies and bequest - ;*|f. j charge upon the real estate of the estate l..-I longing to the sahl Kdmiind Bean, deceit*..i* and to w hom the legacy mentioned In it•*)!,,I oral of said will should be paid; that at the (in..| of the execution of said will, the aggregate vui' of the personal property of the sahl Kdnnti , j Bean did not exceed one thousand til.nuoi do:, j larsand that at no subsequent time prior to.u Inclusive ofthe date of his death did the j.;! soual property «»t the said Kdniund B»*an • xre.I one thousuna tJl.iKkb dollars: that his fiidebtou. i ness at the time id hbsdetouse amounted to ai, j ' now amounts to about two hundred $%ttj.,;_ lars; t hat t he cost s of administering »nld estate | will be about five hundred (ffinO) dollars. Satu 1 petition further avers that at the time of execution of said will, sahl Edmund Be V*. t he ow ner In fee and died seized in fee • ; t if *. lowing real est ate, to-wit:First Tract:—situate In the Township of Koine, county of Athens and state or Ohio, ti tin- eastern part «»i Section Twenty-live r. Township Six itt, Kange Twelve ig, ofthenhi,, Company’s Purchase, beginning at the southwest coi ner of w hat w as formerly know n as bur No. one (l : thence west eleven 01) ch. eighty-seven and one-halt S \ links; ti north Ilftv-ihree .vt chains, sixty 00) Uni the lloekhooklng Klver: thence slxty-om one-half **i '• ) degrees ea-t three c; chi •e north twenty-nine degrees castiitdns. tucnty-Uve aim one-half * twent y-five •.v-slx and t hiee-fI Bill llegi link' tli-icchains, twenty-ine ■.•:» links; ti ill tv-three T5 degrees west twdfjs; t hence non h one 11 «RIjjiD hftv ,%o degrees cast three J chains; them I north eighty-two and one-half s. degiecs 'east Jive .v chains; thence south eighty-four I and one-half siv degrees east three :i chain.-, thence smith eight and one-half s .) degne-AtviQ east seven (7 chains.Mxt.* -live(hfi lliiks; then*»• south tl\»* and t hnv-foUlt hs »r , degl'e»*s We-*:I twenty cA» ehalns; thenceeasi lifty fin links; ATIT Thence south foity Kb chains, seven*y-ll\c V k/ VV . jinks to the place of lKkglnnlng, containing ■lt;! enty-sevcn and t lurty-t woone-iiundredt h- IT :::‘ Q ! a'!es be t he siim* more or I*--, and being D. CX O «ame preinlsea conveyed by Blseoe Bean .«i*•; wile to Kdmnnd Bean by deed dated s»»pteinl •I gfith. and recorded in VoUimo id, page n * j th»* Kecords of Deeds of said Athens * eini'y ! * »hlo.srconp Tkact:-situate In the Township er i Home, In the county of Athens and state J ohlo. and known and described usihllows: i;«-5; ginning ninety-five Wfii kmI.- west of ti e slt;*titlien st corner of s«*cilen 'twenty-five iff*. 'D'wi. six Kange Twelve (lg.‘ In the Dlilo coin-pany's Purchase: theme north to a small dvah t hence (low n said drain totireen Hram h; th**u down said creen Branch to the middleott. Hocking Hive*; thence up said rl\er to land l« •iu» rl\ owned by J«»hn in an; thence souih bft)-rour i.V4» chains and twenty cj» links; then*-east twenty-one rods to t he place of begin-nltig. containing twenty-eight (VH acie-* n.«.! or less, and being the name premises coineye-i l»\ William l.'ead and wile to Edmund Bean m de*d dated July Hist, INC, and recorded In ve»-! time :H, Pages Mg and Ml «*f ihc Deed Becord'• of Athens (ounty. ohlo.Thikd Thact:—sltUiiielntheTownshlpoK ir-thage. Countv of Athens and State of Id situate In se. Mon Thliiy 'lown .ai6 Kange Tttdo* 1-' ami bounded and de-ciH«-!as follows: Beginning »*le\en and elghty-wcvcnone-bund redt hn ill halos west of then* rdi-, j e.mt corner or said * s tloi* ihlriy (JO : thence ! west nineteen and twel\e one-hundredt lis jm.i.I chains; them** Mnith six and three-sevcmih J ih J-7) degrees cast eight ami ten one-hnnaredtlm I I (8.10) chains; I hen* * east eighteen and tweiyj one-hundredths d8.lv»» chains; theme norm j eight lt;H) chatus to the place lt;»f tegtnnlng. con-I tainlng nfieeuilfi) acres.Said petition further avers that plain!ins(.i e I not safely proceed as executors of aalil will in , carr\ing out the provisions i hereof wit horn » »• direction of the Court. The piayer «»f said |*ji-tIon Is for the Judgment and direction or in** Court as tot ho true construction or said cIuuhi* of said will anti as to their duties in the premises; and that the plaintiffs may he authorize*!to sell the above described real estate to pay tn»-debts of th% decedent and the legacies mentioned In said will according to Xho statute in such case made and provided said persons above mentioned will furtnerKue notice that they have been made parties deien-dant to said petition nud that they are leuuirH to answer t he same on or I Mi fore the jdhdav Juw. *• U. 1W4. KANIKI. W. lt;OKM-.I I .AMOS BEAN, as executors of the last will and testament «»i Edniuml Bean, deceased, wooo a Wo on. Attorneys for Plalntlfis.April 19 to May *!• lNM-nol«-w6.ARPRLMKR HOUSE,■ 1 (rOKMERLY 1 UK CENTRAL IIOl SK.)Washington Street, - Athens, Ohio-Newly Furnished Throughout, Excellent Sample Rooms,Rates Reasonable.A 8HAIIE OF YOl-R IATKONAOK 80I*K*TE1’imiv IV PirVFTT.PrOl'.