Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Sat, May 6, 1893.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, May 6, 1893

FLOUR MILL MAGNATEPRESIDENT MEIGHEN OF THE L W. M, COMPANY IN THE CITY.He speaks of the Oorapanj’s Establishments and Plan*—The Ad. yanee In JWlieat— Hew Mill Contemplated.Mr. Robert Melgbstt. president of the Lake ol the Woods Milling company, arrived In the city yesterday mornlOK frojrz the east, nooQtrr p.nied by Mrs. Malghen. The latte* is a sister of Lord Mouat Siephcn, and io well known in Montreal social circles. Mr. G. V. Hostings, of tbu KaewMin mills, also arrived la the city with the p«3tdeat. In the alter-noon a Free Press representative had a abort interview with Mr. Melghan in the oDmpacs’d office here.What I* the object of your trip to tha Northwept? inquired the reporter.“Business aod pleasur*. I nm on a trip of iaape^loaof tibe oompaty:d properties. Since I have become actively oonneefeed with tHe Lake of the Wood* company we have tur-ohsed the Portage mill, and I wish partlou-Ifttly fco look over the eafcftbllebnieiiti, I iaw for the fire* time on Tfcuro(fay the JCeewaiiu mill*, and I am bbotauakly wall rabiaifcd with it* management and that of the Winnipeg cffiG*.” .... ,What hag been the resulbof the advance in the price of wheat whioh your company inaugurated last wlntGJ?1'“ V’ery ratifacbory. We thought the liiroe had oome for an advucolo pifcen, end we didadvanQD them. If at present our ocwon ia not publicly Biiatained, we have little fear but oh»t future events trill do no,”“Wfit ia the combined oaptoiby of your mUle to-day ?”“At the PorbaRo and K°ewatin we manufacture daily 2.700 barrels cf flour. Everyday, on ao average, we ablp elxiean oirloade of ilour and feed, so that I think we will bs jnFnitied in aayinff the Keewabin 1» not doing Winnipeg any harm, as it is from this city iho greater pji felon of our suppliea are eon I.”“There in some talk cf your company erect* ing » mill at Montreal. What truth ia there iDitr'“to la one of the possibilities cf the near future. We are fi goring cr« It at present. If ereoted it will have ft greater capacity than even the Keewatin mill. Our object in building It In Montreal would be on aooountj of the excellent ahlppinc? faailitiea fto be had In tbftt cifcy. Toe produofea of our mills would then bo distriba'ol as follows* Portage mills, the country to tbn weat of that town ; KeewMio mill, all the dint Hob gsb'j to Montreal, includ* foil Ontario, the balance nob required would b«i exported ; Mnn^sl mill, Qu*beo, Mali1 time provinces ad Great Britain.”Mr. Mefchen gave it as his opinion 6bat tLe Manitoba No. 2 hsd wb*abof last year vr$n the fiaebt in the wo*!d. It is in great demand all over Ontario. The baksra ia the nap*, after uarng Mnitoca flour, prefer it to all other?,Itia twelve years since Mr. Mgighen vlHitei Winnipeg and he expressed the marked change in tb* appearances of the oity by the one word, Wonderful! ”.Mr. Meigben left laet evening, aqoompsnled by MeB»rs. G V. Hastings and A. MoGaw, for the Portage, the private cir * Oatiawa” being attached to thn Brandon local. He reborns lo th8 city to-day, leaving for home on Wednesday,